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Hello from the Left Coast

Hi Canadian Pontiac Lovers,

I've been on this site since Monday January 28'th.   Probably time I introduced myself.    First off you'll notice sometimes my spelling makes me look like I'm just learning english.   No, just too damn excited typing to hit the right keys, and proof read what I've typed before posting.

Second, as my screen name implies I'm a numbers guy.   That doesn't mean that's all I'm into.   Read my rant in the "Where do we belong" thread and you'll see where I'm coming from.

Third some of the stuff that's been posted on this site makes me want to forget about my job and start combing the country side for cars.   If I could find a way to make that happen, have the same income I do from my job look out world.

Fourth while my main interest is Beaumonts, as I'm a founding member of a Canadian Chevelle & Beaumont club.   Don't think for a second that I wouldn't help anyone with a full size Pontiac, Acadian (Invader, Canso), Astre, etc.  If I have something to contribute I will.

Fifth, I've been involved in one way or another in the old car hobby.  Started out twisting wrenches with my dad in driveway on my Mom's '63 Impala.   Worked on a bunch of cars with my father.   Saw my fair share of wrecking yards before the age of twelve.   Could tell the diference between an Impala and a BelAir, Biscaynne from almost twenty yards away by the age of six.   It hurts when I  think of all the cars I saw in the seventies, in wrecking yards and didn't do anything to document them.   Hind sight, that's why I waiting for someone to perfect time travel so I can right the wrongs of my youth.

I offer my services to decode whatever you can send my way.   The years I know I can do a respectable job decoding are the 60's, 70's and 80's.   American cars I'll have to do some research but I'll do the best I can.

As one of my other posts states I been researching Canadian built Chevelles and Beaumonts for the last twenty years or so.   I document all cars, running, parts cars and the ones where you guys have been killing me the most with "posted pictures of surviving junked cars".  

I've been rebuilding the Canadian Production lines for those cars since December '96.  To date I've documented over 4100 running cars, around 1100 wrecked and an unknown number of cars off microfiche.   Let's say over 6500 as a good working number.

I'm starting to think we need to do the same with all the other Pontiacs as well
Any takers, any one want to join the 'stranger than fiction" or "black magic" side of the hobby.   You want to learn about these cars try decoding them.  You'll then start thinking about documenting all the cars you see.

So the next time any of you are in a salvage yard and you see any old Pontiacs
remember this phrase "as long as we document them they're only physically gone."   My best friend in a salvage yard is a pencil, pen, and a  small note pad.  Digital pictures of VIN's and cowl tag's also work just as well.

Also any Chevelles you might see while you're there.  Could you write own or take pictures of the VIN and cowl tags and send them to me.   I'd really appreciate it.

Dave Weir Member #1 Canadian Classic Chevelles & Beaumonts

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Welcome Dave.
 I just want to say that it is great having someone with your knowledge and your willingness to share it with us. You're posts are very interesting and I look forward to reading them and believe me when I say they are enlightening. 



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Dave, It sounds like you need to plan a trip to the US in June to come to Chevellabration. It is the largest Chevelle show in the country. Last year was my first time at the show. There were between 400 and 500 Chevelles and 2 Beaumonts. I made my motel reservations for this years show about 3 months ago.


1968 Beaumont SD396
1968 El Camino
Laurens, South Carolina

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