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Post Info TOPIC: The CP full size Pontiac registry

Canadian Poncho Superstar!

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The CP full size Pontiac registry

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Canadian Poncho Superstar!

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Posts: 7110

1958 (at least 47611 built) Paint(brochure)
production date     model     engine    colour   interior     location?   owner   pic

unknown                 7541           261ci       2302  (900 gunmetal) ontario
#700047           Strato Chief 2dr sdn    Dover White /Onyx Black   58poncho

unknown                 7141          261ci        2016   (800 black)  ontario
#705031            Pathfinder 2dr sdn        Silver blue met.

unknown                  7549         261ci    2202  (900  gunmetal) ontario link
#706539           Strato chief 4dr         Fathom Blue

unknowm             7191        261ci           2009   (802 gunmetal)  B.C link
#709528  Pathfinder 2dr wagon        Rio Red                       spotted by 455GTO

Unknown            7847              V8           2221   (927 turquoise)  Alberta link
#710137   Parisienne 2dr hrdtp  Fathom Blue/ Seaforth Green  spot.sixtywagon

Unknown              7149        261ci         2011  (800 black)  Saskatchewan link
#716627      Pathfinder 4dr              Tropic Turquoise     spotted by 67poncho

unknown           7149             261ci         2014      (812  green) B.C link
#718593      Pathfinder 4dr                Sierra Gold            pathfinder58

March 14th 1958   7747   261ci                         (green)    Ontario   link
Parisienne Sport coupe      Calypso Green/ Burma Green       58 Poncho fan
Omer Barre - Verdun Que

March 18th 1958    7541   261ci   2015   (904 med. gold /beige) Ontario link
#722201    Strato Chief 2dr sdn   auto    Honey Beige
The Cliff Mills Motors Ltd.-Oshawa Ontario

unknown            7849             348ci        2214      (921 coral)    Alberta link
#722823     Laurentian 4dr sdn      Cay Coral/Dover White
BSO 372/357   Spotted by sixtywagon

unknown                  7541      261ci        2005   (901 green)   ontario link
#723219             Strato Chief 2dr sdn   Seaforth green                    

unknown               7549           261ci      2209  (903 turquoise)  ontario
725243         Strato Chief 4dr sdn        Tropical Turquoise /Dover White

unknown      7749       261ci         2001     (908 silver)  Ontario   link
#727620    Laurentian 4dr sdn     Black                             kijiji

unknown           7747          261ci         2227    (926 green)  Florida     link
#727914      Parisienne 2dr hrdtp        Seaforth Green/Burma Green

BSO 357 ,372           3 speed manual                                   ,Ebay

unknown                7549       261ci     2013  (900 gunmetal)  spotted 67poncho
#728752           Strato chief 4dr sdn          Silver Grey         Saskatchewan

Unknown               7749         261ci       2014   (912 gold)  saskachewan link
#729458        Laurentian 4dr  sdn         Sierra Gold           Spotted by 67poncho

May 5th 1958    7191    261ci    2014     (802 gunmetal)  Ontario    link
#731243    Pathfinder 2dr wagon    Sierra Gold met.
Mid City Motors Ltd. Saskatoon Saskatchewan

unknown               7149          261ci      2014    (812 green)  spotted 67poncho
#731894           Pathfinder 4dr sdn       Sierra Gold           Saskatchewan

unknown      7549            261ci         2012    (904 gold bench) Sask.   link
#732712   Strato Chief 4dr sdn    Anniversary Gold met.
BSO 357                       spot. Cheviac

unknown              7149           261ci     2204   (800 black)  spotted by 67poncho
#733232         Pathfinder 4dr  Haven Blue-Larkspur blue saskatchewan

unknown           7549             261ci      2301   (933 med. blue)  ontario link
#733399       Strato Chief 4dr sdn            blue

unknown           7549           261ci      2011   (903 turquoise.)   Nova Scotia link
#733729    Strato Chief 4dr sdn       Tropic Turquoise     spotted by MC

unknown         7847            V8            2325     (926 green)   Manitoba link
#735022    Parisienne 2dr hrdtp    Calypso Green /Seaforth Green
BSO 357  372                             spotted by Carl Stevenson

unknown         7641             V8          2012     (904 gold)   ontario link
736097        Strato Chief 2dr sdn     Anniversary Gold

unknown         7839        283ci        2213   (900 gunmetal)  Sask.   58Dan link
#737620  Laurentian 4dr hrdtp   Colonial Cream /Dover White     BSO 357

unknown      7693          283ci     2010     (908? silver)   Nova Scotia      link
#739020     Strato Chief wagon      Aegean Turquoise            Tom

unknown       7849       283ci            2014   (912  med. gold)   Nfdlnd
#739043     Laurentian 4dr sdn     Sierra Gold met.   357 372    spot. Brendan
orig. Alberta

unknown               7793         261ci     2001  (992 silver)    ontario link
#740044     Laurentian wagon         Black

unknown     7649    283ci    2208    (903 turquoise)  Sask.      link
#740073   Strato Chief 4dr sdn      Turquoise/
BSO    357 , 372                 spotted by 67poncho

unknown              7549         261ci     2011  (903 turquoise) ontario
#740734           Strato Chief 4dr sdn    Tropic Turquoise

unknown    7649     283ci     2008    (901 green ) Sask.     link
#742363   Strato Chief 4dr sdn    Colonial Cream    
BSO 357,372                       spotted by 67poncho

unknown            7541       261ci           2013    (900 gunmetal  )  Ontario link
#743237      Strato Chief 2dr sdn     Silver Grey met.                      kijiji

unknown        7847      283ci           2021    (928 copper)     Ontario    link
#743796   Parisienne 2dr hrdtp     Redwood Copper met.       ,kijiji

unknown         7141           261ci         2015     (812 green)   Alberta link
#743844      Pathfinder 2dr sdn      Honey Beige                           kijiji

unknown             7847             V8     2214    (921  coral)    Ontario    no pic
#744426    Parisienne 2dr hrdtp                              BSO 357               Jim

unknown             7549          261ci           2215   (904  gold)  Sask.
#747611         Strato chief 4dr sdn        green?                    spotted 67poncho

unknown        7549      261ci           2215     (904 gold)  Nova Scotia     link
#748266     Strato Chief 4dr sdn     Green                          ,kijiji
BSO 357



Jan. 8th 1958     7831          283 ci           2014   (912 med. gold) Sask.  no pic
Laurentian 2dr Business Coupe   Sierra Gold met.          58dan

May 27th 1958       7839      283 2bbl       2213     (909 med. green)      no pic
Laurentian 4dr hrdtp     Colonial Cream/Dover White     Sask.  58dan


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Canadian Poncho Superstar!

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1959 (at least 57,151 built) BROCHURE Paint
production date     model      engine   colour  interior    location?   owner   pic

unknown            7519             261ci        2211   (908 grey) Manitoba    link
#701353    Laurentian 4dr sdn
Satin Biege /Snowcrest White  ,kijiji

unknown                   7739       261ci      2233  (918  Grey /ivory) ontario
#705503        Parisienne 4dr hrdtp                                      

unknown     7837     V8        2007    (920 green)   Manitoba      link
#709357   Parisienne 2dr hrdtp    Snowcrest White
BSO 6A                                  kijiji

unknown            7119          261ci          2013    (800 grey)  Quebec     link
Strato Chief 4dr      Grecian Grey                              Kijiji

unknown       7519      261ci        2006     (910 blue bench) Ontario     link
#712192    Laurentian 4dr sdn    Frost Blue         kijiji

unknown                 7111       261ci     2202  ( 800 grey)    Saskatchewan link
#714747      Strato Chief 2dr sdn    Harbour blue/ white     spotted by 67poncho

unknown      7767       261ci      2007      (928 ivory-silver) Sask.    link
#720898      Parisienne conv.    Snowcrest White
BSO 6A                  spot. 67poncho

unknown              7819             V8     2226   (920 green) Saskatchewan   link
#723201     Parisienne 4 dr           Green                                                  cheviac

Unknown                7635         V8          2003   (913  grey)  ontario link
#725633         Laurentian wagon      Cameo Coral                  

unknown         7637           V8           2012      (911 copper)   Alberta       link
#726732     Laurentian 2dr hrdtp   Gothic Gold met.              ,kijiji

unknown      7111    261ci        2006     (833 blue bench)         link
#727126    Strato Chief 2dr sdn      Frost Blue met.                  kijiji

unknown             7519           261ci         2008    (909 green) Alberta   link
Laurentian 4dr sdn       Classic Cream     spotted by sixtywagon

unknown          7619     283ci       2203    (909 green)   ontario     59Poncho
#729851      Laurentian 4dr sdn           Green                        ,

unknown       7539        261ci          2209      (911 copper)  Quebec      link
#732495      Laurentian 4dr hrdtp     Gothic Gold/Satin Beige              ,kijiji

unknown      7537      261ci            2007     (908 grey)  Saskatchewan  link
#73401?    Laurentian 2dr hrdtp    Snowcrest White                    ,kijiji

unknown         7719           261ci        2211     (918 grey/ivory)  Sask.
#736257    Parisienne 4dr       Satin Biege /Snowcrest White   spot.67poncho

unknown         7737     261ci              2227     (920 green)   Alberta     link
#737312 Parisienne 2 dr hrdtp   Emerald Mist met/ Snowcrest White     kijiji
sold Lethbridge Alberta

unknown        7519         261ci           2210      (908 grey)   Manitoba     link
#740018      Laurentian 4dr    3 speed manual

unknown              7537         261ci         2003   (908 grey)  ontario link
#742214  Laurentian 2dr hrdtp      Cameo Coral

unknown         7519      261ci              2007      (910% blue)   Alberta     link
Laurentian 4dr sdn      Snowcrest White ,QueenD

unknown        7837         V8          2001    (919 blue)   ontario link
#743938     Parisienne 2dr hrdtp    Tuxedo Black     BSO  6A   spot. 68sd

unknown      7519           261ci        2202    (908 grey)   Saskatchewan link
#744124     Laurentian 4dr      Harbour Blue/white     6A        spot.67poncho

June 15th 1959     7119         261ci       2012     (800 grey)  Nfndlnd       link
#749849    Strato Chief 4dr sdn   Gothic Gold met.            Desmond

unknown     7737     261ci     2007    (919 blue bench)  Ontario     link
#753908    Parisienne 2dr hrdtp    Snowcrest White      kijiji

unknown       7519              261ci           2009  (908 grey)  Alberta     link
#757151     Laurentian 4dr sdn      Roman Red    ,spot. Captain Beaumont

unknown        7767      6cyl        2015     (929 blue)    Texas     link
#757435    Parisienne conv.    Lorraine Blue                ,Ebay


Jan. 15th 1959      7739      261 ci        2228       (918 grey/ivory)  Brazil link
Parisienne 4dr hrdtp Crystal Green /Snowcrest White      Giovanni


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Canadian Poncho Superstar!

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1960  (at least 58560 built)Brochure Paint
production date     model   engine         colour   interior   location?   owner   pic

unknown               7519        6 cyl          S/C     (911 fawn)  spotted by 67poncho
#701232           Laurentian 4dr       Suntan copper/white   saskatchewan link

unknown       7837        348ci                                                  Missouri            link
04299th car    Parisienne 2dr hrdtp                                             Ebay

unknown               7535         6cyl           P/N   (917  Maroon)   Alberta link
#704748  Laurentian wagon   Shoreline Gold/Cordovam met. spot.sixtywagon

unknown              7867        V8             C   (928 blue)   Sask.                 link
#706670     Parisienne conv.             Ermine White   BSO 6A,391      Cheviac

unknown             7519         6cyl           J/K   (910 green)   Sask.              no pic
#710124      Laurentian 4dr            Jade Green/Cascade Green           Cheviac

unknown          7737           6cyl            B   (918  grey-silver) ontario         link
#716174  Parisienne 2dr hrdtp        Shadow Grey     

unknown       7111    261ci    J     (817 green bench)  Sask.    link
#716671   Strato Chief 2dr sdn      Jade Green       Nailhead

unknown       7537          6cyl        L/C     (912 maroon)  Sask.     link
#722641   Laurentian 2dr hrdtp         Hondouras Maroon/Ermine White
BSO 6A                                           kijiji

Unknown              7519         6cyl           M  (910  green ) Parted by Sixtywagon
#723422           Laurentian 4dr       Crocus Cream         Alberta                     link

unknown               7637       V8       N/C                          B.C   omp60
Laurentian 2dr hrdtp     Cordovan Met. /Ermine white link

unknown          7135       6cyl          S    (801 grey -silver)  Alberta   Sixtywagon
#726305     Strato chief wagon   Suntan Copper                                         link

unknown          7119      6cyl            S   (800 grey/ivory)    Quebec        link
#726814      Strato Chief 4dr      Suntan Copper                              Kijiji

Unknown             7519         6cyl          F    (909 blue)  ontario                  link
#726999         Laurentian 4dr        Royal Blue

unknown          7111            6cyl            L    (800 grey/ivory)  Alberta link
#727163    Strato Chief 2dr sdn Honduras Maroon   spotted  by sixtywagon

unknown             7619             V8         C  (912 maroon)   spotted by 67poncho
#728137        Laurentian 4 dr            Ermine white         Saskatchewan      link

unknown      7637      348ci      A     (912 maroon )       Alberta     no pic
#729538   Laurentian 2dr hrdtp     Tuxedo Black            spot. 68 427
BS0 6A 391        Calgary Motor Products Ltd.-Calgary Alberta

unknown       7119             6cyl           F         (833 blue)  Ontario          link
#730293    Strat Chief 4dr sdn     R
oyal Blue poly Kijiji

unknown      7819            283ci         L     (922  maroon)   Maintoba      link
#731216    Parisienne 4dr sdn     Honduras Maroon                                  kijiji

Dickson Motors Ltd-Winnipeg Manitoba                     BSO 6A

unknown        7519         261ci           A   (912 maroon)   Alberta           link
#733867      Laurentian 4dr sdn      Tuxedo Black              Kijiji

unknown            7635        V8       L/C   (916. fawn)   B.C    spotted by 455GTO
#73?8075    Laurentian wagon      Honduras maroon/White                       link

unknown         7837           V8            C/H     (919 blue)     Arizona USA link
#738468    Parisienne 2dr hrdtp     Ermine White/Horizon Blue    6A   Bassculture

unknown         7111             6cyl              J         (817 green)   Manitoba link
#738512    Strato Chief 2dr sdn         Jade Green                        Kijiji

unknown         7519            6cyl       M   (908 grey-ivory)  Saskatchewan link
#739190  Laurentian 4dr           Crocus Cream     6A                            cheviac

unknown             7767            6cyl      H    (blue bench) Ontario    link
#740348    Parisienne conv.    M35    Horizon Blue met.                kijiji

unknown            7519        6cyl     2 CT  (908 grey-ivory)  Saskatchewan  link
#741369        Laurentian 4dr     Ermine White/Tasco Turquoise              cheviac

unknown          7111           261ci       A  (800 grey/ivory)   Ontario   link
#742538     Strato Chief 2dr sdn     Tuxedo Black                   Kijiji

unknown          7119       261ci      H     (833 blue)     Alberta                link
#744316  Strato Chief 4dr     Horizon Blue                                     Kijiji

Jenner Motors Ltd.-Edmonton Alberta

unknown         7635           V8          2 TC   (913 grey/ivory) sask.        link
#745151    Laurentian wagon   Tasco Turquoise/Ermine White   2D 6A  cheviac

unknown         7519       261ci           L      (912  maroon)   Quebec link
#745953     Laurentian 4dr      Honduras Maroon                           Kijiji

unknown      7535        261ci         A/C    (917 maroon)   Alberta      link
#746352    Laurentian wagon    Tuxedo Black/Ermine White    Willie
originally Summerside P.E.I

unknown     7119            261ci            B/D    (800 grey)  Saskatchewan   link
#746735     Strato Chief 4dr sdn    Shadow Grey/Ermine White
spotted by67poncho

unknown               7511                 261ci     L                          B.C     omp60 jr
# 748555 Laurentian  2dr sdn         Honduras Maroon link

unknown            7119      261ci    H     (833 blue)   ontario       link
#749434     Strato Chief 4dr        Horizon Blue

unknown            7111            261ci            S     (800 grey)  Ontario          link
#751887   Strato Chief 2dr sdn    Suntan Copper met.    spotted by 69laurentian

unknown               7119           261ci            S   (800 grey)  spotted by 67poncho
#751974       Strato chief 4 dr             Suntan copper met.    Sask.                link

unknown             7537        6cyl   C/P  (911 Fawn+ivory)  58Pathfinder no pic
body # 752597 Laurentian 2dr hrdtp     ivory/shoreline gold    B.C       Parted

unknown           7837        V8          B/C   (922 maroon) Saskatchewan link
#753200     Parisienne 2dr hrdtp   Shadow Grey/Ermine White  BSO 6A   cheviac

unknown       7545        6cyl              L     (917 maroon)   Manitoba      link
Laurentian Safari 3st wagon    Honduras Maroon   6A       kijiji
Dickson Motors Ltd. Winnipeg Manioba

Unknown          7119      6cyl           B/D   (800 grey-ivory)  Sask. link
#757490    Strato Chief 4dr     Shadow grey/Sateen Silver   spot. 67poncho

Unknown        7719       261ci        J/C     (920 green)    Manitoba link
758560    Parisienne 4dr       Jade Green/Ermine White    6A  spot. 62Beaumont

Feb 16th 1960     7511        261ci            T     (909 dark/  Sask.  link
Laurentian 2dr sdn         Tasco Turquoise                           ED M

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Canadian Poncho Superstar!

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1961 (at least 58781 built)  Paint (brochure)
production date     model     engine     colour    interior     location?   owner   pic

Unknown            7569       6cyl      P   (908 grey/ivory)    Spotted by 67 poncho
#705292       Laurentian 4dr sdn   Twilight turquoise    Saskatchewan

unknown       7837     V8     E/C     (919 blue bench)    B.C       link
#705561      Parisienne 2dr hrdtp     Midnight Blue met/Ermine White    kijiji

Unknown            7511       6cyl       L    (912 maroon)  Alberta link
#709478       Laurentian 2dr sdn  Honduras Maroon     spotted by Elroy

Jenner Motors Ltd.-Edmonton Alberta

Nov. 18th 1960             7737     261ci      A/C    (922 maroon)  Manitoba   link
#709925     Parisienne 2dr hrdtp     Tuxedo Black-Ermine White       ,57Poncho

Major's Garage Ltd Mariapolis Manitoba

unknown          7569      261ci             N/C    (911 fawn)  Manitoba  link
Laurentian 4dr sdn     Cordovan              kijiji

unknown              7539      6 cyl          L/C  (912 maroon) Spotted 67poncho
#71842?          Laurentian 4 dr hrdtp  Honduras maroon/white   Sask.

unknown            7837     283ci        C    (922 maroon.)   ontario
# 719979     Parisienne Hrdtp   Ermine white 

unknown     7645      V8      J/C      (915  green)  Sask.     link
#723556    Laurentian 3seat wagon   Arbor Green met./Ermine White
BSO 6A     spotted by 67poncho

unknown        7739       6cyl            R/N    (921 fawn/cream)  Sask.     link
#724984    Parisienne 4dr hrdtp    Almond Beige/Cordovan  spot. Cheviac

unknown      7837           V8            R     (922 maroon)  ontario           no pic
#727175    Parisienne 2dr hrdtp    Almond Beige                Carbuff2007

unknown       7669      283ci       S/C       (908 gray/ivory) Alberta    link
#728381   Laurentian 4dr sdn     Dawnfire Mist/Ermine White    kijiji

unknown          7737          6cyl         C/T   (921 fawn/cream)                link
#729400     Parisienne 2dr hrdtp     Ermine White/Fawn Beige 

unknown    7837     V8     A/C        (922 maroon bench) Manitoba link
#729881   Parisienne 2dr hrdtp    Tuxedo Black/Ermine White
BSO 6A                 spotted by Pontiax

unknown      7169        6cyl         F     (833 blue)  Sask.      link
#730360     Strato Chief 4dr sdn     Jewel Blue                         kijiji
Mid City Motors Ltd.-Saskatoon Saskatchewan

unknown          7169        6cyl         C    (833 blue)    Manitoba              link
#737926   Strato Chief 4dr        Ermine White                                     Kijiji

unknown             7169      6cyl         F/C   (833   blue)    ontario link
#739166      Strato chief 4dr       Jewel Blue/Ermine white

unknown         7867              283ci      S     (930 maroon)    Alberta      Link
Parisienne conv.     Dawnfire Mist         BSO  6A Kijiji

unknown     7867          283ci           A      (930 maroon)   Saskatchewan    link
Parisienne conv.      Tuxedo Black   BSO 391     spotted by Cheviac

Unknown            7169      6cyl       A    (800 grey-ivory)   ontario link
#746393     Strato chief 4dr    Tuxedo Black                                  

unknown            7569       6 cyl        C/L   (912 maroon)   spotted by 67poncho
#749142       Laurentian 4 dr   Ermine white/Honduras maroon   Sask.

unknown           7569      6cyl            H   (909 blue)     Manitoba               link
#750550      Laurentian 4dr      Tradewind Blue                                Finn

unknown       7737          6cyl           F/C   (919 blue)     Alberta link
#750582   Parisienne 2dr hrdtp  Jewel Blue/Ermine White

Century Motors Ltd. -Swift Current Sask.                  , Gregory

June 2nd 1961   7767       261ci        S   (930 maroon)   ontario link
#752436   Parisienne conv.      Dawnfire Mist                          spot. 68sd

Snellgrove Motors Ltd.-Hamilton Ontario

unknown           7169        6cyl         R     (817 green)    ontario link
#754375    Strato chief 4dr    Almond Beige

unknown            7769         6cyl.      L      (922 maroon)    Ontario    carbuff2007
#755251    Parisienne 4dr         Honduras Maroon                                      link

unknown       7169      261ci         E      (833 blue bench) Manitoba   link
#757408    Strato Chief 4dr sdn    Midnight Blue        455StratoChief

unknown           7837      283ci      A      (923 grey/red/ivory) Tennessee  link
#758456   Parisienne 2dr hrdtp    4 speed   Tuxedo Black       spot.64 Hard Top

unknown              7639         348ci?         T     (911 fawn)   Alberta          link
#758771        Laurentian 4dr hrdtp    Fawn Beige      Lester B Pearson car

Feb. 16th 1961     7867     283ci          C            (930 maroon)  Ontario link
Parisienne conv.    M35     Ermine White
Deluxe Automobiles Ltee-Sherbrooke Quebec


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Canadian Poncho Superstar!

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1962 (at least 71198 built)  Brochure Paint
production date     model     engine   colour   interior     location?   owner   pic

unknown               7569          6cyl        F        (908 blue)     Sask. link
#700714     Laurentian 4dr  sdn      Silver Blue Met.             spot 67poncho

unknown          7569        6cyl          Q/C       (909 aqua)  Sask.       link
#707004     Laurentian  4dr sdn     Twilight Turquoise/Ermine White     kijii

BSO 6A  16A

unknown               7169          6cyl       K/C     (860 fawn)  Sask.  67Poncho
#709671         Strato chief 4dr  sdn    Surf green /white

unknown           7135          6cyl          P              (855 aqua)  Saskatchewan   link
Strato Chief wagon       Twilight Blue met.                   Kijiji

Unknown     7869      V8        N      (922 med. & drk maroon) Manitoba  link
#713702   Parisienne 4dr sdn      Burgundy met           Lad820

unknown             7269            V8           A       (876 red)   B.C                     link
724781     Strato Chief 4dr sdn          Tuxedo Black               spotted by GTO455

unknown             7747           6cyl           N    (921 fawn)    Ontario             link
Parisienne 2dr hrdtp        Burgundy met.                   Kijiji

unknown       7847         V8        N/C      (922 med. & drk maroon)  Sask.     link
Parisienne 2dr hrdtp     Burgundy Poly/Ermine White     BSO 476

unknown       7839      283ci        C        (922 med. & drk. maroon)  Ontario link
Parisienne 4dr hrdtp     Ermine White                  kijiji

unknown            7169       6cyl            A     (876 red)   Ontario     link
Strato Chief 4dr sdn     Tuxedo Black kijiji

unknown           7747            6cyl         N      (921 fawn)    Alberta link
#735670    Parisienne 2dr hrdtp    Burgundy met.            spotted by sixtywagon

unknown      7569          6cyl            J     (910 green)   Ontario           link
Laurentian 4dr sdn     Laurel Green met.          kijiji

unknown      7569      6cyl      N      (911 fawn)    Ontario      link
#739838    Laurentian 4dr sdn      Burgundy Met.       spot. SD 396

unknown        7569            6cyl           E     (908 blue)   Alberta link
#742619    Laurentian 4dr  sdn       Nassau Blue           spotted by sixtywagon

unknown      7769         6cyl           H      (918 blue)     Alberta               link 
#746266    Parisienne 4dr sdn     Kimberly Blue                      62Parisienne

unknown           7569            6cyl         A    (912 Maroon)  Saskatchewan  link
#747911    Laurentian 4dr  sdn         Tuxedo Black                                   Cheviac

unknown      7847     V8    L   (922 med. & dark maroon bench) Sask no pic
#751371   Parisienne 2dr hrdp      Honduras Maroon            Nailhead

unknown              7169          6 cyl          A     (876 red)   Ontario             link
#752276         Strato Chief 4dr  sdn    Tuxedo Black

unknown             7569           6cyl           P                                           link
Laurentian 4dr sdn Twilight Blue met.                  kijiji

unknown      7747        6cyl       A        (922 med. & drk maroon) Ont.   link
#757090    Parisienne 2dr hrdtp       Tuxedo Black     spot. SD 396

unknown       7169      6cyl           A     (852 aqua)    Ontario              no pic
Strato Chief 4dr sdn     Tuxedo Black        , Classic

unknown                     7569                       L (int.912 Maroon)      B.C   no pic
# 759837      Lauentian 4dr 6cyl  Honduras Maroon 58Pathfinder  Parted

Unknown                   7569        6cyl        C   (911 Fawn int.)                      link
# 763091     Laurentian 4dr sdn     Ermine white        ontario

unknown               7647         283ci       C    (912 maroon)   ontario       link
#769266     Laurentian 2dr hrdtp     Ermine White                spotted by 68sd

unknown     7569     6cyl      T      (911 fawn bench)   Sask.      link
#771194    Laurentian 4dr sdn    Autumn Gold met.      spot. 67poncho

Unknown                  7569           6cyl        A/C   (911 fawn)  spotted 67poncho
#771198         Laurentian 4dr  sdn    Tuxedo black/white    Saskatchewan   link

unknown         7569                  6cyl        P     (909 aqua)  Ontario       link
791361    Laurentian 4dr sdn         Twilight Blue met.        kijiji


April 26th 1962    7867    283ci      E     (931 ivory-silver-dk. blue)  ontario

Parisienne conv.    M35  Nassau Blue met.         spot. 68sd
London Motor Products Ltd.-London Ont.

May 9th 1962      7747       261ci     A     (922 med. & dk maroon)  ontario  link
Parisienne 2dr hrdtp   Tuxedo Black                   spot. 68sd

Ray Young Ltd.-Leamington Ont.

May 29th 1962     7169         261ci      T                    Ontario                   link
Strato Chief 4dr              Autumn Gold met.         Nomorechief

June 25th 1962    7767    6cyl  (now 283ci)       (934 red & ivory)  Ontario  link
Parisienne conv.      Parisienne conv.      Red                      , Marilyn

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1963 (at least 111588 built)  Paint (brochure)
production date     model    engine    colour   interior    location?   owner   pic

unknown       7111            6cyl            L      (876 red)     Manitoba           link
#700477 ,Strato Chief 2dr sdn , Palomar Red                          Dale
F60 G50 A02 V45 X22

unknown              7569          6 cyl        Q    (910 green)  spotted by 67poncho
#701507         Laurentian 4 dr    Twilight turquoise     Saskatchewan

unknown            7847        283ci          P/C      (919 aqua)   Sask.       link
#711588   Parisienne 2dr hrdtp   M35    Azure Aqua/Ermine White   U63

unknown       7869            V8            K/S    (921 fawn)  Saskatchewan   link
#713133    Parisienne 4dr     Cordovan Brown /Saddle tan  D99  spot.67poncho

unknown            7169           6cyl               Q   (852 aqua)  New Bruns.   link
#717148    Strato Chief 4dr          Twilight Turquoise                      Kijiji

unknown           7569              6cyl       S     (911 fawn)  Saskatchewan link
#713077    Laurentian 4dr    Saddle Tan met.             spotted by 67poncho

unknown              7269        283ci          S   (860  fawn)  spotted by 67poncho
#717406        Strato chief 4 dr      Saddle tan met.   Saskatchwan         link

unknown              7867        283ci     H   (931 blue) top 02 black    ontario    link
#722097       Parisienne conv.     Kimberly Blue  A31 pwr windows   spot.68sd

unknown           7635          V8            A   (912 maroon)  Saskatchewan   link
#725065    Laurentian wagon   Tuxedo Black       A33 U63               Cheviac

unknown        7611           283ci           L/C    (912 maroon)   B.C         no pic
#728150      Laurentian 2dr sdn    M35    Palomar Red/Ermine White  FormulaX

B70 D99

unknown        7839          V8        %  C   (922 maroon)  Sask.               link
#729904    Parisienne 4dr hrdtp        Ermine White        U63              Cheviac

Unknown            7869             V8          L   (922 maroon)  ontario              link
#735513        Parisienne 4dr          Palomar Red

unknown              7169         6 cyl          P  (852 aqua)  spotted by 67poncho
#739051        Strato chief 4 dr       Azure aqua      saskatchewan            link

Unknown                7847          V8       K    (945 Fawn)   ontario              link
#743939         Parisienne 2dr hrdtp  Cordovan Brown               

unknown             7867         283ci          R    (937 fawn)    ontario              link
#746234   Parisienne conv.           Adobe Beige     Top-02 black     kijiji

March 8th 1963      7867         327ci          A     (939 red )    Alberta        link
#746277  Parisienne conv.     4 speed    Tuxedo Black /top-02 black      ,willie
A31 A50 B70 D55  &&&   CSL-14G
Galon Motors Ltd. Red Deer Alberta.

unknown          7867           V8            C     (941 charcoal)  ontario          link
#747804   Parisienne conv.    M35  Ermine White    Top-02 black  A50 B70 D55

spot. 68sd

unknown            7839        V8              R         (921  fawn)  Alberta        link
#749106    Parisienne 4dr hrdtp   Adobe Beige     B70 U63 sixtywagon

unknown           7611          283ci         C    (912 maroon)   B.C             no pic
#749199     Laurentian 2dr sdn       Manual    Ermine White      U63    FormulaX

unknown           7847      283ci        L       (922 maroon)   Ontario        link
#752695     Parisienne 2dr hrdtp    M35    Palomar Red               kijiji

Unknown              7169         6 cyl          C  (876 red)    spotted 67poncho
#755752        Strato chief 4 dr      Ermine white    Saskatchewan

unknown      7847      409ci?      V/C      (946 maroon bucket) Ontario  link
#756869   Parisienne 2dr hrdtp   4 speed   Ember Red/Ermine White
A50 B70 U63 CSL-14G      spotted by UncleBirnie

unknown        7867            327ci           W      (931 blue)    Ontario          link
#758396    Parisienne conv.      Diplomat Blue  /Top-10 -White     B70

spotted by 73SC

unknown      7867    V8      A       (930 maroon bench) Sask.      link
#758629   Parisienne conv.    Tuxedo Black/top-10 white
A31    spot. 67poncho

unknown        7169                6cyl                    B/F      ( 860 fawn)  Ontario  link
#761112      Strato Chief 4dr         Monaco Blue/Silver Blue    spot. Wayne    

unknown              7511          6 cyl           Q  (aqua)  spotted by 67poncho
#761650         Lauentian 2dr sdn     Lagoon aqua   Saskatchewan           link

unknown     7847    283ci           C    (942 charcoal)   Sask.    link
#761733    Parisienne 2dr hrdtp    Ermine White
A50 D55 U63                                 spotted by Zapper 68

unknown       7867     V8       W      (939 red bucket )  Alberta    link
#766526   Parisienne conv.   M35   Diplomat Blue met/TP-10 white top
A50 D55                                                     Willie

unknown     7611       283ci         P       (909 aqua)   Quebec      link
#769648    Laurentian 2dr sdn    M35      Azure Aqua                 kijiji

unknown       7867      283ci      C     (930 maroon)  B.C         link
#770139    Parisienne conv.      Ermine White/top-10 white
B70 U63     Empress Motors Ltd.-Victoria B.C  ,purchased June 4th   spot. DaveJ

unknown               7669        283ci         D   (908 blue)  spotted by 67poncho
#770212      Laurentian 4 dr     Satin silver met.    Sask.    B70 U63        link

unknown     7867    V8      C   (934 red bench)  Manitoba    link
#772986?   Parisienne conv.     Ermine White/Top-10 white
A31 B70         spot. Pontiax

Unknown               7867        283ci         D    (930 Maroon)
# 775825      Parisienne Conv       Satin Silver     ontario   

Unknown    7669     V8         V        (912 maroon bench) Sask.     link
#776082    Laurentian 4dr sdn     Ember Red       U63        spot. 67poncho

unknown              7867          V8       F   (931 blue)  Sask.                   link
#777573  Parisienne conv.  Silver Blue   top 10  A42 elect. seat  spot 67poncho

Unknown                7569         6cyl            P                 Ontario
# 777632        Laurentian 4dr           Azure Aqua                           

unknown            7847       283ci           R     (921  fawn) ontario link
#777955         Parisienne 2dr hrdtp   M35    Adobe Beige     U63  spot.68sd

unknown                 7747         6 cyl       C    (922 maroon)  Spotted by 67poncho
#800190         Parisienne hrdtp        Ermine white       Sask.    B70 U63       link

unknown           7569              6 cyl         W   (908 blue)   spotted 67 poncho
#801032     Laurentian 4dr      Diplomat blue   CSL15X?   D99 U60  Sask.    link

unknown            7569              6 cyl           J  (910  green)   spotted 67poncho
#801301        Laurentian 4 dr               Laurel green met.   Sask.     U63        link

Unknown                  7111        6cyl          Q    (852 Aqua)
# 802935        Strato Chief 2dr sdn  Marine Aqua        ontario   

unknown                     7635       283ci         C    (912 maroon)    Ontario    link
#804517      Laurentian wagon       M35         Ermine White      kijiji

Unknown              7169            6cyl              Q   (860 fawn)  ontario           link
#807788         Strato chief 4dr               Marine Aqua                       

Unknown              7669           283ci          F/C   (908 blue)  spotted 67poncho
#810332    Laurentian 4 dr   Silver blue met/White      Saskatchewan

unknown        7847         283ci              P/C     (919 aqua)  Sask.     link
#811588   Parisienne 2dr hrdtp     M35   Azure Aqua/Ermine White  U63   Kijiji

Feb. 28th 1963     7847          327ci        C/L                 ontario     Rebel   no pic
Parisienne 2dr hrdtp     Ermine white/palomar red

April 27th 1963      7847        283ci           R                       Ontario                 link
Parisienne 2dr hrdtp   M35    Adobe Beige                      kijiji
City Pontiac Buick Vauxhall Ltd.-Toronto Ontario

June 18th 1963     7835        409      A              Manitoba                    link
Parisienne wagon  M20    Tuxedo Black
Murray's Garage - Neepawa, Manitoba

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1964 (at least 94438 built)  Paint ( Brochrue 1) (brochure 2)
production date     model      engine    colour   interior    location?   owner   pic

Sept.11th 1963      7511          6cyl         J     (223 olive)    Alberta
#700512             Laurentian 2dr sdn  Meadow Green met.          68 427

Sept.1963            7511        6cyl           J     (223 Olive)   Alberta      link
#700988     Laurentian 2dr sdn     Meadow green met.     B70        Kijiji

Sept.1963    7867    283ci     W      (261 blue bench)  Manitoba   link
#701419       Parisienne conv.      Diplomat Blue met./top-10 white
B70 U63                                  kijiji

Sept.1963         7847       V8           D      (250 aqua)    Sask.            link
#702623     Parisienne 2dr hrdtp    Satin Silver       ,Spotted by 67poncho
B70 U63

Sept.20th, 1963       7569    6cyl           L   (225 Maroon)

#703423         Laurentian 4dr sdn       Palomar Red          ontario

Sept. 27th 1963    7867   283ci    C  (265 pachment & maroon) Manitoba   link
#704393 Parisienne conv.    M35     Ermine White  /Top-10-white    U63   kijiji

unknown Oct. 1963          7867        283ci        S   (266 saddle)  B.C             link
#706580    Parisienne conv.    Saddle Tan  /Top-10 white     
U63                                                                      ,Ballantyne                                   

Oct. 21st 1963      7867      283ci      C   (265 parchment)  Ontario    link
Parisienne conv.        Ermine White/Top-02 black       B70 U63

Oct. 23rd 1963     7847         V8       A    (251 black)   ontario       spot.68sd  link
#708469        Parisienne 2dr hrdtp  Tuxedo Black   

Oct. 25th 1963        7611         283ci    J  (223 Olive)   Ontario             link
#708513         Laurentian 2dr sdn      Meadow green met.     spot. by 67heaven

Nov.5th 1963           7569       6 cyl        Q   (222 aqua)     spotted by 67poncho
#713257      Laurentian 4dr  sdn    Lagoon Aqua        Saskatchwan                link

Nov.6th 1963        7769          6cyl         L   (252 rose /maroon)  Sask.       link
#713293     Parisienne 4dr  sdn      Palomar Red      U63   spotted by 67poncho

Nov 7th 1963           7569     6cyl           S   (224Saddle)
#714731         Laurentian 4dr sdn          Saddle Tan               ontario 

Nov. 8th 1963    7669    283ci     N/C    (225 maroon bench)  Sask.    no pic
#713187   Laurentian 4dr sdn    Sunfire Red/Ermine White
B70 D99 U63   spotted by 67poncho

Nov.11th 1963      7669          V8         P    (222 Aqua )   ontario              link
Laurentian 4dr sdn       Azure Aqua                           

Nov 18th 1963          7869    283c          C   (249 Blue)
# 714806          Parisienne 4dr sdn        Ermine White          Ontario

Nov. 20th 1963     7847    283ci     P     (250 aqua bench) B.C     link
#715608    Parisienne 2dr hrdtp   Azure Aqua         B70 U63    kijiji

Nov. 29th 1963    7447    327ci         P    (271 aqua bucket)    Sask.              link
#722266      Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp  M35   Azure Aqua/TP-26 white vinyl top
A31 C08     ,spotted by 67poncho

Dec.5th 1963            7169      6 cyl          A   (876 red)  Spotted by 67 poncho
#724700          Strato chief 4dr sdn      Tuxedo black     Saskatchewan          link

Dec. 6th 1963     7847     V8       D     (252 rose & maroon) P.E.I     link
#721875    Parisienne 2dr hrdtp   M35    Satin Silver met.
B.70               spot.Pontiac Canada

Dec. 12th 1963       7839       283ci          P     (250 aqua)  Ontario        link
#725073     Parisienne 4dr hrdtp      Azure Aqua       U63          67BBSD

Dec.  1963    &7867    283ci     C   (265 parchment & maroon) Ontario  link
#725723    Parisienne conv.   M35   Ermine White/TP-10 white top     U63

Dec. 16th 1963    7867   EXRD   283ci     D  (263 rose & maroon)  England link
Parisienne conv.    M35    Satin Silver  / Top-10 -white   64PARKONUK

Dec. 27th 1963     7569    6cyl     A     (221 blue bench)  Sask.     link
#731164    Laurentian 4dr sdn     Tuxedo Black       spot.67poncho

Dec. 30th 1963     7467    283ci     R     (parchment bucket) Ontario   link
      Custom Sport conv.   M35   Desert Beige    

Dec.31st 1963   7869   V8     A  (252 rose & maroon bench) Manitoba  no pic
#731271    Parisienne 4dr sdn      Tuxedo Black
U63           spotted by Carl Stevenson                          Wreckers

Jan. 2nd 1964     7867     V8      A    (263 Rose & maroon)  Sask.     link
#717807    Parisienne conv.      Tuxedo Black/TP-10 white top   Rabbit64CS

Jan. 6th 1964        7847          V8           N  (252 rose & maroon)  Sask.   link
#732676       Parisienne 2dr hrdtp   Sunfire Red     B70 U63                 cheviac

Jan. 6th 1964   7669    V8      C    (221 blue bench)  Sask.      link
#732741    Laurentian 4dr sdn    Ermine White       spot.67poncho

Jan. 14th 1964    7839        V8            Q      (251 black)    Alberta         link
#735805       Parisienne 4dr hrdtp    Lagoon Aqua                        kijiji

Jan.15th 1964    7467     327ci    L     (272 red bucket)   Sask.       link
#735663     Custom Sport conv.    M35      Palomar Red      kijiji

Jan. 21st 1964      7867        V8               V        (260  black)                 no pic
#748665         Parisienne conv.          Ember Red                 spot. 69Laurentian

Jan. 25th 1964   7447        327ci     C       (271 aqua bucket)    B.C      link 
#738697 Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp   M20    Ermine White   B70 U63   
Spot. 455GTO     Jim Pattison Pontiac Ltd.-Vancouver B.C

Jan 31st 1964     7835          283ci        L   (281 rose & maroon)  Sask. link
#740344       Parisienne wagon      Palomar Red       B70       ZigZag

Jan 31st 1964       7169           6cyl        J/C   (860 fawn)  spotted by 67poncho
742933  Strato chief 4dr sdn  Meadow Green /Ermine white  &&   Sask.     link

Feb. 4th? 1964    7867            283ci       L    (263 rose & maroon) Georgia  link
#744714?   Parisienne conv.    Palomar Red /  T-10 white top  B70  U.S.A    Ebay

Feb. 5th 1964     7869      283ci         L/C    (252 rose & maroon)   Alberta   link
#745087     Parisienne 4dr sdn
Palomar Red/Ermine White     D99 U63  Kijiji

Feb. 7th 1964      7447       V8           W/C    (269 blue bucket)   Alberta        Link
#743847     Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp  M35  Diplomat Blue/Ermine White
U63                                                                                     spot. sixtywagon

Feb. 7th 1964       7467      409ci       A      (272 red bucket)  Manitoba          link
#744407          Custom Sport conv.    M20   Tuxedo Black /Top 10 -white    G80

Feb. 11th 1964     7645       V8           F     (221 blue)     Alberta link
#747359       Laurentian wagon     Silver Blue met.        spotted by sixtywagon

Feb. 12th 1964    7467     283ci          P     (271 aqua bucket)    Ontario       link
#743886     Custom Sport conv.     Azure Aqua                      kijiji

Feb.12th 1964       7467    V8       A    (271 aqua bucket)  B.C            link
#745527   Custom Sport conv.  Tuxedo Black  /  TP- 02 black      64Ragtop
Pattison Motors Ltd-Vancouver B.C

Feb.14th 1964         7869 283ci      L/C   (252 rose and maroon)      link
#748512    Parisienne 4dr  sdn   Palomar red/Ermine White   Sask.   spot. 67poncho

Feb. 17th 1964        7447     327ci            D     (268 black bucket)  PEI           link
#747442      Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp      Satin Silver met.                kijiji

Feb.20th 1964     7839        V8         T/R  (987 ?)   Sask.     B70 U63    link
#750059       Parisienne 4dr hrdtp   Almond Fawn/Desert Beige  spot 67poncho

Feb. 21st 1964    7869      V8           P   (250 Aqua)         B.C link
#749274    Parisienne 4dr sdn   Azure Aqua     B70  U63    spotted by 455GTO

Feb. 21st 1964     7447    V8        L     (275 parch. & maroon bckt)   Sask.      link
#750604   Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp  M35  Palomar Red /TP-26 white vinyl top
B70 C08                                     Bgooode11

Feb. 27th 1964      7839      283ci        C      (249 blue)    Saskatchewan    link
#752315          Parisienne 4dr hrdtp    Ermine White     B70 U63      KIjiji

Feb. 28th 1964      7835    283ci        C       (225 maroon)   Saskatchewan   link
#756002     Laurentian wagon     Ermine White   B70 U63   Cheviac

March 1st 1964?    7847           283ci         P       (250 Aqua)   Ontario         link
Parisienne 2dr hrdtp      Azure Aqua          B70             kijiji

March 2nd 1964    7447        283 ci         C    (268 black bucket)  ontario        link
#752898        Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp       Ermine white         spotted by 68sd

Claude Frost Motors-Brampton Ontario

March 3rd 1964   7869              V8            D     (251 black)  ontario             link
#746263        Parisienne 4dr sdn           Satin Silver                        

March 4th 1964   7669        V8             J    (223 olive)  Nova Scotia         link
#755824     Laurentian 4dr  sdn  M35     Meadow Green      U63           KoolKemp

March 5th ? 1964    7467    327ci    S     (272 red bucket) Ontario   link
#752306    Custom Sport conv.   M35   Saddle Tan/TP-10 white top
U63                           kijiji

March 5th 1964    7447    409ci L33   A     (272 red bucket)   ontario    link   
#754197 Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp   M35   Tuxedo Black
A02 B70 C14 J50 J65 K05 N33 N40 P78 T86 U63 U75 U84
C. Paquette & Sons Ltd, Debden, SK              spot. 73SC ,65 Camino


March 5th 1964     7867    V8        A     (263 rose & maroon) Sask.    link
#756001     Parisienne conv.      Tuxedo Black/TP-10 white top
B70 U63                        Rabbit 64CS

March 6th 1964    7447      V8     A   (275 parch & maroon bckt)  Colorado   link
#753286    Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp    M35    Tuxedo Black/Top-26 white vinyl
B70 C08                              Hippy 62378

March 6th 1964     7847       V8     V/C     (252 rose & maroon) Alberta    Link
#755760         Parisienne 2dr hrdtp    Ember Red/Ermine White   B70        Kijiji

March 9th 1964    7447      V8      S     (274 parch & saddle bucket)  Sask.     link
#757354 Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp   M35  Saddle Tan met./Tp-26 white vinyl top
C08 B70

March 10th 1964     7447     V8           A   (268 black bucket)    Alberta           link
#755007     Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp     M35   Tuxedo Black    spot. sixtywagon
A31 B70 U63

March 11th 1964         7869      V8       C        (252  rose & maroon)   Sask.  link
#757484     Parisienne 4dr sdn    Ermine White     B70 U63           Harko

March. 11th 1964    7447    327ci     V    (272 red buckets) Alberta    link
#757772       Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp   M35    Ember Red     
B70                                         kijiji

March 12th 1964     7847      V8         C     (250 aqua)  Ontario    link
#752877    Parisienne 2dr hrdtp     Ermine White      B70       ,kijiji

March 12th 1964  7669         V8           C    (222 Aqua)  Saskatchewan   no pic
#757897          Laurentian 4dr sdn    Ermine White                                      Cheviac

March 17th 1964    7869    327ci     T    (987 saddle)  Alberta    link
#759010    Parisienne 4dr sdn    Almond Fawn       kijiji

March 18th 1964  7467    V8   A  (275 parchment bucket) Mississippi
   Custom Sport conv.    M35    Tuxedo Black/T-10 white top    link
#759385    A31 B70  U63   

March 18th 1964   7169         6 cyl       W  (860  fawn)   Sask.    B70 U63     link
#759903      Strato chief 4dr sdn  M35    Diplomat blue        spot. by 67poncho

March 20th 1964    7769        6 cyl          N   (252 rose and maroon)       link
#760133      Parisienne 4dr sdn     Sunfire red     Sask.    spotted by 67poncho

March 22nd 1964      7447      V8           F     (269 blue bucket) Sask.     link

#758756    Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp   M35   Silver Blue met./TP-26 white vinyl
B70 C08 U63                                                Rabitt64CS

March 23rd 1964    7447    283ci     A     (275 parchment bucket) B.C  link
#761354   Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp   M35  Tuxedo Black
B70 U63 

March 24th 1964     7869    283ci      H    (249 blue bench)        link
#758705    Parisienne 4dr sdn      Skyline Blue   
B70                      Pariscruise64

March 26th 1964        7447      283ci          F    (269 blue bucket)    ontario link
Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp  M35   Silver Blue metA02  spot. 68sd
City Pontiac Buick Ltd-Toronto Ont.

March 26th 1964     7867          V8            W   (264?  parchment)  B.C    link
#758763       Parisienne conv.         Diplomat Blue/  T-10 white top  B70 U63
spotted by 455GTO

March 26th 1964     7447       V8          2F     (269 blue bucket) Ontario     link
#762936      Custom Sport 2dr htdtp   M35   Silver Blue met. 

March 31st 1964     7839        283ci           N/C     (251 black)   Manitoba     link
#760329       Parisienne 4dr hrdtp    Sunfire Red met./Ermine White        Kijiji

April 1st 1964           7169     6cyl           A    (876 red)                                 
#764100 Strato Chief 4dr  sdn     Tuxedo Black          Ontario   

April 2nd 1964      7847     283ci              Q     (250 aqua)   Manitoba    link
#763511     Parisienne 2dr hrdtp   M35    Lagoon Aqua    B70 U63

Lye Motors ltd. MacGregor Manitoba Pontiax

April 3rd 1964       7847         V8           P      (251  black)   Sask. link
#763860      Parisienne 2dr hrdtp   Azure Aqua   B70 U63   spot. by Rabbit64cs

April 3rd 1964     7447        V8               A     (272 red bucket)                    link
#765540    Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp   M35    Tuxedo Black         ,Facman

April 6th 1964     7447          283ci        Q      (271 Aqua bucket )     P.E.I link
#766342  Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp  M35 Lagoon Aqua                Pontiac canada
B70 U63    De Luxe Automobile Ltee' -Sherbrooke Quebec

April 17th 1964    7867    283ci    C     (265 parchment/maroon)  Alberta    link
#770704      Parisienne conv.    M35      Ermine White      Top 02 -black
B70 A02 C14 F40 J50 P01 P62 T86 U63                         Doctahouse

April 22nd 1964   7867   283ci    L  (265 parchment/maroon)   ontario       link
#772824          Parisienne conv.     Palomar Red /  TP-10 white   spot.68sd

April 23rd 1964       7747     6 cyl          N   (251 black)   ontario link
#771864         Parisienne 2dr hrdtp     Sunfire Red met.            

May 11th 1964       7447       V8      2F    (273 parchment/blue bckt)  Sask. link
#778229     Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp   M35   Silver Blue met.  U60   Rabbit64cs

May 12th 1964      7447        283ci         V    (272 red bucket)   Toronto link
Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp    Ember Red              Kijiji

May 13th 1964     7867       V8          P     (262 Aqua)      B.C link
#770756   Parisienne conv.    Azure Aqua /Top-10 white    B70  spot. 455GTO

May 14th 1964     7867    V8     C     (262 aqua bench)  Sask.      link
#778973    Parisienne conv.    M35   Ermine White-TP-02 black top
B70 U63                       spot. Rabbit64cs   

May 25th 1964    7511     6cyl     R    (224 saddle bench) Ontario    link
#779711   Laurentian 2dr sdn     Desert Beige

May 25th 1964  7847  V8     N  (252 rose & maroon bench) link
#782308   Parisienne 2dr hrdtp    Sunfire Red met.    

May 29th 1964    7447    V8      L      (275  parchment bucket) Alberta  link
#784625    Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp   M35   Palomar red
B70 U63     spot. sixtywagon

Early June 1964      7447       V8           Q     (269 blue bucket)             llink
#786971     Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp    Lagoon Aqua
Spotted by Locomotion

June 1st 1964    7569    V8     H     (221 blue bench)  Sask.     link
#782313   Laurentian 4dr sdn    Skyline Blue      B70      spot.67poncho

June 2nd 1964   7467         283ci                                            Ontario link
Custom Sport conv
.                    orig. sold Ottawa

June 4th 1964     7847    283ci     R     (987 saddle bench)  Ontario    link
#787045     Parisienne 2dr hrdtp   M35   Desert Beige         kijiji

June   1964             7169        6cyl         J    (860 fawn)    New brunswick   link  
#787834    Strato Chief 4dr sdn        Meadow Green                     kijiji

June 7th 1964       7835      327ci         C    (saddle bench)  Alberta    link
#786302    Parisienne wagon     Ermine White
B70 U63     Spotted by Captain Beaumont

June 10th 1964   7447       V8       A     (274  Parch. & saddle bckt)   Sask.     link
#790096  Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp  M35   Tuxedo Black /Top-26 white vinyl top

% B70 C08 U63

June 16th 1964      7867      327ci          W  (264 parchment)   Ontario      link
#789744      Parisienne conv.     M35    Diplomat Blue   /TP-11        kijiji

June 16th 1964         7847    283ci        H    (249 Blue)
#790631            Parisienne Hrdtp      Skyline Blue    U63   Ontario

June 16th 1964  7467   327ci    N  (275 parchment bucket) Sask. link
#791823  Custom Sport conv.  M20  Sunfire Red met/TP-10 white top
B70 U63           Pritch

June 19th 1964        7447      283ci     C      (271 Aqua bucket ) 
#792577    Custom Sport Hrdtp     M35  Ermine White      Ontario

June 24th 1964     7635        V8        C  (221 blue)    Saskatchewan       no pic
#794438         Laurentian wagon   Ermine White     B70                   Cheviac

June 29th 1964     7847     V8       A     (252 rose & maroon) Sask.    link
#788186    Parisienne 2dr hrdtp      Tuxedo Black      U63    Cheviac

June 29th 1964     7867      283ci      W    (261 blue)  Alberta               link
#793622      Parisienne conv.   M35    Diplomat blue met./Top-10 white
B70 U63                                                                                 Goushdds

June 30th 1964       7447        V8       Q    (271 Aqua  bucket)   Sask.   link
#788776  Custom Sport 2dr Hrdtp   Lagoon Aqua      M35      B70  U63    cheviac

July 2nd 1964      7467       V8        2F    (268 black bucket)   ontario      U63 link
#793496  Custom Sport conv.  M35  Silver Blue met. / Top-10 white  spot 68sd

July 6th 1964     7569          6cyl          A      (225 maroon)   Sask.              link
Laurentian 4dr sdn   M35   Tuxedo Black      &&   U63      Rabbit64cs

July 6th 1964     7769             6cyl        L     (252 rose & maroon)  Ontario   link
#794442        Parisienne 4dr sdn     M35     Palomar Red      &&&5

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1965 (at least 97743 built)  Paint (brochure)
production date     model   engine   colour    interior   location?   owner   pic

Aug.26th 1964   75569      6cyl         D   (219 blue)   Manitoba       link
#700410        Laurentian 4dr      Mist Blue met.        B70   spot. by 62Beaumont

Aug. 26th 1964     76467      V8          W    (266  blue)   Alberta         link
#701285           Parisienne conv.     M35    Glacier grey / Top-11      kijiji

Sept.9th 1964    75669      283ci       K  (220 turquoise)  Spotted by 67Poncho
#700618        Laurentian 4 dr       Artesian turquiose   Saskatchewan

Sept. 17th 1964    75569     6cyl         V    (222 fawn)   Ontario       link
704900        Laurentian 4dr      Cameo Beige                           hdboug

Sept.23rd 1964  76439       V8           C    (249 black)  Alberta                  link
#705347        Parisienne 4dr hrdtp  Ermine White     spotted by 66grandeguy

Sept.24th 1964  76637     V8          V    (291 fawn) Alberta                     link
#706164   Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp  M35 Cameo Beige   spot. by 66grandeguy

Sept. 30th 1964     76637      V8       N     (287 plum)  B.C         link
#707162     Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp    M35      Madeira Maroon            ,kijiji

Nov.4th 1964     76467    V8            D   (266 blue)  Alberta     spot.66grandeguy
#706137        Parisienne conv.      Mist Blue met./ top 10 white   A31     link

Nov.5th 1964    B76469     V8            V    (248 fawn)  Sask.           link
#708590         Parisienne 4dr   Cameo Beige                   spotted 67poncho

Nov. 9th 1964    76469    283ci     C    (246 blue bench) Ontario   link
#710103   Parisienne 4dr sdn   Ermine White        kijiji

Nov. 9th 1964   B76437        V8         Y     (249 black)   Sask.           link
#710203     Parisienne 2dr hrdtp       Crocus Yellow      spotted by 67poncho

Nov. 9th 1964   B76437      283ci          C     (247 turquoise)  B.C      link
710439       Parisienne 2dr hrdtp   M35     Ermine White

Nov. 13th 1964    76467    327ci     T    (270 black bench)  B.C     link
#710082    Parisienne conv.    M35    Capri Gold met./TP-02 black top
A31                                             craigslist

Nov.25th 1964   B76437      283ci       Y    (543 fawn)  ontario            no pic
#719757    Parisienne 2dr hrdtp     Crocus yellow           spotted by 69Belair

Nov. 26th 1964   76435      409ci       2D     (563 blue)   Alberta        link
#717636        Parisienne wagon    M20     Mist Blue met.     A33       65wagon

Dec. 29th 1964   76637    283       R       (291 fawn)  Alberta             link
#716810     Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp   M35   Regal Red           65Wagon
Dealer installed parchment top

Jan. 7th 1965     75635        V8           K   (223 red)    Sask.            link
#715228     Laurentian wagon      Artesian Turquoise        %         Cheviac

Jan.11th 1965    76469         V8          K    (247 turquoise)  Alberta         link
#721603        Parisienne 4dr       Artesian Turquoise      spotted 66grandeguy

Jan 12th 1965    75369          6cyl          V   (860 fawn) Ontario
#722194     Strato Chief 4dr           Cameo Beige

Jan. 13th  1965    76637    409ci        Y     (281 black )    Alberta          no pic
#723411          Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp   M40      Crocus  Yellow  65 wagon

Jan. 14th 1965     76667       V8          E     (286 gunmetal)   Alberta   link
#721218    Custom Sport conv.    M20   Danube Blue/Top-10 white
A31                  spotted by    JC

Jan. 15th 1965   76667    V8     C     (285 red bucket) Alberta  link
#722006     Custom Sport conv.   M35   Ermine White/T-10 white top
A31               spot. sixtywagon

Jan. 16th 1965   75369        6cyl          N?    (876 red) Alberta                    link
#724577       Strato Chief 4dr sdn   Madeira Maroon        spotted 66grandeguy

Jan. 18th 1965      75311     6cyl         V       (860 fawn )                       link
#724745          Strato Chief 2dr sdn     Cameo Beige        Hdboug

Jan. 21st 1965     75569    230ci        E    (219 blue)    Alberta              link
#726381     Laurentian 4dr sdn     Danube Blue         spotted by 67Custom

Jan,21st 1965    76435          V8          W/D   (279 slate)   ontario            link
#727107    Parisienne wagon        Glacier Grey/Mist Blue    A33 D99     

Jan.22nd 1965  76467           283ci        C      (269 red)  ontario

#726435      parisienne conv.        Ermine white  /     TP-2 black     

Jan. 25th 1965    76467     283ci    P   (271 parchment & black) Alberta  link
#726893    Parisienne conv.     M35     Evening Orchid met/T-10 white top

Jan. 25th, 1965  76637         283ci       Y    (281 black)  Ontario
#727780   Custom sport hrdtp     M35   Crocus Yellow                   

Jan. 26th 1965       76637     V8             T   (284 fawn )                             link
#727993      Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp    M35    Capri Gold Met.       kijiji

Jan. 27th 1965    76439    327ci    N    (249 black bench) Alberta    link
#728623  Parisienne 4dr hrdtp   M35   Madeira Maroon          kijiji

Jan. 29th 1965    B 76437    V8            C     (250 plum)   Sask.                link
#729632          Parisienne 2dr hrdtp    Ermine White                                   cheviac

Feb. 1st 1965     76467      327ci L30     C    (267 turquoise)   Alberta          link
Parisienne conv.    M35    Ermine White/Top-10 White        kijiji
A02 C14 J50 N40 P01 P62 T86 U63    Loewen Pontiac Buick Ltd.-Penticton B.C

Feb.2nd 1965    76637       V8         D    (283 slate )  Alberta                     link
#731407    Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp  M35  Mist Blue met.  spot. by 66grandeguy 

Feb.3rd 1965     76637          V8          P   (281 black)  Alberta  Scrapped  no pic
#739324   Custom Sport hrdtp   M35  Evening orchid                  66 Grande guy

Feb. 9th 1965      76467        V8       R   (271 parchment & black)  ontario  link
#732900     Parisienne conv.     Regal Red  /  Top-02 black     spot. Cdnpont

Feb. 10th 1965     76467    283ci    E     (271 parchment & black)  ontario   link
#733430      Parisienne conv.  M35     Danube Blue /Top-02-black       Kijiji

Feb. 11th 1965    B76439      V8        A     (250 plum)  Saskatchewan link
#734570      Parisienne 4dr hrdtp    Tuxedo Black         spotted by 67poncho

Feb. 11th 1965      B75369    6cyl     K      (852 turquoise) Sask.    link
#734810    Strato Chief 4dr sdn     M35    Artesian Turquoise      kijiji

Feb. 17th 1965   76667   283ci     D    (286 gunmetal) B.C      link
#735159     Custom Sport conv.   M35     Mist Blue met/Tp-10 white top

Mid Feb. 1965      76467     283ci         ?           (269 red? )   Ont.     link
#735896     Parisienne conv.                                 ,kijiji

Feb. 22nd 1965    75645      283ci      C     (220 turquoise)  Alberta     link
#734895    Laurentian 3 seat wagon     Ermine White       Gus65

Feb. 23rd 1965     76469    283ci       D      (246 blue)   Alberta       link

#739370      Parisienne 4dr sdn    M35     Mist Blue met.      D99       kijiji

Feb.25th? 1965    B75311   6cyl         S    (fawn)                 Alberta          link
#740696?     Strato Chief 2dr sdn   Sierra Tan      spotted 66grandeguy

March 1st 1965     76667    V8            R     (281 black bucket)     Manitoba    link
#744612     Custom Sport conv.     M35    Regal Red / Top-10 -white      A31    Kijiji

March 3rd 1965  76367    6cyl           V   (268 fawn)  Alberta                  link
#742594       Parisienne conv.       Cameo Beige  /  Top-16 beige    spot.66grandeguy

March 8th 1965   76667      327ci        A     (red)     B.C           found on ebay
Custom Sport Conv.      Tuxedo Black                                           link

March 9th 1965    76467     V8     Y     (271 parchment & black) Ont.  link
742512     Parisienne conv.       Crocus Yellow/TOP-02 black top
A31                                      kijiji

March 15th 1965    76667   283ci   B    (283 slate buckets) Alberta   link
#746993   Custom Sport conv.   M35   Nocturne Mist met/T-10 white top
A31                                          kijiji

March 17th 1965       76637             V8       C    (281 black)   Saskatchewan  link
#746344       Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp    M35    Ermine White
spotted by 67poncho

March 22nd 1965     76337      6cyl            N    (249 black)   Sask.              link
#748479          Parisienne 2dr hrdtp    Madeira Maroon                          cheviac

March 22nd 1965   76637     V8         R    (288 Parch & black)  ontario     link
#748486           Custom Sport hrdtp   M35      Regal Red

March 22nd 1965     76637     V8        R    (281 black)    Sask.          link
#748998       Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp    M35   Regal Red     spotted by 67poncho

March23rd 1965  76637      409ci           A      (black int.)   Alberta link
Custom Sport2dr hrdtp    M20    Tuxedo Black    66grandguy

March 24th 1965   76435      283ci        N   (280 red)     Saskatchewan link

#748884        Parisienne Safari       Maderia Maroon      A33            67Poncho
Mid West Motors Ltd. -Regina Saskatchewan

March 24th 1965   76637   283ci      B      (286 gunmetal)    B.C           link
#749986      Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp   M35  Nocturne Mist met ,oldnighthawk

March 25th 1965     76637   283ci         C    (285 red)   Ontario    link
    Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp    M35   Ermine White/TP-27 black vinyl top
Slessor Motors Ltd.-Hamilton Ontario            ,Ebay

March 25th 1965    76637     283ci      E/C    (290 gunmetal)                     no pic
#751660          Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp  M35   Danube Blue/Ermine White

D99  U75                   Parted for use on Custom Sport Convertible

March 25th 1965     75369   6cyl        K  (852 turquoise)  Alberta            link
#751955              Strato Chief 4dr   Artesian Turquoise   spot. 66grandeguy

March 27th 1965    76467  XRD    V8    P  (271 parchment & black) Australia
#740463      Parisienne conv.   M35    Evening Orchid/TP-02 black top   link
B70                       spotted by Budgie

March 30th 1965    76667   283ci        A     (288 parchment & black)    B.C  link
#752258      Custom Sport conv.    M35     Tuxedo Black / Top-10 white   kijiji

March 31st 1965   76667      283ci        C                       Alberta         link

#753928 Custom Sport conv.     Ermine White / top 10 white          1965CS
Stampede Pontiac Buick- Calgary Alberta

April 1965      76437      409ci                  K     (turquoise)   Ontario     link
Parisienne 2dr hrdtp   M20   Artesian Turquoise

April 3rd 1965     76637     V8           N    (281 black)    Manitoba   link
#754570  Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp  M35   Madeira Maroon/TP-27 black vinyl top

C08                                     spotted by Carl Stevenson

April 5th 1965     76637       V8           A      (285 red)  Alberta             link
#753457    Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp   M35  Tuxedo Black   spot. Sixtywagon

April 6th 1965       76439      283ci           L   (249 black) Ontario
#751704     Parisienne 4dr Hrdtp    Tahitian Turquoise               

April 7th 1965    76667   V8     N     (288 parchment & black) Alberta  link
#757178    Custom Sport conv.   M35   Madeira Maroon/TP-10 white top

April 8th, 1965      75569     6cyl              A   (223 red)   Ontario
#756763    Laurentian 4dr             Tuxedo Black                            

April 9th 1965       76435       327ci     N       (280  red)    Alberta          link
#757862            Parisienne wagon    M35     Madeira Maroon           65 wagon

April 9th 1965      76467     V8             R   (270  black)  B.C                     link
#758584         Parisienne conv.       Regal Red  /top 2  black    spotted on ebay

April 10th 1965     76467       V8         E     (266 blue bench)                       no pic
Parisienne conv.     Danube Blue met.       spot. 427Carl

April 12th 1965    76667       327ci         P    (287 plum)   ontario                   link
#755311      Custom Sport conv.   Evening Orchid  (top 10 -white) spotted 68sd

April 14th 1965   B76469         V8           V     (250 plum)    Sask.               link
#756045           Parisienne 4dr       Cameo Beige       %                          cheviac

April 14th 1965    76637           V8            E       (286 gunmetal)   Alberta      link
#756473   Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp   M20   Danube Blue/ Tp-27 black vinyl top

April 15th 1965     75645     283ci        C    (220 turquoise)    Alberta         link
#760959        Laurentian wagon      Ermine white                  Sportwagon400

April 19th 1965 76637     409ci          A        (285 red)    Saskatchewan    link
#761551    Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp   M20   Tuxedo Black   %%   Oldsledguy

April 24th 1965    76637    327ci             A      (281 black)   Manitoba      link
#758348    Custom Sport 2dr hdtp     M35   Tuxedo Black    D99     Kijiji

April 26th 1965    76467     283ci       T     (268 fawn)  Maryland        link
#759033    Parisienne conv.    M35   Capri Gold met./TP-02 black

April 28th 1965     76667     327ci       C         (285 red)   Alberta          link
Custom Sport conv.     M35   Ermine White /Top-2 black     Kijiji

Late April 1965    76437   V8    R/C  (248 fawn bench) Sask.  no pic
#765424    Parisienne 2dr hrdtp    Regal Red/Ermine White

April 28th 1965    76637        V8           A              (285 red)   Ontario          link
765784       Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp    M35  Tuxedo Black        hdboug

April 30th 1965  B76437     V8              A   (plum)  Alberta link
#766625     Parisienne 2dr hrdtp     Tuxedo Black      spotted by 66grandeguy    

May 3rd 1965    76467     283ci           ?                    ontario                  link
#766685       Parisienne conv.     M35                                                          Kijiji

May 3rd 1965     B76439        V8          D   (246 blue)   ontario                   link
#768077     Parisienne 4dr             Mist Blue met.

May 4th 1965        76637      283 2bbl    B     (290 Gunmetal )      norontcan
Custom Sport 2dr  Hrdtp      Nocturne Mist          ontario                link
Rumble -Leaside Ontario

May 10th 1965     76437     V8     W     (246 blue bench)  Alberta    link
#770130    Parisienne 2dr hrdtp    Glacier Grey            kijiji

May 12th 1965    76467    283ci       D       (266 blue)     B.C                link
#771936      Parisienne conv.   M35    Mist Blue met/TP-10 white top
A31 A42

May 14th 1965    B75669    283ci       A      (223 red bench)  Saskatchewan link
#772014      Laurentian 4dr sdn    Tuxedo Black       ,spotted by 67poncho

May 20th 1965    76467        327ci     R     (271 Parchment & black)  B.C      link
#769209        Parisienne conv.
M35    Regal Red  / T-10 white top    spot.68sd

May 25th 1965      75369    6 cyl            C   (876 red)   Saskatchewan      link
#774777          Strato Chief 4dr       Ermine White    T-86    spotted 67poncho

May 25th 1965      76637      327ci            E    (286  gunmetal)   B.C       link
#775226     Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp     M35   Danube Blue

May 26th 1965   76467    V8      A    (269 red bench)  Sask   link
#774085   Parisienne conv.    Tuxedo Black /Top-10 white
Sold new Rosthern Saskatchewan               Kijiji

May 31st 1965      75369     6cyl              C   (876 red)   Ontario
#777828      Strato Chief 4dr           Ermine White                      

June 1st 1965    76667     283ci     C    (283 slate)   Manitoba      link
#769784    Custom Sport conv.    M35    Ermine White/ToP-11    kijiji

June 3rd 1965     76637     283ci      Y    (288 parchment & black) Alberta  link
#780199      Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp   M35   Crocus Yellow      Kijiji

June 4th 1965     76339    6cyl     P     (250 plum bench) Sask.     link
#779476    Parisienne 4dr hrdtp     Evening Orchid met.        Cheviac

June 7th 1965    76637    V8     A    (281 black bucket) Sask.       link
#778275  Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp   3 speed std.   Tuxedo Black      
spot. 67poncho

June 8th 1965     B76469      V8             L   (247 turquoise)  Sask.            link
#774407         Parisienne 4dr       Tahitian Turquoise                               cheviac

June 10th 1965   76637   283ci    N     (287 plum buckets) Sask.    link
#777578 Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp  M35  Madeira maroon/T-28 beige vinyl top
C08                          kijiji

June 11th 1965   76637    327ci        R      (281 black)    Alberta link
#757046          Custom Sport hrdtp   M20   Regal Red                       Randy

June 11th 1965    76667     283ci     C         (286 gunmetal)  B.C          link
#781726      Custom Sport conv.    M35      Ermine White

June 11th 1965    76667    V8     K    (288 parchment & black) Alberta    link
#782246   Custom Sport conv.   M35     Artesian Turquoise /T-02 black top

June 11th 1965    75369     6cyl        N     (876 red)  Alberta             link
#782283       Strato Chief 4dr   3 speed manual   Madeira Maroon        65wagon

June 15th 1965    B75611      V8         C   (223 red)   Sask.                     link
#778831           Laurentian 2dr sdn     Ermine White                            Cheviac

June 17th 1965  76467       283ci       L   (267 turquoise)  ontario         no pic
#782520      Parisienne conv.  Tahitian Turquoise /top 02 black   spot.73cutlass

June 17th 1965    B76339     6cyl       A     (246 blue)  Manitoba   link
#785047      Parisienne 4dr hrdtp     Tuxedo black       D99        HdBoug
Winnipeg Motor Products Ltd.-Winnipeg Manitoba

June 19th 1965    B75369    6cyl             K  (852  turquoise)  Alberta        link
#785885          Strato Chief 4dr        Artesian Turquoise     spotted 66grandeguy

June 20th 1965       76469    V8     W/A     (249 black bench) Alberta   link
#781750     Parisienne 4dr sdn    Glacier Grey/Tuxedo Black   D99     kijiji

June 21st 1965   76667        V8             C      (285 red)            the Garretts  link
#787720      Custom Sport conv.    M35    Ermine White  /  Tp-10 white top

June  24th 1965    76637      283ci      N        (285 red)  Alberta        link
#787818      Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp   Madiera Maroon                 Kijiji
Stampede Motors Ltd.-Calgary Alberta

June 29th 1965   76439     283ci           A                   Belgium                     link
Parisienne 4dr hrdtp     Tuxedo Black         spotted kijiji

June 30th 1965    76667     V8     E     (288 parchment & black) Ontario  link
#791899    Custom Sport conv.   M35    Danube Blue/TP-10 white top
spotted by Norontcan

July 5th 1965      76667      283ci          D     (283  slate)     Germany     link
#776885        Custom Sport conv.   M35   Mist Blue /  TP-10 white top   Checker
A02 F40  U80       L. Thibault & Fils Ltee.-Matane Que.

July 7th 1965           76637    V8         Y       (281 black)     Alberta     link
#780276  Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp   M35   Crocus Yellow/TP-27 black vinyl top
A31 C08 U75                                                                                    Whiskydog

July 12th 1965      76437     283ci ?          A      (black)     Alberta                   link
#793125       Parisienne hrdtp         Tuxedo black                 66 Grande guy

July 12th 1965      76467      283ci           A         (red)        Ontario                link
Parisienne Conv           Tuxedo Black                Drew

July 13th 1965     76467     327ci            K     (267 turquoise)  B.C         link
#795311           Parisienne conv.      Artesian Turquoise / Top-10 -white

spotted by 455GTO

July 15th 1965    76437    283ci          E            (246 blue)  Alberta      link
#794929            Parisienne 2dr hrdtp     Danube Blue    spotted by Elroy

July 15th 1965    76667     327ci            P     (287 plum)  Alberta    link
#796673     Custom Sport conv.    M35  Evening Orchid  /  TP-10 white top  A31

July 16th 1965     76439     327ci         L     (247 turquoise)    Alberta      link
#794522         Parisienne 4dr hrdtp   M35    Tahitian Turquoise      65 wagon

July 19th 1965     76439       V8            E   (246 blue)   ontario            link
#795580     Parisienne 4dr hrdtp       Danube Blue                   

July 21st 1965    76467    V8       N   (269 red bench)      no pic
#789454    Parisienne conv.     Madeira Maroon                 kijiji

July 21st 1965   76637   V8   K  (288 parch. & black bucket)Manitoba
#790216   Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp   M35   Artesian Turquoise  link
U75     spot. hdboug

July 21st 1965  76637   327ci     N   (288 Parchment & black)  Manitoba link
#790219    Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp  M35   Madeira Maroon               kijiji

July 22nd 1965    76437        V8          B   (246 blue)   Sask.                    link
#796366           Parisienne 2dr hrdtp   Nocturne Mist    spotted by 67poncho

July 26th, 1965      75569     6cyl            V   (222 fawn)  Ontario
#788492         Laurentian 4dr         Cameo Beige                            

July 27th 1965    76467      V8           E       (266 blue bench)   Missouri     link
#789056    Parisienne conv.   Danube Blue/TP-10 white top
ChrisGillam        originally Alberta

July 27th 1965    76435       V8         R    (280 red)     ontario                  link
#789323          Parisienne wagon    Regal red     A33            spot. 68sd

July 27th 1965   B76439     V8            K     (247 turquoise )   Alberta            link
#797743    Parisienne 4dr hrdtp    Atresian Turquoise        spotted 66grandeguy

July 28th 1965    75511       6cyl       E    (219 blue bench)        link
#798182     Laurentian 2dr sdn    Danube Blue                  Barrie

July 29th 1965   76637    327ci     P  (287 plum) Saskatchewan    Frozennorth
Custom Sport hrdtp  M35 Evening Orchid met. / T-27 black top link

July 30th 1965   76437      283ci            K    (247 turquoise)   Alberta      link
#789014          Parisienne 2dr hrdtp    M35  Artesian Turquoise               kijiji

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1966 (at least 78727 built)  Paint 1 Paint 2 (brochure)
production date     model      engine    colour   interior    location?   owner   pic

Unknown no date      75669     V8        3H    (508 fawn)   ontario link
P00908  St.Therese  Laurentian 4dr      Laurel Mist met.

Unknown no date     75369     6 cyl       3F    ( 840  blue)  ontario
P10875  St.Therese  Strato chief 4 dr     Marina blue

Sept.9th 1965    76437        V8                2D (542 blue)   Saskatchewan link
#700049  Parisienne 2dr hrdtp     M35  Mist blue met.                 67poncho

Sept. 10th 1965    75311      6cyl          2D      (840 blue)  Alberta     link
#700632   Strato Chief 2dr sdn        Mist Blue met.      Kbell6987

Sept.14th 1965    76439      283ci        F    (542 blue)               67Poncho
#700769   Parisienne 4 dr hrdtp         Marina Blue           Saskatchewan

Sept.15th 1965     B75569      6 cyl       2D   (506 blue)   spotted by 67poncho
#700780       Laurentian 4 dr          Mist blue met.          saskatchewan

Sept. 17th 1965    B75469        V8       F   (860  fawn )   Sask.              link
#700967         Strato Chief 4dr       Marina Blue                                       Cheviac

Sept. 20th 1965   76467 XRD   V8   L  (564 Turquoise)  United Kingdom  no pic
#700023      Parisienne conv.   Tropic Turquoise /Top-10 white   C30 A31

Sept. 20th 1965     76467      283ci     F     (563 blue bench) Alberta   link
#700232   Parisienne conv.    M35    Marina Blue/TP-10 white top   kijiji

Sept 21st 1965   76467  A51   V8   M (573 Parchment & black) Alberta    Link
Custom Sport conv      M35   Aztec Bronze/Top-10 white
spotted by Elroy

Sept.22nd 1965   B76469       V8           2D   (542 blue)   Sask.                link
#700920         Parisienne 4dr              Mist Blue met.                             cheviac

Sept. 27th 1965    B75669      283ci     N     (509 red )   ontario        link
#702282      Laurentian 4dr    M35     Madiera Maroon          spotted by 73SC

Rumble -Leaside Ont.

Oct. 1st 1965      B76437       283ci       K    (545 turquoise)   Ontario     link
#704623      Parisienne 2dr hrdtp    M35   Artesian Turquoise      ,Tin Indian

Oct. 5th 1965      B76439        V8          R   (544 black)  Alberta             link
#707717       Parisienne 4 dr sdn    Regal Red                     spotted by Elroy

Oct. 7th 1965     76657    283ci     C     (582 red)    Alberta       link
#704660   Grande Parisienne 2dr hrdtp  M35    Provincial White
spotted by sixtywagon

Oct. 7th 1965         B76439       V8            T     (543 fawn)                         link
#706000            Parisienne 4dr hrdtp      Sandalwood Tan

Oct. 13th 1965        75645        283ci           L     (517 turquoise)   Sask.      link
#705388          Laurentian 3 seat wagon   Tropic Turquoise     67poncho

Oct. 19th 1965   76467  A51  327ci   R   (573 parchment/black)  Alberta  link
Custom Sport conv.          Regal Red /Top-10 White                    Siggy
Southpark Motors Ltd. -Edmonton Alberta

Oct. 20th 1965    76467 A51  V8   M  (573 parch.& black bucket) Alberta  link
#705932   Custom Sport conv.   M35    Aztec Bronze met./TP-10 white top

Oct 22nd 1965    76657        V8       M  (585  parchment)spotted by 67poncho
#706385    Grande Parisienne hrdtp  M35    Aztec Bronze      Sask.    U80

Oct. 22nd 1965   75369       6cyl        K      (860 fawn)  Saskatchewan    link
#708134     Strato Chief 4dr sdn    Artesian Turquoise    spot.67poncho

Oct.25th 1965       75311         6cyl              H   (860 fawn)     Alberta link
#710024       Strato chief 2dr sdn  now 468ci   Laurel mist met.      Rebelrouser

Oct.25th 1965      76467 A51    283ci      E   (570  blue buckets)  Alberta  link
#710043   Custom Sport conv.   M35   Royal Mist met. / Top-02 black  65wagon

Oct. 26th 1965     76657     396ci       Y   (578 black) Alberta      link 
Grande parisienne  2dr hrdtp       Lemonwood yellow    66 Grande Guy
finished Nov. 8th    Enerson  Motors -Lethbridge Alberta

Oct. 27th 1965    76467 A51     V8    E  (570 blue buckets)  Nova scotia.    link
#709523?    Custom Sport conv.   M35    Royal Mist met./Top-11 blue

spotted by turn2stone

Oct.28th 1965      75635         V8              F  (516 blue)  Alberta                  link
#705636         Laurentian wagon           Marina Blue       spotted 66grandeguy

Oct.29th 1965     76467  A51      327ci            R                   Alberta              link
Custom Sport conv.    M20    Regal red                   66 Grande guy

Oct 29th 1965       76657           V8             A (585 Parchment)   Sask.  link
#706361  Grande Parisienne  2dr Hrdtp   M35   Tuxedo Black  U75 U80  cheviac

Nov. 3rd 1965   76467  A51  V8        L   (572 black)  ontario link
#706487      Custom Sport conv.  M35    Tropic Turquoise / TP-10 white  A31
Perdue Motos-Taber Alberta          

Nov. 3rd 1965    76639       283ci        J/A     (559 black bench) Ontario    link
#713567  Grande Parisienne 4dr hrdtp  M35   Cypress Green met/Tuxedo Black
D99           Grant

Nov.4th 1965   76467    V8  L   (564 turquoise bench) Sask.  no pic
#709073    Parisienne conv.    Tropic Turquoise/TP-10 white top
A31 U80  

Nov. 4th 1965    76469   V8     C   (546  plum)    Saskatchewan    link
#714357     Parisienne 4 dr sdn     Provincial White    spot.67poncho

Nov.9th 1965    76657   V8      M     (585 parchment)   Sask.    link
#715191   Grande Parisienne 2dr hrdtp   M35   Aztec Bronze met      kijiji

Nov.12th 1965   76657            V8             E   (585 parch & black) Alberta   link
#712325  Grande Parisienne 2dr hrdtp  M35 Royal Mist met
spot. 66grandeguy

Nov. 12th 1965    76657     327ci    K      (579 turquoise)  Quebec    link
#712598   Grande Parisienne 2dr hrdtp  M35   Artesian Turquoise
D99                                               ,kijiji

Nov.15th 1965    76657  V8  2D  (589 black strato bench)  spot. by 67poncho
#715961   Grande parisienne hrdtp    Mist  blue  met.      Saskatchewan   link

Nov. 16th 1965  76437    327ci  B  (573 parchment & black)Washington link
#714996   A51     Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp   M35    Blue Charcoal met.    66 CS

Nov. 17th 1965    76435       V8        F    (563blue)    Saskatchewan          link
#716523          Parisienne wagon      Marina Blue    A33  D99              Cheviac

Nov. 23rd 1965    B75669     283ci        K    (turquoise bench)  Sask.     link
#718435    Laurentian 4dr sdn      Artesian Turquoise     ,spot. 67poncho

Nov.24th 1965   B75669         283ci           N  (509 red)    spotted by 67poncho
#719992         Laurentian 4dr           Madeira Maroon   Saskatchewan    link

Nov. 24th 1965     76639     V8      N    (559 black bench) Quebec   no pic
#721652    Grande Parisienne 4dr hrdtp   M35     Madeira Maroon         paul

Nov.25th 1965   B76439          V8       L/C    (545 Turquoise)    Sask.
#718214   Parisienne 4dr hrdtp   Tropic Turquoise/Prov. White Spot. 67Poncho
D99 U80 A42

Nov. 26th 1965  76467  A51  396ci   F  (573 parchment & black) Alberta  link
#712693    Custom Sport conv.   M40    Marina Blue  /TP-10-white top
A31 U75                                                           spotted by sixtywagon

Nov.27th 1965   76657        V8   M35       P  (584 plum)   Sask.    U80     link
#721771  Grande Parisienne 2dr hrdtp  Plum Mist met.      spotted by 67poncho

Nov. 30th 1965     75435      V8        F       (832 blue)  Saskatchewan     link
#717208      Strato Chief wagon    Marina Blue met.   A33   spot.67poncho

Nov. 30th 1965     76467  A51    283ci         E      (570 blue)    Ontario         link
#721580?        Custom Sport conv.    M35     Royal Mist met.  / Top-11

spotted by Norontcan

Dec. 1st 1965     76639     V8      P   (589 black strato bench) Sask.    link
#714272  Grande Parisienne 4dr htdp  M35 Plum Mist met./T-27 black vinyl
A31 A53 C08 U80          Cheviac

Dec. 1st 1965     B76437      V8         A     (546  plum)  Sask.               link
#721890     Parisienne 2dr hrdtp   Tuxedo Black      U80     Kijiji

Dec. 3rd 1965     76657      283ci            W    (583 gunmetal)  B.C     link
#723119    Grande Parisienne 2dr hrdtp  M35   Chateau Slate  / TP-27 black top
A31 C08                                                                              Grande Jim

Dec. 6th 1965      76657     V8          F    (585 parchment & black)  Sask.   link
#715876    Grande Parisienne 2dr hrdtp   M35   Marina Blue  spot.67poncho
Bustard Bros. Ltd.-Matheson Ontario

Dec. 7th 1965    B75511    6cyl     C    (509 red)   Alberta      link
#723967    Laurentian 2dr sdn    Provincial White                kijiji

Dec 7th  1965     76657         V8      M  (590 Fawn strato bench)  Sask.  link
#724574   Grande Parisienne 2dr hrdtp  M35  Aztec Bronze  A53        cheviac

Dec. 10th 1965     76657    327ci   C   (589 black strato bench) Alberta  link
#724279    Grande Parisienne 2dr hrdtp   M35   Provincial White    kijiji

Dec.14th 1965   B76469        283ci          C   (546 plum)  spotted by 67poncho
#724514          Parisienne 4 dr        Provincial white     Saskatchewan        link

Dec.14th 1965    76639   327ci     M    (590 fawn strato bench) B.C    link
#726336  Grande Parisinne 4dr hrdtp  M35   Aztec Bronze/TP-28 beige top
A53 C08 U75 U80     spot. Grande Jim

Dec. 16th 1965    B76467  A51     V8       R    (572 black)  Ontario     link
#726807     Custom Sport conv.    M35   Regal Red/top-02 black

Dec.16th? 1965  76657       V8               C    (582 red)  Alberta     U80     link
#726850  Grande Parisienne 2dr hrdtp  M35 Provinc. white spot. 66grandeguy

Dec.16th 1965     76469          283ci           R   (543 fawn)  Alberta            link
#727127            Parisienne 4 dr        Regal Red            U80       66 Grande guy

Dec. 17th 1965    B76437       V8        V   (544   black )   Sask.               link
#727308         Parisienne 2dr hrdtp     Cameo Beige                                 cheviac

Dec. 20th 1965   B76437   V8    M    (543 fawn bench)  Sask.     link
#727941    Parisienne 2dr hrdtp     Aztec Bronze
spotted by 67poncho     Derksen Thiessen Ltd.-Morden Manitoba

Dec. 22nd 1965     76657        V8        M    (585 parchment & black)  Sask.  link
#731061      Grande Parisienne 2dr hrdtp  M35   Aztec Bronze    spot. 67poncho

Dec. 23rd 1965    B75569    6cyl        N      (509 red)  Saskatchewan link
#729678         Laurentian 4dr      Madiera Maroon   spotted by 67poncho

Dec 29th 1965    76639     V8      Y (589 Black Strato bench)   Sask.    link
#727824 Grande Parisienne 4dr hrdtp  Lemonwood Yellow /TP27 Black top 
A53                   Cheviac

Dec. 30th 1965      B76437     V8      F     (542 blue bench) Ontario  link
#730515      Parisienne 2dr hrtp     Marina Blue                     kijiji

Jan 3rd 1966     76467     283ci         C     (563 blue)   Alberta     link
#732841  Parisienne conv.   M35    Provincial White/Top-10 white   A31 U80

Jan. 5th 1966   76657  283ci   A    (582  red )  Manitoba    link
#734774    Grande Parisienne 2dr hrdtp   M35    Tuxedo Black
Winnipeg Motor Products Ltd.-Winnipeg Manitoba  
A02 F40 J50 K05 N40 P62 U63       Carl Stevenson

Jan.7th 1966   76439   V8     M    (543 fawn bench)       link
#732489   Parisienne 4dr hrdtp      Aztec Bronze    
D99             Pontiac Parisienne 66

Jan.7th 1966      75369            6 cyl           A/C (876 red)  Saskatchewan   link
#732521      Strato Chief 4 dr sdn   Tuxedo black/Prov.white  D99   67poncho
Hunt Graber Eston Ltd .Pontiac Buick Vauxhall -Eston Saskatchewan

Jan. 11th 1966   76467 A51    396ci   C    (571 red buckets) Alberta   link
#723566   Custom Sport conv.  M40   Provincial White/TP-02 black top
A31                                                                 kijiji

Jan. 13th 1966    76657    396ci L35    Blue   (585 parchment )  Manitoba  link
Grande Parisienne 2 dr hrdtp    M20     A31               Carl Stevenson

Jan. 13th 1966   76437        283ci          K    (545 turquoise)   Ontario    link
#734702     Parisienne 2dr hrdtp      Artesian Turquoise       Randy
CW  Smith Motors -Brantford Ont.

Jan 14th 1966     B75569       6 cyl         A   (509  red)   spotted by 67poncho
#735143           Laurentian 4 dr        Tuxedo black     Saskatchewan             link

Jan. 14th 1966    B76437     V8            F   (542 blue)    Alberta link
#735258          Parisienne 2dr hrdtp   Marina Blue     Spotted by sixtywagon

Jan.17th 1966    76439      283ci           A   (black)    orig.B.C                      link
Parisienne 4dr hrdtp     Tuxedo Black     now ontario
Jim Pattison on Main-Vancouver B.C

Jan.17th 1966    76657   396ci L35    C   (585 parchment & black) Alberta  link
Grande Parisienne 2dr hrdtp  M20  Provincial White/ T-27 black vinyl top   Kijiji
College Service LTD. -Olds Alberta

Jan. 17th 1966     76467 A51    396ci        R    (571 red buckets)  Alberta   link
#726335     Custom Sport conv.   M40    Regal Red/Top 10-white
Spotted by 66 Grande guy

Jan. 18th 1966   76437 A51   V8   K   (573 parch. & black bucket)Alberta link
#736800   Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp  M35   Artesian Turquoise
U80             spot.Captain Beaumont

Jan. 20th 1966   76467       V8            E    (563blue)  Saskatchewan       link
#738529         Parisienne conv.    Royal Mist met.   / Top -10 white         Cheviac

Jan. 24th 1966    76657      396ci      M    (578 black)   B.C      link
#722690      Grande Parisienne 2dr hrdtp   M40   Aztec Bronze
U80                spotted by GrandeJim

Jan. 24th 1966    76467  A51   283ci     W     (572 black buckets)  B.C     link
#734346     Custom Sport conv.   M35    Chateau Slate met./TP-02 black top
U75 A31 U63                                    kijiji

Jan.26th 1966    76467          283ci      2D   (563 Blue)    ontario
#741140      Parisienne conv.           Mist blue  /   Top 11

Jan. 27th 1966   76437 A51     V8        E   (573 Parchment  & black) Sask.   link
#742370     Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp   M35   Royal Mist met.             cheviac

Jan 28th 1966    76437    283ci     R     (544 black bench) Alberta link
#734495    Parisienne 2dr hrdtp   M35     Regal Red            kijiji

Jan28th 1966    76437  A51   V8    M/V   (572 black)  Sask.   spotted 67poncho
#735064  Custom Sport hrdtp   M35 Aztec bronze/Cameo beige    D99    link

Jan. 31st 1966   76467         V8          2D   (563  blue)  Saskatchewan     link
#741641     Parisienne conv.        Mist Blue met.
/Top-11                          Cheviac

Feb. 1st 1966     76437     396ci L35     C     (546 plum)   B.C          link
Parisienne 2dr hrdtp    M40    Provincial White                      kijiji
A01 A39 F40 J50 K05 N10 N40 P01 P78 U63 U75 U80
Mayhew Motors Ltd.-Drayton Valley Alberta

Feb. 2nd 1966   75311    6cyl    W    (840 blue bench)   Ontario    link'
#740340    Strato Chief 2dr sdn    M35   Chateau Slate met.    kijiji

Feb. 7th 1966    76657     V8        Y       (578 black )   Manitoba          link
#736168   Grande Parisienne 2dr hrdtp   M35   Lemonwood Yellow/T-27 black
C08             Spotted by Carl Stevenson                                                vinyl Top

Feb.7th 1966     76467  A51   V8        Y  (573 parch & black)    ontario        link
#738963    Custom Sport Conv.      Lemonwood yellow                       Mfleury

Feb.9th 1966    75311              250ci         C     (840 blue) ontario  427carl
Strato Chief  2dr sdn  M35 (now 427) Provincial White
Moore-Hawley Motors Ltd-  Cooksville Ont.

Feb. 9th 1966    76657          V8      L    (585 parchment & black)  Ontario    link
#738524     Grande Parisienne 2dr hrdtp  M35   Tropic Turquoise  /Top-27 black
A31 C08 U75 U80                                                    spot. Carl Stevenson

Feb. 9th 1966   76657     327ci      N      (589 black strato bench) Manitoba link
#738532   Grande Parisienne 2dr hrdtp  M35   Madiera Maroon /Top-27 black top
A31 A53 C08 U75 U80 Wandaleeanne

Feb. 11th 1966   B-75611      V8              K     (507 turquoise) link
#741633          Laurentian 2dr sdn   Artesian Turquoise                Two-Door-Post

Feb. 14th 1966    76437    396ci      T     (543 fawn bench) Alberta    link
#743214    Parisienne 2dr hrdtp   M40   Sandalwood Tan
D99                                       spot. sixtywagon

Feb 15th 1966   76639  V8  Y (589 black strato bench) Sask. spot. 67poncho
#741800  Grande Parisienne 4 dr hrdtp  Lemonwood yellow/ T27 black top

Feb. 16th 1966   76467   327ci    N     (566 red bench) Ontario     link
#744102     Parisienne conv.    M35   Madeira Maroon /TP-10 white top
U80            kijiji

Feb. 18th 1966  76467         V8        T     (567  black bench)   Sask. link
#744643    Parisienne conv.    Sandalwood Tan  /T-02 black top  spot.67poncho

Feb.24th 1966   75369     6cyl      N     (876 red)     Alberta link
#747303          Strato Chief 4dr   Madeira Maroon     spotted 66grandeguy

March 1st 1966   76469      283ci              L   (545 turquoise)   66 Grande guy
#741572          Parisienne 4 dr         Tropic turquoise      Alberta

March 1st 1966    76437      V8      C      (545 turquoise ) Newfoundland      link
#744128     Parisienne 2dr hrdtp       Provincial White      A31     kijiji

March 10th 1966    76467   V8       L     (564 turquoise)  Nova Scotia    link
#747792    Parisienne conv.    Tropic Turquoise/Top-02 black
spot. Turn2stone

March 10th 1966   76437  283ci    Y  (544  black bench) Sask. link
#749244   Parisienne 2dr hrdtp   M35   Lemonwood Yellow     kijiji

March 14th 1966  76467 A51     283ci   M   (573 parchment & black)Ont.  link
#749093   Custom Sport conv.   M35   Aztec Bronze /TP-02 black top

March 17th 1966    76657     283ci      T   (590 fawn strato bench)  B.C       link
#748143     Grande Parisienne 2dr hrdtp   M35   Sandalwood Tan    A53  GrandeJim

March 22nd 1966    76657      V8     M    (585 parchment & black)  Alberta  link
#750415    Grande Parisienne 2dr hrdtrp  M35   Aztec Bronze  /TP-27 black  U80
Spotted by Elroy

March 23rd 1966  76657  427ci L36   R  (589 black strato bench) Alberta link
#751489  Grande Parisienne 2dr hrdtp  M40        Regal Red  A53 U80  
A01 F40 G80 J50 K05 N40 P78 U63 U80
finished March 23rd     spotted by Elroy

Bast Motors Ltd.-Yorkton Saskatchewan

March 23rd 1966   76467   283ci   N    (567 black bench) Ont.   link
#754176    Parisienne conv.    Madeira Maroon/TP-02 black top
A31 U80                                    kijiji

March 23rd 1966   B75669   V8          N   (509 red) Alberta link
#756201            Laurentian 4dr      Madeira Maroon      spotted by  66grandeguy

March 25th 1966    B-76437      283ci      2D/C     (542 blue)  Ontario     link
Parisienne 2dr hrdtp     Mist Blue met/Provincial White       kijiji

March 30th 1966    76467  A51?   V8                         ,Alberta    link
     Custom Sport conv. ?     M35          
Spot 66Grandeguy

April 4th 1966   76437 A51   V8    J  (572 black bucket) Sask. no pic
#757352    Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp   M35   Cypress Green met.
A31                                                                Nailhead

April 6th 1966     B76469       V8        M     (543 fawn)   Alberta      link
#757998      Parisienne 4dr sdn      Aztec Bronze met.   spot. sixtywagon

April 9th 1966    B76437    V8           T    (543 fawn)    Alberta link
#754690         Parisienne 2dr hrdtp    Sandalwood Tan    66 Grande Guy

April 11th 1966     76437      V8       2D    (542 blue)    B.C
#759739        Parisienne 2dr hrdtp    Mist Blue met.    D99    spotted by 455GTO

April 12th 1966   76439    427ci    M     (543  fawn bench ) Ontario   link
#759653   Parisienne 4dr hrdtp   M40    Aztec Bronze
A42 D99 U80          spotted by Carl Stevenson

April 12th 1966      76639      V8      T      (590 fawn strato bench)  Alberta link
#763056     Grande Parisienne 4dr hrdtp   Sandalwood Tan      spot. sixtywagon

Calgary Motor Products Ltd.-Calgary Alberta

April 14th 1966   76467 A51     V8 M35   Y  (573 Parch & black)  ontario link
#759807   Custom Sport conv.   Lemonwood Yellow  /TP-10 white     U80

April 14th 1966      76437  A51     396ci      E      (572 black)    Ontario      link
#760194        Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp   M40    Royal Mist met.     U75

April 15th 1966    B75669     V8             L   (507 turquoise)  ontario link
#759422          Laurentian 4dr          Tropic Turquoise                            

April 22nd 1966     B76469    V8          K    (545 turquoise)  Saskatchewan  link
#761671     Parisienne 4dr sdn     Artesian Turquoise       U80    spot.67poncho

April 26th 1966   75311         6cyl            Y    (860  fawn)  ontario link
#762354         Strato chief 2dr sdn    Lemonwood Yellow   26886 built  

April 27th 1966    76439     283ci           L    (545 turquoise)  Quebec     link
#766207     Parisienne 4dr hrdtp    Tropic Turquoise          kijiji

May 2nd 1966    76437    283ci             C     (546 plum)   Alberta       link
#755644    Parisienne 2dr hrdtp   Provincial White            ,D99  ,  kijiji

May 2nd 1966     B75669    283ci     K     (507 turquoise)   Saskatchewan
#764986     Laurentian 4dr     Artesian Turquoise     spotted by 67poncho

May 4th 1966    B76437      327ci      Y    (544 black)  Ontario         link
#755645      Parisienne 2dr hrdtp       Lemonwood Yellow       ,kijiji

May 5th 1966    76437      V8           K  (545 turquoise)    Saskatchewan
#761278  Parisienne 2dr hrdtp M35  Artesian Turquoise/ TP-27 black tp  cheviac

May 5th 1966    76469      283ci          F      (542 blue)   Ontario         link
#769108      Parisienne 4dr sdn    M35      Marina Blue met.        ,kijiji

May 9th 1966      76657      V8        Y     (590 fawn strato bench)   Sask.
#768850  Grande Parisienne 2dr hrdtp    M35  Lemonwood Yellow   Cheviac
A31 A53 U80       TP-27 black TOP

May 9th 1966    75669         V8          L     (508 fawn)     Sask.                 link
#769999     Laurentian 4dr sdn      Tropic Turquoise                    kijiji

May 10th 1966   B-76469      V8                K    (545 Turquoise)   ontario link
#765636          Parisienne 4dr              Artesian Turquoise    D99

May 10th 1966    76437         V8           P     (546 plum)    Ontario       link
#768814     Parisienne 2dr hrdtp    M35     Plum Mist met.        D99      kijiji

May 11th 1966   76657          V8           L   (579 Turquoise)    Sask. link
#768847   Grande Parisienne 2dr hrdtp M35   Tropic Turquoise   U80   Cheviac

May 11th 1966   &76639     327ci     N    (558 black bench) Alberta   link
#769610    Grande Parisienne 4dr hrdtp  M40  Madeira Maroon    kijiji

May 17th 1966      76657      V8          N   (584 plum )   Saskatchewan link
#750868  Grande Parisienne 2dr hrdtp  M35 Madiera Maroon spot.67poncho

May 18th 1966  76437  A51  327ci   R (573 parchment & black) N. Scotia link
#769508    Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp   M35    Regal Red
U80         orig. Ontario

May 19th 1966    76439    327ci    M    (544 black bench) Sask.    link
759729   Parisienne 4dr hrdtp   M35    Aztec Bronze met.
D99                                 kijiji

May 26th 1966  76467 A51  V8  C   (571 red bucket) Alberta no pic
#77229    Custom Sport conv.  M35   Provincial White/TP-02 black
A31 U80             Ken2002

May 26th 1966   76437 A51   V8     C  (572 black bucket) Sask. no pic
#772468   Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp   M35   Provincial White
D99                                       Nailhead

May 27th 1966   76439    283ci    C/A   (544 black bench)  New Bruns.    link
#772996   Parisienne 4dr hrdtp   M35   Provincial White/Tuxedo Black
D99                            kijiji

May 27th 1966    75569        6cyl          C/K    (507 turquoise)    ontario link
#773854  Laurentien 4dr sdn  Provincial White/Artesian Turquoise     D99  

May 31st 1966   76657       V8   M35     N    (584 plum) Ontario   Macsleuth      
#778727 Grande Parisienne 2dr hrdtp  Madiera Maroon C08 /TP-27 black top

June 2nd 1966   76467   A51    283ci      2D    (570 blue)    ontario link
#773731  Custom Sport conv.  M35 Mist Blue met.   /   T-10 white top
spotted by 68sd

June 7th 1966   76467  A51      V8          2D    (572 black)   Saskatchewan link
#775832   Custom Sport conv.  M35   Mist Blue met. /   T-2 black top  cheviac

June 8th 1966    76437 A51    V8     N     (572  black bucket) Alberta    link
#776550 Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp    M35   Madeira Maroon  
spotted by Captain Beaumont

June 8th 1966   B76437     V8               L    (544 black)   Alberta link
#776599   Parisienne 2dr hrdtp  M35 Tropic Turquoise   spot. by 66grandeguy

June 15th 1966   B76469    283ci         T   (543 fawn)    Manitoba     no pic 
#774170        Parisienne 4dr    Sandalwood Tan        Wrecker   spot. 62Beaumont

June 15th 1966    B76437    V8     B     (542 blue bench)  Alberta   link
#775116     Parisienne 2dr hrdtp   Blue Charcoal Met.
spot. Captain Beaumont

June 21st 1966   75669        283ci            L    (507 turquoise)
#777150         Laurentian  4 dr         Tropic Turquoise      Ontario

June 22nd 1966   B76437     V8      K  (545 turquoise)    Saskatchewan   no pic
#774630        Parisienne 2dr hrdtp   Artesian Turquoise                            Cheviac

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Canadian Poncho Superstar!

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1967  (at least 67312 built)  Paint (brochure)
production date     model      engine   colour    interior    location?   owner   pic

Aug. 31st 1966     76639   283ci     K      (593 black strat bench)  Sask.   link
#701196 Grande Parisienne 4dr hrdtp M35 Emerald Turquoise/TP-27 black top

A53 C08                                 kijiji

Sept. 1st 1966    76469    V8      G    ( 543 gold bench)  Alberta    link
#os701120    Parisienne 4dr sdn     Granada Gold met.         kijiji

Sept.13th 1966   76887     283ci          C    (521 red)   Saskatchewan link
2+2 2dr Hrdtp         M35       Provincial White                            67 poncho
#os701677     ,A02 A39 D99 J50 N40 P02 P77 U63 U80
Sept. 8th tag     ,Steeves Motors Ltd.-Dalhousie New Brunswick

Sept.15th 1966  76635      283ci         N       (562  gold)              67 poncho link
Grande Parisienne wagon  M35       Madeira Maroon           ,  Saskatchewan
#701691     finished Sept.22nd        Regina Zone Stock-Regina Sask.

A33 A39 J50 N40 P01 P85 U63

Sept 21st 1966     75469         283ci       N     (801 fawn) ontario

#os703366   Strato chief 4dr      Madeira Maroon                          

Sept.22nd 1966    76887      V8           D      (519  blue)  Ontario         link
#os703937       2+2 2dr hrdtp    M35    Nantucket Blue   /T-27 black top 
C06                                                                    Spotted by Norontcan

Sept.29th 1966   75469     283ci          L   (801 fawn)   ontario
#os705070       Strato chief 4dr       Tahoe Turquoise

Oct. 3rd 1966      76435         V8          D       (560  blue)   saskatchewan link
#os701376     Parisienne wagon      Nantucket Blue   A33             67poncho

Oct.4th 1966      76639     327ci  L30         S     (569 Gold)           67 poncho link
Grande Parisienne 4 dr hrdtp    M35    Sierra Fawn       Saskatchewan

A01 A53 C08 J50 N40 P77 U63 U80

Oct. 5th 1966   76657   396ci    R  (518 parchment) Germany ( orig Ont.) link
#os707578  Grande Parisienne 2dr hrdtp  M40  Bolero Red  A51   Monster279

Oct. 6th 1966    76657      V8        R   (518 parchment)  Alberta             link
#os704345    Grande Parisienne 2dr hrdtp  M35  Bolero Red
U75 U80 A31 A51                    Gerry & Linda

Oct. 7th 1966    76439      V8               P    (542 blue)   ontario                  link
#706701    Parisienne 4dr hrdtp    Silverglaze met.                       

Oct. 11th 1966    75435      V8            K    (812 black)  Saskatchewan link
#708638     Strato Chief wagon   Emerald Turquoise    A33  spotted by 67poncho

Oct.12th 1966    76657    396ci            G  (581 gold)   Saskatchewan link
#os705218   Grande Parisienne hrdtp   M35 Granada gold                  67poncho
TP-28  saddle top       A51 C08 U75   

Oct. 21st 1966    76657     283ci          G  (581 gold)    Saskatchewan        link
#os711252   Grande Parisienne 2dr hrdtp   M35  Granada Gold  A46 A51
Rabbitt 64CS

Oct.23rd 1966    76887    396ci  M40     C   (519 blue) Alberta                      link
#os713885   2+2 2dr hrdtp       Provincial White   D99 U75    spotted by Elroy

Oct. 24th 1966    76887      283ci      C     (519 blue)   Alberta             link
#os707648    2+2 2dr hrdtp      M35  Provincial White               Kijiji

Oct.25th 1966  76657    V8      V (586 red)  Alberta  spot. by 66grandeguy link
#os713340  Grande Parisienne 2dr hrdtp  M35 Antique Pewter/ TP27-black top
A53 C08

Oct. 26th 1966  76467   283ci    ?  (568 parchment bench)Ont.  link
#os710343    Parisienne conv.                                   kijiji

Oct,27 th 1966   76469     283ci         L  (545 turquiose)  Saskatchewan link
#os714145   Parisienne 4dr             Tahoe Turquoise                           67poncho

Oct.28th 1966     76487    V8           K    (545 turquoise)  Alberta             link
#os711359     Parisienne 2dr hrdtp  Emerald Turquoise       spot.66grandeguy

Nov.3rd 1966     75469       V8           F  (812 black)  Alberta                    link
#os713921     Strato Chief 4dr      Marina Blue       spotted by 66grandeguy

Nov. 4th 1966     76867      327ci       R    (573 parchment)  Saskatchewan  link
#os707963    2+2 conv.    M40    Bolero Red  /Top 10-white   A31   kijiji

Nov.4th 1966    75411       V8            F      (840 blue)   ontario
#os714991  Strato chief 2 dr sdn   Marina blue

Nov.8th 1966    75469       283ci          D   (840 blue)    Saskatchewan link
#os713945   Strato Chief 4dr       Nantucket Blue
82281- Micro Motor Co. Ltd-Vegraville Alberta

Nov. 9th 1966    76867      327ci       L      (520 turquoise)   Ontario       link
2+2 conv.               Tahoe Turquoise  /Top 02-black       ,67 2+2 ragtop

McCollum  Pontiac Buick St. Catharines, Ontario

Nov. 9th 1966     76469      283ci           ?       (542 blue)   Alberta      link
#716470           Parisienne 4dr sdn               D99                 kijiji

Nov. 13th 1966   76469         283ci       A     (545 turquoise)    Alberta    link
#os717776      Parisienne 4dr      M35    Tuxedo Black                    kijiji

Nov. 16th 1966   76439       427ci  L36        N/C    (546 red)   Alberta     no pic
Parisienne 4dr hrdtp    M40    Madeira Maroon/Provincial White

#os714952  Enerson Motors Ltd. -Lethbridge Alberta        C60       67rag396

Nov.16th 1966   76467     283ci       C   (564 turquoise) ontario

#os714341     Parisienne conv.    Provincial white /   TOP-10 white   

Nov. 17th 1966   76487    V8         P/V   (545 turquiose)  ontario
#os718037    Parisienne 2dr hrdtp  Silverglaze/Antique Pewter         Kijiji

Nov. 21st 1966    76367   6cyl      D      (560 blue bench) Sask.     link
#os715578   Parisienne conv.  M35   Nantucket Blue met./Top-02 black   

Nov. 21st 1966    76867   V8         G    (573 parchment) B.C      link
#os715707    2+2 conv.     M40    Granada Gold/TP-02 black top
A31                                    Rkycoast

Nov. 22nd 1966    76867     V8     Y     (572 black bucket) Sask.     link
#os719597    2+2 conv.   M35   Butternut Yellow/TP-02 black top
U80                        spotted by Rabbit64cs

Nov. 23rd 1966   76467  X RHD   283ci       C     (566 red)   Trinidad      link
#os714382     Parisienne conv.       Provincial White / TP-2 black top     A31
spotted by 6T7SD396

Nov.23rd 1966    75469    283ci      G   (801 fawn)       Ontario 
#os717789      Strato chief 4 dr       Granada gold                             

Nov. 24th 1966  76469     283ci      A     (542 blue)     Manitoba link
#os720210      Parisienne 4dr    Tuxedo Black      spot. by 62Beaumont

Nov. 24th 1966    76639      V8         G       (557 gold bench)           link  
#os720715   Grande Parisienne 4dr hrdtp  M35   Granada Gold      ,Hdboug

Nov. 25th 1966   76467       V8        Y   (568 parchment)  Alberta link
#os722106   Parisienne conv.    M35   Butternut Yellow  /TP-10 white top  Kijiji

Nov. 28th 1966    76467    396ci    R     (566 red bench) Sask.    link
#os715825   Parisienne conv.   M40   Bolero Red/TP-02 black top
A31 U75 U80                              kijiji

Nov. 29th 1966     76487     V8          C     (546 red)  Saskatchewan     link
#os722064     Parisienne 2dr hrdtp    Provincial White   spot.67poncho

Nov. 29th 1966    76867      283ci           P   (519 blue)       ,Manitoba       link
#os723536       2+2 conv.      M35    Silverglaze met./Top-02 black            ,kijiji

Nov.30th 1966      75369      6cyl      D   (840 blue)       Ontario

#os719787       Strato chief 4 dr      Nantucket blue                        

Dec.1st 1966      76867          V8       R   (573 parchment)  Saskatchewan link
#os721875    2+2 conv.    M40    Bolero Red/ TP-2  black top  U75   67poncho


Dec. 2nd 1966   76657     396ci L35     F   (517 blue)    Saskatchewan link
Grande Parisienne 2dr hrdtp  M20  Marina Blue  A51 F40   Kijiji
Hugh McColl's Southpark Motors Ltd.- Edmonton

Dec.6th 1966     76439       V8  M40          N     (546 red)   Alberta link
#os722547   Parisienne 4dr hrdtp      Madeira Maroon   spotted by 66grandeguy

Dec. 6th 1966     76467      V8          K      (564 turquoise)   B.C link
#os724323      Parisienne conv.    Emerald Turquoise/TP-10 white top      kijiji

Dec.8th 1966     76467       327ci          C    (  Blue int.)   Alberta   
Parisienne Conv.     Provincial White                        ,67Whitenight

Dec.13 1966     76487         283ci            Y  (544black)   ontario
#os723079    Parisienne Hrdtp   M35   Butternut Yellow      A02


Dec.15th 1966   76867      327ci L30       S   (573 parchment)  Sask.   67 poncho
2+2 conv.     M35       Sierra Fawn   /Top-02 black                                   ,
A02 A31 A39 D33 F40 J50 N40 P02 P77 U63 U75 U80
Thomas Motor Sales Ltd.-Cobourg Ontario

Dec. 15th 1966    76867      283ci       Y      (black int.)   New Bruns. link
2+2 conv.         M35       Butternut Yellow
Forand Auto Ltd. Plessisville PQ 

Dec. 15th 1966     76439      V8 L      (545 turquoise)   Manitoba link
725862            Parisienne 4dr hrdtp     Tahoe Turquoise               Kijiji

Dec.15th 1966   76787       250ci       K   (521 red)    Kansas USA
#os727377      2+2 2dr Hrdtp     M35   Emerald Turquoise      J50 N40 P75

Curry Motors Ltd.-Haliburton Ontario

Dec. 19th 1966     76887      V8           C    (521 red)   Manitoba        link
#os726431      2+2 2dr hrdtp      M35     Provincial White   ,spot. Elroy

Dec. 19th 1966    76657       V8         A     (518 parchment)  PEI       link
#os727549  Grande Parisienne 2dr hrdtp  M40   Tuxedo Black    ,Dudemanbro

Dec.21st 1966    76887      396ci           C  (521 red)     B.C.              no pic
#os726708       2+2 2dr Hrdtp    M40   Provincial White     spotted by DPelletier

Dec. 22nd 1966   76487     327ci          K    (544  black)  B.C           link
#os726862     Parisienne 2dr hrdtp   M40  Emerald Turquoise   D99     Kijiji

Dec. 22nd 1966    76887     327ci         R    (521 red )  Sask.          link
#os728228    2+2 2dr hrdtp    M40   Bolero Red     ,kijiji

Dec. 23rd 1966    76439       V8        L      (544 black)    B.C             link
#os727112    Parisienne 4dr hrdtp      Tahoe Turquoise     D99    Arts67

Dec. 23rd 1966  75511      6cyl          D   (803 fawn)  Saskatchewan
#os727687   Laurentian 2dr sdn   Nantucket Blue                                 67Poncho

Jan. 4th 1967    76887    396ci    M    (572 black bucket) B.C     link
#os727908    2+2 2dr hrdtp   M40   Plum Mist met.
A31 D99 U75              spot. Grande Jim

Jan. 9th 1967     76867       V8         F    (573 parchment)  Nova Scotia     link
#os728444     2+2 conv.    M35     Marina Blue /Top-10 white       Highlander

Jan.10th 1967    76439       V8        K    (545 turquoise)  spotted by 67poncho
#os731934     Parisienne 4 dr hrdtp  Emerald turquoise   Saskatchewan

Jan.16th 1967    76487       V8             R   (544 black)   Alberta link
#os731894    Parisienne 2dr hrdtp   Bolero Red        spot. 66grandeguy

Jan.16th 1967    76487          V8            G  (544 black)   spotted by 67poncho
#os732355       Parisienne hrdtp     Granada Gold     Saskatchewan      D99

Jan. 19th 1967    76887     396ci            L      (520 turquoise)   Alberta     link
733502        2+2 2dr hrdtp      M40    Tahoe Turquoise     spot. by sixtywagon

Late Jan. 1967    76635     396ci L35     L                    ,Manitoba     link
30,7xxth car built Grande Parisienne wagon     M40    Tahoe Turquoise
A31 C60 G67 G80 N10 U15 U69    Dealer 84278      Carl Stevenson (

sold Jan. 31st 1967

Jan. 25th 1967  76887  327ci L30    N  (573 parchment buckets)  Sask.     link
2+2 2dr hrdtp     M40  Madeira Maroon  /Top-28 Cream    58Dan
#os731148  jan 24th tag     A02 C08 Motors Insurance Corp.-Annacis B.C

Jan. 25th 1967  76887     327ci          K        (520 Turquoise)   B.C link
#os732534     2+2 2dr hrdtp  M40    Emerald Turquoise    spot. 455GTO

Feb. 1967     76867     283ci              N           (maroon int.)   Alberta      link
2+2 conv.                  Madeira Maroon /T-10 white top                 Kijiji

33090th car made

Feb.14th 1967    75369       6cyl           K   (801 fawn)   Saskatchewan
#os736899    Strato chief 4dr    Emerald Turquiose                       67Poncho
Country Motors Ltd.-Foam Lake Saskatchewan

Feb. 15th 1967     76439   V8    E    (542 blue bench)   Manitoba     no pic
#os738187   Parisienne 4dr hrdtp     Deepwater Blue   
D99                          spot. Carl Stevenson                        Wreckers

Feb.16th 1967    75669     V8    S/A       (803 Fawn)  Saskatchewan link
#os738578  Laurentian 4dr sdn  Sierra fawn/Tuxedo Black  D99 U80  67Poncho

Feb. 20th 1967     75435      283ci     F/Y     (832  blue bench) Sask.   link
#os736811  Strato Chief wagon  3 spd std.   Marina Blue/Butternut Yellow
D99                                      kijiji

Feb. 20th 1967    76469      283ci            L/C    (545 turquoise)  Alberta   link
#os737877    Parisienne 4dr sdn   M35   Tahoe Turquoise/Provincial White   D99

Feb.21st 1967  76439     V8          A     (546 red)  Saskatchewan link
#os736517   Parisienne 4dr hrdtp  M40   Tuxedo Black      U63         67poncho 

Feb.21st 1967  76657     283ci       V     (593 black strato bench)  N.B. link
os739210  Grande Parisienne 2dr hrdtp  M35  Antique Pewter/ TP-27 black top
A31 A53  ,A02 B37 C08 D33 J50 N40 P77                           ,
Finished Feb. 23rd Giles Bedard Autos Ltd-Levis Quebec

Feb.21st 1967    76487     V8  M35    P     (544 black)  Alberta           spot. link
#os739946 Parisienne 2dr hrdtp  Silverglaze met. /Tp-27 black vinyl top
C08 66grandeguy

Feb. 23rd 1967   76657     327ci   C     (517 blue buckets) Sask.    link
#os739511  Grande Parisienne 2dr htdtp   M40   Provincial White
A51     Spotted by 67Poncho

3rd week Feb. 1967   76657      427ci  L36    H     (590 fawn)                no pic
38501st car        Grande Parisienne 2dr hrdtp   M40   Mountain Green
A01 A31 A39 A42 A53 C08 C60 F41 G80 J50 J65 K66 N33 N40 P78 U69 U80

March 6th 1967      76867     V8        H       (572 black )      B.C          link
#os739965     2+2 2dr hrdtp     M35     Mountain Green       ,D99     grande Jim

March 7th 1967      76469     327ci        S       (543 gold)    B.C            link
#os740007     Parisienne 4dr    M35   Sierra Fawn met.    U80     Kijiji

March 7th 1967    76487     V8      P     (544 black) Sask. spotted by 67poncho
#os740994  Parisienne hrdtp  M35  Silverglaze met./ T27 black top  C08

March 8th 1967   76635    283ci    D  (560 blue) Alberta  Spot. by 66grandeguy
#os739015   Grande Parisienne wagon  Nantucket Blue        A33

March 8th 1967    76887      327ci      P    (521 red buckets)  B.C         link
#os741641    2+2 2dr hrdtp
M40     Silverglaze met./TP-27 black vinyl top
G.M. of Canada Ltd. Zone Product Stock -Vancouver, BC ,Pierre67
finished March 9th

March 13th 1967  76887    327ci       K        (blue)         Manitoba
2+2 2dr hrdtp    M40     Emerald Turquoise/  Tp-27 black top

March 14th 1967    76439     V8      H     (544 black)   Sask. link
#os740740      Parisienne 4dr hrdtp   Mountain Green                             cheviac

March 14th 1967     76867     V8         F            (  519 blue )     Ontario        link
#os741485        2+2  conv.         M35          Marina Blue / Top-02 black

March 16th 1967    76887     V8       J    (573 parchment)   Manitoba link
#os742264         2+2 2dr hrtdtp   M35  Verde Green   D99   spot. 62Beaumont

March 16th 1967   76467 RHD   283ci       A   (red int.)    Australian export link
Parisienne conv.       M35     Tuxedo Black                              
F40 A31 C06 J50 N40 P01 U63

March 17th 1967     76439            V8        P       (542 blue)  Nova Scotia   no pic
#os741535     Parisienne 4dr hrdtp     Silverglaze met.     D99    spot Highlander

March 20th 1967    75545      6cyl           A    (820 black )  Manitoba     link
#os742513    Laurentian Safari 9 seat wgn   Tuxedo Black

March 21st 1967   76657    327ci  M40     D (517 blue bucket) B.C  now Sask.
#os741959  Grande Parisienne 2 dr hrdtp  Nantucket Blue   A51  67Poncho

Regina Zone Stock-Regina Sask.

March 21st 1967   76487      283ci           A    (546 red)   ontario link
#os742083      Parisienne 2dr hrdtp  M35    Tuxedo Black              JonathanD

March 30th 1967  76867   327ci   D  (519 blue bucket) Manitoba link
#os746007   2+2 conv.    M40  Nantucket Blue met/Top-10 white
A31 U80                                     Blackheart4355

April 3rd 1967  76867   327ci    G   (572 black)  Alberta  wrecking yard   no pic
#os746514          2+2 conv.    M40   Granada Gold  /  TP-10 white top

April 3rd 1967    76887    V8      G     (573   parchment)   Ontario         link
#os746923    2+2 2dr hrdtp      Granada Gold       orig. Saskatchewan    kiiji

April 5th 1967   76867   396ci    R  (573 parchment bucket) Sask. link
#os754501   2+2 conv.   M40     Bolero Red/TP-02 black top
U75                         67poncho

April 5th 1967      76467    283ci     C    (566 red)  ontario  (orig Alberta) link
#os746215  Parisienne conv.   M35  Provincial White/Tp-2 black top   A31   Kijiji

April 5th 1967    75635       327ci       H    (804 fawn)  Saskatchewan     link
#os746266     Laurentian wagon    M40     Mountain Green          67poncho
Pea**** Motors-Cabri, Sask.

April 11th 1967    75669    283ci         S   (803 fawn)   Ontario
#os743739      Laurentian 4dr    M35   Sierra Fawn      U80

April 12th 1967     76487    283ci     V/T  (546  red)  Sask.   Spot. by 67poncho
#os743023   Parisienne 2dr hrdtp   Antique Pewter/Capri Cream   D99

April 14th 1967    76639     327ci     C     (586 red)    B.C link
#os748922   Grande Parisienne 4dr hrdtp  M40  Provincial White  A53   Kijiji
C08 TP-27 black top

April 17th 1967   76487   327ci L30     Y     (552 parchment bench)  B.C   link
       Parisienne 2dr hrdtp   M40    Butternut Yellow/TP-27 black vinyl top
A02 A39 C08 J50 N40 P01 P77 U63 U80
Empress Motors Ltd.-Victoria B.C                 kijiji

April 18th 1967    76657      V8         T    (593 black strato bench)  Alberta  link
#os749187 Grande Parisienne 2dr hrdtp   Capri Cream /TP-27 black vinyl top

A53 C08      Spotted by Sixtywagon

April 18th 1967    76639    327ci     L   (556 black bench) Sask. link
#os750023   Grande Parisienne 4dr hrdtp  M40   Tahoe Turquoise/
C08               67Poncho                               TP-27 black vinyl top
Caras Pontiac Buick Ltd.-Yorkton Saskatchewan

April 19th 1967   76469      V8              R/A    ( 546 red)   Alberta link
#os747859    Parisienne 4dr   M40  Bolaro Red/Provincial White  D99


April 20th 1967   76469   283ci          L   (545 turquoise)  Saskatchewan
#os749502   Parisienne 4dr    M35  Tahoe Turquoise      spotted 67poncho

April 21st 1967   76487   V8            V  (543 gold )   Sask.  spotted by 67poncho
#os750109   Parisienne 2dr hrdtp   Antique Pewter                   ,

April 25th 1967    76887    396ci        F   (572 black)          Sask.
#os750130   2+2 2dr hrdtp   M40    Marina Blue/
tp27 black vinyl top C08 link
spotted 67Poncho

April 26th 1967   76887         V8           E  (573 parchment)  Sask. link
#os744240      2+2 2dr hrdtp  M40    Deepwater Blue          67Poncho

May 2nd 1967   76887    327ci   R/A     (572 black bucket) Sask.  link
#os743526   2+2 2dr hrdtp   M35?    Bolero Red/Tuxedo Black
D99                      kijiji          spot.67poncho

May 4th 1967     76657         396ci L35     T     (583 black)    Alberta       link
Grande Parisienne 2dr hrdtp    M40   Capri Cream /  T-27 black top   67rag396

U15           GM of Canada Zone Office -Calgary Alberta

May 5th 1967    75469            V8            Y     (812  black)  Alberta link
#os753311   Strato Chief 4dr      Butternut Yellow   D99     spot. 66gramdeguy

May 10th 1967  76887         V8           L    (572 black)   Sask. link
#754526      2+2 2dr hrdtp    M40    Tahoe Turquoise  /  TP-27 black top   Cheviac

May 11th 1967  76439       V8   M40      R/A  (544 black)  Alberta link
#os755183  Parisienne 4dr hrdtp  Bolero Red/Provincial white  D99 spot. 66grandeguy

May 15th 1967    76657    327ci      N    (584 red bucket)  Ontario    link
#os755058   Grande Parisienne 2dr hrdtp  M40?   Madeira Maroon

May 23rd 1967    75635      283ci          D   (833 blue)  ontario
#os755946    Laurentien wagon   M35    Nantucket blue   A33    

May 23rd 1967    76657        V8         H    (556 black)   Saskatchewan      link
#os756082   Grande Parisienne 2dr hrdtp  M35  Mountain Green/ T-27 black top


May 24th 1967   76867      427ci  L36     R   (573 parchment) Alberta link
2+2 conv        M20     Bolero Red   /  Top-10 white       Elroy
A01 F40 J50 N40 U63     ordered Kalke Motors - Leduc Alberta
sold Jenner Motors -Edmonton Alberta

May 23rd to 24th 1967 Production

May 26th 1967    76439      V8        C        (545 turquoise)   Alberta       link
#os759527     Parisienne 4dr hrdtp   M35    Provincial White          Kijiji

June 2nd 1967    76639      396ci         P    (556 black)     Saskatchewan link
Grande Parisienne 4dr hrdtp   M40   SilverGlaze Met./Top 27 black     67 poncho

Vicar Sales. Tisdale, Saskatchewan C08 A31 A42

June 2nd 1967    76887     327ci       G      (573 parchment)  Alberta     link
#os761131      2+2 dr hrdtp    M40    Granada Gold/TP-27 black vinyl top
C08 U80                                          spotted by Elroy

June 8th 1967    76639     327ci L30     E    (559 blue bench)   ontario            link
#os763341 Grande Parisienne 4dr hrdtp  M40  Deepwater Blue      Cndpont

A31 J50 N40 P75 U63
G.M of Canada Diplomatic Sales-Oshawa(Russian Embassy Ottawa)

finished june 9th Surgener Motors Ltd.-Ottawa Ontario

June 9th 1967    76469        V8               L    (545turquoise)   ontario          link
#os761668    Parisienne 4dr             Tahoe Turquoise

June 21st 1867      76487       V8          K       (545 turquoise)   B.C        link
#os764183      Parisienne 2dr hrdtp   Emerald Turquoise    spot. 455GTO

June 21st 1967    75669     283ci            J   (803 fawn)  ontario
#os765730       Laurentien 4 dr       Verde Green Met.                      

June 26th 1967    76867      396ci         G       (572 Black)         Alberta   Link

#os765904   2+2 Conv.      M20   Granada Gold /TP- 02 black       ,   67rag396
A31 U75

June 27th 1967   75369        6cyl         L  (840 blue)  Alberta                   link
#os767312      Strato Chief 4dr       Tahoe Turquoise    %   spotted 66grandeguy

June 28th 1967   76487    283ci       P   (546 red)                 67Poncho
Parisienne 2dr hrdtp  M35  Silverglaze met.    Saskatchewan      link

June 28th 1967   76487           V8          Y   (544  black)   ontario          link
#os766640    Parisienne 2dr hdrtp      Butternut Yellow       %%%

July 7th 1967  76487       327ci         T/A       (544 black)  Sask.            link
#os767300   Parisienne 2dr hrdtp    Capri Cream/Tuxedo Black         ,D99

July 10th 1967     76487       283ci      G    (543 gold)    B.C       link
Parisienne 2dr hrdtp    M35     Granada Gold       ,kijji

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Canadian Poncho Superstar!

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1968  (at least 52255 built)   Paint (brochure)
production date     model     engine   colour     interior     location?   owner   pic

Aug. 18th 1967   75469      V8        T      (831 Gold)     Alberta link
#os700074      Strato Chief 4dr    M35    Palomino Ivory    spot. Kevw411

Aug. 25th 1967   16487   V8       Y    (552 parchment )   Sask.    link
#os700921   Parisienne 2dr hrdtp   M40   Butternut Yellow

Aug. 25th 1967    75435   V8    L      (802 black bench)   Sask.     link
#os701336      Strato Chief Safari wagon  M35   Teal Blue met.    
A33     Spotted by 67poncho

Sept. 7th 1967    76467     327ci     E     (552 parchment bench) ontario  link
#os702776   Parisienne conv.    M35   Fathom Blue met.

Sept. 11th 1967    76487   327ci    F     (560 teal bench)  Alberta    link
#os700530  Parisienne 2dr htdtp  M40  Island Teal met./T-27 black vinyl top
C08 C50                   spot. CrazyJ

Sept.15th 1967    76467        V8       L        (560 teal )   Ontario link
#os705275   Parisienne conv.   M35   Teal Blue met. / T-02 black top  U80  Kijiji

Sept. 19th 1967      76687     327ci        L       (558  teal)     Alberta     link
#os706000 Grande Parisienne 2dr hrdtp  M40   Teal Blue met./TP-26 parchment
A31 A53 C08 C50 U80                                                ,sixtywagon

Sept. 25th 1967  76639          V8         M     (557 gold)  Sask.                 link
#707353  Grande Parisienne 4dr hrdtp  M40  Burnished Saddle met./  T-23  top
A31 A53 C08  C50    Cheviac

Sept.27th 1967   76887      396ci L35        Q    (parchment bucket)   ontario link
2+2 2dr hrdtp         Verdoro green                                 ,landshark68
Bill Conroy ltd.-West.Vancouver B.C

Sept. 27th 1967    76687   396ci      A       (585 parchment)    B.C         link
#os703205  Grande Parisienne 2dr hrdtp  M35  Tuxedo Black/ToP-26 parchment

C08 A51       
  Powell River Motors Ltd.-Powell River B.C        ,Degodoug

Oct. 5th 1967     76887          V8         N          (812 black)                       no pic
#os706123     2+2 2dr hrdtp   M35    Cordovan Maroon  /  TP-27 black top
A31 A81 C08                                                                    Dymonn2

Oct.11th 1967    76867        396ci        R     (812  black)    Alberta      A31    link
#os701202   2+2 conv.    M40   Matador Red /  Top 02 black  Spotted by Elroy 

Oct.12th 1967    76687         396ci       S      (585  parchment)    Ontario link
#os713791  Grande Parisienne 2dr hrdtp  M40  Jade Gold met.    A31 A51  Kijiji

Oct. 17th 1967     76487      396ci         M/C     (552 parchment)   Sask. link
#os713316      Parisienne 2dr hrdtp    M40   Burnished Saddle/Ermine White
D99       spot. Rabbit64CS

Oct. 18th 1967    76635   396ci    T     (549 saddle bench)  ontario      link
#os713831   Grande Parisienne 2 seat wagon   M40   Palomino Ivory
A93 B39         Addison -Toronto Ontario                    68SDConvert

Oct. 19th 1967     76887     327ci        G     (850 parchment)  Alberta     link
,2+2 2dr hrdtp     M35    Ash Gold met.                         ,kijiji

Oct.24th 1967    75669       327ci         Y   (803 black bench)  ontario                     

#os7133903  Laurentien 4dr sdn   M35     Butternut Yellow

Oct. 24th 1967    75669    V8     P      (803 black bench) Ontario   link
#os713920    Laurentian 4dr sdn    M35     Seafrost Green met.
spotted by Norontcan

Oct. 25th 1967     76867     396ci          C    (868 red buckets)                 link
#os708636     2+2 conv.    M40     Ermine White/Top-10-white       kijiji

Oct.25th 1967   76487    V8  M40    K  (544 black)   Alberta  spot.66grandeguy
#os715311   Parisienne 2dr hrdtp   Tripoli Turquoise  / T27 black top   C08

Oct. 27th 1967     76867       327ci          H       (812 black)                       link
#os707707      2+2 conv.          M35       Grecian Green/   T-02 black    Manitoba
A31 U80

Nov. 6th 1968      75635     396ci           K    (844 turquoise)     B.C         link
#os717314      Laurentian Safari wagon   M40    Tripoli Turquoise    A33
Spotted by sixtywagon

Nov. 8th 1967     76487    327ci     Q      (543 gold bench)  Ontario    link
#os710697   Parisienne 2dr hrdtp   M35     Verdoro Green

Nov. 8th 1967   76467    V8       S     (552 parchment)   Alberta       no pic
#os716045    Parisienne conv.  M35  Jade Gold met   U80              JMLUCAS1

Nov.14th 1967   75469       V8        Y   (802  black)  ontario link
#os718477    Strato chief 4dr    M35     Butternut Yellow

Nov. 16th 1967     76467       V8        S      (552  parchment)   Ontario           link
#os719286        Parisienne conv.    M35   Jade Gold met                 kijiji

Nov.17th 1967    75435        V8          R   (802 black)  ontario link
#os719414    Strato chief wagon  M35   Matador Red        A33              

Nov.20th 1967    75435         V8         E    (817 blue )  ontario link
#os720688     Strato chief wagon  M35    Fathom Blue met.      A33      

Nov.21st 1967   76487        V8       R   (544 black)  Alberta   spot.66grandeguy 
#os720154  Parisienne 2 dr hrdtp  M35 Matador Red/ T-27 black top  C08   link

Nov.21st 1967   76467        V8     R   (552 parchment)   Manitoba              link
#os721305   Parisienne conv.   M40   Matador Red  /TP-10 white  A31   G4ry

Nov. 24th 1967   76467  327 2bbl    R /1A   (552 parchment bench)      link
#os722178?   Parisienne conv.      Matador Red /white top           Sask.  58dan

Nov. 29th 1967  76887   327ci    F  (859 parchment bucket)Alberta link
#os722379    2+2 2dr hrdtp   M35   Island Teal met.           kijiji

Dec. 6th 1967      76639    327ci      C      (589 black bench)  B.C      link
#os724016  Grande Parisienne 4dr hrdtp   M40   Ermine White/TP-27 black top

C08 C56               Trapp Motors Ltd.-New Westminster B.C

Dec. 8th 1967     76867     327ci     C     (812 black bucket) Sask.    link
#os724129   2+2 conv.    M40    Ermine White
Spotted by Harko

Dec. 10th 1967      76487       427ciL36     Q    (562 gold bench)  Florida     link
#os724040      Parisienne 2dr hrdtp   M40
Verdoro Green           ,Ebay
originally sold  Quebec

Dec.29th 1967   76439      V8   M40      H    (554 green)   Alberta        link
#os727241   Parisienne 4dr hrdtp  Grecian Green  D99   spotted 66grandeguy

Dec.29th 1967    76887     327ci       M     (836 gold buckets)   Manitoba    link
#os728037     2+2 2dr hrdtp   M35   Burnished Saddle met.   D99

Jan. 2nd 1968     76487          V8                K   (545 turquoise)   Alberta    link
os729480      Parisienne 2dr hrdtp     M40    Tripoli Turquoise    D99
Stampede Motors Ltd.-Calgary Alberta          spotted by sixtywagon

Jan.4th 1968     75435       327ci         D   (817 blue)  ontario
#os726807     Strato chief wagon  M35   Grotto blue           A33

Jan. 1968        7????                          S                      Alberta link
#os730258               M35     Jade Gold met.  /T-27 black top spot. 66grandeguy

Jan.8th 1968    75369     6cyl             F   (816 blue)  Sask.                    link
#os730563    Strato Chief 4 dr      Island Teal met.                        67poncho
Bruno Motors -Bruno Saskatchewan

Jan. 9th 1968    76469    327ci     L     (542 blue bench) Sask.    link
#os728699   Parisienne 4dr sdn   M35    Teal Blue met.      67Poncho

Jan. 11th 1968    76487      327ci     A    (551 black )  P.E.I         link
#os732210    Parisienne 2dr hrdtp  M35   Tuxedo Black/TP-27 black vinyl top
C08           Chinese Embassy -Ottawa Ontario              ,PontiacCanada

Jan. 15th 1968   75469   396ci  L35 FC145C   (916 blue)  Sask.               link
#os726608  Strato Chief 4dr  M40  Special order paint (9808?H9923AA)option
RCMP car       AS1 A75 A76 B34 B35 F40 J50 J52  N10 N30 Q04 T60 U25 X26
Mid City Motors Ltd.-Saskatoon Saskatchewan                 67poncho

Jan.22nd 1968  76467    V8 M40      K     (552 parchment)  Alberta         link
#os732472  Parisienne conv. Tripoli Turquoise/ top 10 white spot.66grandeguy

Jan. 24th 1968   76469    327ci      L     (547 blue)   Alberta         link
#os732340     Parisienne 4dr   M35   Teal Blue met.                    65wagon

Jan. 26th 1968   76469   327ci    G     (543 gold bench)  Sask.     link
#os734525   Parisienne 4dr sdn   M40   Ash Gold met.   spot. 67poncho

Feb. 6th 1968   76635        V8           T      (549 saddle)   Sask.                   link
#os732416          Grande Parisienne wagon  M40  Palomino Ivory   A33 B39  Cheviac

April 2nd 1968   76487      327ci         Q   (544 black)    ontario link
#os737306    Parisienne 2dr hrdtp     Verdoro Green                Kijiji

April 3rd 1968    76639     327ci       L     (591 teal bench)   Ontario    link
#os744958   Grande Parisienne 4dr hrdtp  M35      Teal Blue met.       Kijiji

April 5th 1968    76487    V8        S/T    (543 gold)   Saskatchewan    link
#os737063      Parisienne 2dr hrdtp   M40    Jade Gold met./Palimino Ivory
D99                             spotted by 67poncho

April 5th 1968     76487     327ci         Q    (543 gold)  B.C          link
#os738227   Parisienne 2dr hrdtp   M40   Verdoro Green /T-27 black vinyl top

April 6th 1968    75469     V8     T      (802 black bench)  Sask.     link
##os737445    Strato Chief 4dr sdn   M35    Palomino Ivory     67Poncho

April 10th 1968 76867 396 CI Y( Butternut Yellow)  (812 black vinyl strato buckets) link

2+2 Conv M40 A31 D33 J50 L35 N10 N40 P33 N35 U63 U80


April 11th 1968    76867     327ci.      R     (859 parchment)  Alberta     link
#os736329       2+2 conv.    M35    Matador Red                                 ,JC

April 11th 1968    76487      327ci        D  (542 blue)   ontario 

#os739079     Parisienne hrdtp   M35        Grotto blue

April 15th 1968     76467   396ci     E     (551 black bench) Ontario   no pic
#os739115    Parisienne conv.   M40   Fathom Blue met./TP-02 black
A31  parts car

April 16th 1968    76467    327ci    Y    (552 parchment bench) Ont.  link
#os740794   Parisienne conv.  M40   Butternut Yellow

April 25th 1968   76487    327ci       K       (545 turquoise)  Ontario     link
#os743340    Parisienne 2dr hrdtp    M40   Tripoli Turquoise

April 29th 1968      76487    3237ci     A     (547 blue)   Ontario    link
#os744303   Parisienne 2dr hrdtp    M35   Tuxedo Black      kijiji

May 4th 1968       75411    427ci            S      (802 black)    Ontario    link
#os745663    Strato Chief 2dr sdn    M20    Jade Gold Met.         427Strato

May 7th 1968   76687  L36  427ci      K  (583 black)  Alberta      no pic
#os740264  Grande Parisienne hrdtp  M40  Tripoli turquoise/TP 27 black top 
Spotted by 68 427

May 7th 1968     76487    V8         R/C     (552 parchment bench)  Alberta  link
#os746312     Parisienne 2dr hrdtp     M40    Matador Red/Ermine White
D99 C56                                                                                    Kijiji

May 8th 1968   76639   327ci     S        (557 gold strato bench)   Sask.    link
os745584   Grande Parisienne 4dr hrdtp  M40  Jade Gold Met.          67poncho
TP-26  A53  C08

May 13th 1968     75611     327ci          T     (832 gold)     Ontario      link
#os745914     Laurentian 2dr sdn    M35    Palimino Ivory       kijiji

May 13th 1968  76439   V8            K  (545 turquoise)   Sask.                 link
#os746616  Parisienne 4 dr hrdtp  M40    Tripoli Turquoise /TP-26 TP  C60 Cheviac

May 15th 1968     76867      427ci      L36     Q       (859 parchment)      no pic
2+2 conv.       M20     Verdoro Green  /  Top-02 black
A02 A31 A81 G80 J50 K02 N33 N40 P77 U35 U63 U73 U80
Essex Auto Sales Ltd.-Essex Ontario

May16th 1968     75435        327ci               G   (837  saddle)                 link
#os746298     Strato chief safari wagon     Ash gold met

May 17th 1968    76487    327ci        D    (542 blue)                            link
#os747615   Parisienne 2dr hrdtp   M40    Grotto Blue /  T-26  white top   Kijiji

May 21st 1968   76867        V8         A      (868 red) Manitoba          link
#os745638     2+2 conv.    M35      Tuxedo Black   U57  spot. Carl Stevenson

May 30th 1968     76867 327ci    Q     (859 parchment buckets) Sask.   link
   2+2 conv.   M40     Verdoro Green met./Top-10 white
A02 A31 A39 B37 C56 D33 J50 K05 N40 P77 U35 U63 U80
Birchwood Motors Ltd.-St James Manitoba   spot. 67poncho

June 4th 1968    76887      327ci L30    T/M    (836 gold buckets) Alberta   link
#os750773 2+2 2dr hrdtp    M40    Palomino Ivory/Bunished Saddle met.

D99      Spotted by Sixtywagon

June 7th 1968     76635      327ci L30       K     (548 turquoise)  Sask.       link
#os 752255 Grande Parisienne wagon M40   Tripoli Turquoise
B39 A33                                            spotted by 67poncho

June 12th 1968    76467    396ci L35    H  (551 black bench) New Bruns  link
#os753533    Parisienne conv.    M40    Grecian Green/TP-02 black top




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Canadian Poncho Superstar!

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1969 (at least 55808 built)  Paint (brochure)
production date     model     engine    colour    interior    location?   owner   pic

1st Week Sept.    75637     V8           61     (848 green bench)   Manitoba  no pic
1968       Laurentian 2dr hrdtp   M38   Expresso Brown      Howmac

2nd week            76867          350ci   50/1A    (867 red bucket) ontario

Sept. 1968    2+2 conv.   M38   Cameo white / white top   A31  

2nd week           76437       350ci          51   (820 blue bench)   ontario
Sept.1968        Parisienne Hrdtp   M35  Liberty Blue met

3rd week Sept.   76439     350ci    73/2E  (805 black bench)  ontario
1968  Parisienne 4dr Hrdtp   M38  Verdoro green/Parchment top


3rd week Sept     76437    350ci     67    (805 black bench) Ont.    link
1968     Parisienne 2dr hrdtp   M38    Burgundy
#os341960                       kijiji

3rd week Sept.  76639    350 L48      65/2B   (387 black strato bench) ontario
1968     Grande Parisenne 4dr hrdtp M38  Antique Gold /Black Vinyl       link
#os343368                                             A31 A53 C50                spotted on Kijiji

September 23rd   75637   350ci          40  (850 med. green) Ontario link
1968              Laurentian 2dr hrdtp         Mayfair maize                 ,   69 laurentian
Central Garage in Ridgeville, Ontario.

4th week       76837   350ci   65/2F  (859 parchment bucket)  ontario

Sept.1968    2+2 Hrdtp  L48   M38   Antique Gold Met./Dark brown top #os343263                                            C50

4th week Sept.   76467    350ci      50/1B     (806 black bench)  Manitoba    link
1968            Parisienne conv.   M38    Cameo White/black top       Kijiji

4th week         75369       6cyl     53   (816 blue bench)  Alberta 
Sept. 1968   Strato Chief 4dr sdn   M35   Warwick Blue                                link
#os346021          spot. by 66grandeguy

Oct.8th 1968     76467     350ci       73/1A    (806 black bench)    Alberta      link
#os347879 Parisienne conv.   M38   Verdoro Green met./White top

2nd week  Oct.     76437     350ci      40     (860 green bench)     Ontario        link
1968           Parisienne 2dr hrdtp    M38    Mayfair Maize
#os347666                          ,spotted by Unclebernie

2nd week        75637    V8         59/2G  (848 green bench)        Sask.  link
Oct. 1968   Laurentian 2dr hrdtp  Limelight green/Midnight Green top  C50

#os348513                      M38                                                                  67poncho

2nd week Oct.     76437      350ci            69  (866 red bench)  B.C     link
1968          Parisienne 2dr Hrdtp      Palladium Silver met
.    Pathfinder58

2nd week Oct.       76637     427ci  LS1        69/2B   (310 int.)           no pic
1968     Grande Parisienne hrdtp  M40    Palladium Silver/Black top
#os348148    A31                        spotted by Cndn2PS2

2nd week Oct.          76437    350ci     57/1B    (853 green bench)   Sask. link
1968      Parisienne conv.   M38    Midnight Green/Black top   spot. Rabbit64cs
#os349356                                                                              A31

3rd week Oct.     76437     V8       52    (858  parchment bench)  Alberta       link
1968           Parisienne 2dr hrdtp   Matador Red     spotted by 66grandeguy

3rd week Oct.   76437     V8        59  (860 green bench)    Alberta                   link
1968       Parisienne 2 dr hrdtp  M38  Limelight Green      spot. by 66grandeguy

5th week Oct.  76837  396 2bbl L66   65/10 (859 parchment buck) Sask.   link
1968        2+2 2dr hrdtp     M40   Antique Gold/Starlight Black
#os353229    C50 D99                                ,Mitch

1st week Nov   76867    427 LS1    73 /1A   (859 parchment buck)   Florida link
1968             2+2  conv.    M40   Verdoro Green /white top  A31 C50   GTODrive
#os353753       Trapp Motors Ltd-New Westminster B.C

Nov. 7th 1968    76837     427ci  L36     50/2B    (812 black bucket)         no pic
2+2 2dr hrdtp    M20     Cameo White/black vinyl top
A02 A39 A82 A85 C08 C50 D33 F62 G80 J50 K02 N40 P01 RF1 UF1 U15
U26 U28 U29 U35 U63 U73 U80 W74
GM of Canada Ldt.-Vancouver B.C

November 11th   76867  427ci         10             (867 red bucket)                   no pic
1968         2+2 conv.             Starlight Black/  1A white top                 fred

2nd week Nov   76467   427ci LS1  55/1A  (858 parchment bench)  Ont   link 
1968        Parisienne Conv.    M40    Crystal Turquiose met./ white top
#os355249  Claude Frost Motors Ltd. -Brampton Ontario   spot.69Laurentian

4th week Nov        75636      V8        67   (804 black bench)   Ontario                    
1968        Laurentian Wagon   M38      Burgundy Poly            A33  

4th week Nov.     76837     350ci L48    52/2B    (812 black buck)  Sask.  no pic
1968     2+2 2dr hrdtp     M38    Matador Red/black vinyl top
#os366739   A31 A39 C50 U57

2nd week Dec.     76467    V8     52/1B    (866 red bench)  Alberta    link
1968         Parisienne conv.   M38   Matador Red/black top
#os364369   U57                                  kijiji

2nd week Dec.  76637  350ci L48  73/2B  (387 black strat bench) Sask. link
1968  Grande Parisienne 2dr hrdtp  M38  Verdoro Green/black top
#os364407               A31  A53  U57                                     spotted by 67poncho

3rd week Dec.     76867   350ci L48   40/1B    (812 black bucket)  Ontario  link
1968               2+2 conv.      M38     Mayfair Maize/black top           Kijiji
#os366576            C50 A31

1st week Jan.    76437      350ci       59/2B  (805 Black bench)     Ontario      link
1969            Parisienne 2dr hrdtp      Limelight green/Black top   spotted.68sd
#os370585                                          Thomas Motor Sales-Cobourg Ontario

2nd week Jan.    76837    350ci L48      73/2G  (854 green buck)  Alberta     link
1969               2+2 2dr hrdtp    M38    Verdoro Green/midnight green vinyl top
#os367967    C50             spotted by 68 427

2nd week Jan.    76639      V8 M38        63/61  (310 black)  Sask.         link
1969  Grande Parisienne 4dr hrdtp  Champagne/Expresso brown  spot.67ponch
os368013                                                                                     D99

2nd week Jan.     76437         V8       65   (837 gold)    Sask.                      link
1969            Parisienne hrdtp  M38  Antique gold met.        spot. by 67poncho
os368948                                                                                          C50

3rd week Jan.     75637      350ci          55     (803 black bench)   Sask.          link
1969            Laurentian 2dr hrdtp      M38       Crystal Turquoise     C50
#os369464                                                         Kijiji

3rd week Jan.       76639    427ci  LS1         69/2B     (387  black bench)   no pic
1969  Grande Parisienne 4dr hrdtp   M40  Palladium Silver/Black top

Jan. 27th 1969    76639    427ci   L36       10/2B        (387 black)           no pic
Grande Parisienne 4dr hrdtp   M40    Starlight Black/black vinyl top
A02 A31 A39 A42 A53 A85 A93 B37 B93 C08 C50 C60 C75 D33 D34 J50
J52 N33 N40 P01 QA7 U46 U57 U79 ZK3
GM of Canada Company Car Account -Oshawa Ontario

5th week       76467    427ci  LS1    52/1A  (858 parchment)Manitoba   no pic
january 1969   parisienne conv. M40  Matador Red /white top    Carl  (parted

2nd week    76837      427ci  LS1      57/2B   (854 green bucket)    Sask. link
Feb. 1969   2+2 2dr hrdtp   M40   Midnight green Met./black top  spot.Rabbit64CS
#os374250                                                                   C50

4th week Feb.    76467   V8     59/1A    (858 parchment bench) ontario  link
1969    Parisienne conv.   M38    Limelight Green met/white top
#os375297                                  kijiji

4th week      76637       V8           59/2G       (384 green)   Ontario       link
Feb. 1969  Grande Parisienne 2dr hrdtp  M35  Limelight Green/mid. green top 

3rd week March     76636     350ci L48    65   (830 saddle bench) Sask.  link
1969     Grande Parisienne Safari Estate wagon  M38    Antique Gold met.
#os379976   C50 A33 C60 B39   spotted by 67poncho

3rd week           75636         V8          65  (838 saddle)   Sask.              link
March 1969    Laurentian wagon  M38     Antique Gold       A33             cheviac 

4th week March     75469      V8    52    (802 black bench)   Ontario                      
1969               Strato chief 4dr  M38    Matador Red                      

4th week March    76837     350ci    53/51  (859  parchment)  Manitoba  no pic
1969           2+2 2dr hrdtp    M38    Warwick Blue/Liberty Blue    Howmac
#os381571    D99                           crushed

4th week March   76467    V8  M38    52/1A   (866 red bench)  Sask. link
1969              Parisienne conv.  Matador Red /white top   spotted by 67poncho

1st week April    76437     350ci     73   (852 green bench)  Ontario  link
1969              Parisienne 2dr hrdtp  M38  Verdoro Green                         Kijiji

April 9th 1969     76867     427ci LS1    53/1B    (859 parchment buck.)   no pic
2+2 conv.    M40     Warwick Blue/black top  
A02 A31 A39 A37 D33 F40 G80 J50 J52 N10 N40 P51 UF1 U26 U28 U36 U46
U63                Forbes Motors LTD. Kitchener Ontario

April 1969     76467       350ci         55/1A    (858 parchment)  Manitoba link
#383734   Parisienne conv.   M38   Crystal Turquoise/white top  C50   Kijiji

2nd week of April  75636    350 2bbl        61   (838 saddle)  ontario          link
1969              Laurentian wagon          Expresso Brown      spotted by 69Belair

3rd weeki April     76439      350ci           65    (805 black bench)  Ontario   link
1969      Parisienne 4dr hrdtp    M35     Antique Gold                     kijiji

3rd week April      75437     427ci L36    61    (802 black bench)      no pic
1969         Strato Chief 2dr hrdtp    M40   Expresso Brown   spot. CND2PLS2

3rd week April   75669   350 2bbl       50    (818 blue)   Alberta  spotted 68427
1969                Laurentian 4 dr            Cameo white                                    no pic

3rd week April    76437     396 2bbl L66   67    (858 parchment) Alberta  link
1969      Parisienne 2dr hrdtp   M40   Burgundy Poly    C50 D99
#os384119                    spotted by Sixtywagon

4th week April   76637     V8         55/2B     (387 black bench) manitoba link
1969     Grande Parisienne 2dr hrdtp  M38  Crystal Turquoise/black top
#os384703     Birchwood Motors -St. James Manitoba A53    spot. Carl Stevenson

5th week April      76467     350ci L48      53/A     (858 parchment) Sask.  link
1969         Parisienne conv.    M38     Warwick Blue/white top
#os386428      kijiji

1st week May     76467   350ci     40/1B    (806 black bench)  Manitoba  link
1969      Parisienne conv.   M38    Mayfaire Maize/black top     
#os385799       A31                                       kijiji

3rd week May    76467   350ci      65/1B     (806 black)   Alberta      link
1969         Parisienne conv.    M38     Antiique Gold met./black top      kijiji

3rd week May   76637    350ci   M38  69/2B    (431 black) Alberta           link
1969     Grande Parisienne 2dr hrdtp  Palladium Silver/Black top  Spotted Kijiji
#os389786                                            A51  C08

3rd week May     75469       350ci       57   (849 green)    ontario
1969                 Strato chief 4 dr  M38   Midnight green Met.    B84   

5th week May     76437      V8       59-2B   (black)      Ontario           link
1969       Parisienne 2dr hrdtp    M38    Limelight Green-black vinyl top

5th week            75437            350ci  L48       57                 ontario                link
May 1969    Strato chief  2dr hrdtp  M20    Midnight green                tmfbi69

Highview Motors - Cambridge (Galt) Ontario

May 30th 1969       76467     350ci         52/1A      (806 black)    B.C      link
Parisienne conv. M38     Matador Red/white top                   kijiji
B93 J50 N40 P01 P77 U63
Motors Insurance Corp.-Annacis B.C

1st week           76437          V8          51   (821 blue) Alberta                  link
June 1969   Parisienne 2dr hrdtp  M38  Liberty Blue       spot. by 66grandeguy 

1st week June     76437      350 2bbl        73      (853 green)  ontario     link
1969           Parisienne 2dr hrdtp    M35    Verdoro Green       Grandmascar
#os394241             Lockhart Pontiac Buick GMC -Collingwood Ontario

1st week             75669         350ci         65   (803 black)ontario
june 1969      Laurentien 4dr hrdtp   M38   Antique Gold                  

2nd week June     76467   350ci   65/1A   (858 parchment bench) Alberta link
1969        Parisienne conv.   M38    Antique Gold met/White top
#os388453   C50                            kijiji

2nd week June   76837    396 2bbl    52/2B  (859 parchment)  Sask.      link
1969       2+2 2dr hrdtp   L66 M40  Matador Red /black top     spot.67poncho
#os389011                                                                                     C50

2nd week          75636         V8    65   (804 black)   Alberta                       link
June 1969   Laurentian wagon   M38  Antique Gold   A33 spot. by 66 grandeguy

2nd week       76439 RHD         V8    61   (805 black)   Export                      link
June 1969  Parisienne 4dr hrdtp  M35 Expresso Brown A31 C43 spot. by Oracle

3rd week June    75637    350ci    57/2F    (848 green bench) Ont.    link
1969   Laurentian 2dr hrdtp   M38  Midnight Green met./drk. brown vinyl top

June 23rd 1969      76467     350ci    52/1B  (866 red bench)  ontario                   
Parisienne conv.    M38        Matador red /white top    cdnpont
Slessor Motors Ltd.-Newmarket Ont.

June 25th 1969     76637     396 2bbl L66     51/2B    (431 black)           no pic
Grande Parisienne 2dr hrdtp   M40   Liberty Blue  /black vinyl top
A39 A51 A85 A90 C08 C50 C60 C75 D33 J50 K30 N33 N40 PV4 P01 UF1 U15
U26 U79 YB2 ZH1 ZK3

3rd week June         75437     350ci      59   (326 int. ?)  ontario                    
1969                Strato chief hrdtp   M35    Limelight green


Yutivo Sons Hardware Company  -Manila Phillippines
76369           250 ci           colour         interior             Philippines           link
Parisienne 4dr              903                   542                       HansPeter      link

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1970   (at least 33535 built)   Paint (brochure)
production date     model      engine     colour     interior   location?   owner   pic

1st week Aug.      76437      V8      25       (311 blue)  Sask.      link
1969            Parisienne 2dr hrdtp   M38      Bermuda Blue
#os435241        C50                                      kijiji

3rd week           76437           V8           75/2B   (328 black) Alberta            link
Aug.1969 Parisienne 2dr hrdtp M38  Cardinal Red /black top  spot.66grandeguy

3rd week Aug.  76837        454ci         75/2B  (450 black)   Alberta       link
1969          2+2 2dr hrdtp   M40      Cardinal Red/black top   spot. sixtywagon
#os435714                                                                                      C50 U80 C08

3rd week Aug.     76467    350ci     28/1A     (352 blue ) Hungary        link
1969          Parisienne conv.     M38        Atoll Blue met./white top
#os436158    U57                                          ,spotted by Sixtywagon

4th week Aug.    76467      350ci      14/B     (369 black)  Ontario     link
1969            Parisienne conv.  M38    Palladium Silver/black top
#os437897  U80                          ,kijiji

4th week.          75437          350ci       47    (410 black)  ontario

Aug.1969       Strato chief 2dr hrdtp  M38  Verdoro green                       
#os438606                                                                                    C50

1st week        75437         350ci           55     (428 gold)  ontario

sept.1969    Strato chief 2 dr hrdtp   M35    Baja gold                             

2nd week           76437       350ci           47/2G  (331 green)   ontario
Sept. 1969      Parisienne 2dr hrdtp  M38   Verdoro Green/Drk. Green top
#os437???                                                                 U80 C08  spotted by Hillar

2nd week Sept.    75669    350 2bbl     10/58       (502 gold)  Sask.     link
1969            Laurentian 4dr sdn       M38   Polar White/Granada Gold Met.    D99
#os438988                                                                  Kijiji

2nd week          75437       350ci          75   (410 black)  Saskatchewan
Sept. 1969    Strato Chief 2dr hrdtp   Cardinal Red       spotterd by 67poncho

2nd week Sept    76437         350ci     25    (311 blue)   B.C              link
1969             Parisienne 2dr hrdtp     M38    Bermuda Blue        kijiji

2nd week    76867   350ci   25/1B  (469 black)  Sask.   67Poncho  
Sept.1969    2+2 Conv.   M38  Bermuda Blue / black top      
os439829    A31 B32 D55 U80

3rd week        76636        V8           45   (354 green )   Sask. link
Sept. 1969   Safari Estate wagon  M38   Palisade Green A33 B39 U80 V55
#os438819                                                                                               Cheviac

3rd week          76437       V8          47   (331 green) Alberta link
Sept.1969   Parisienne 2 dr hrdtp  M38 Verdoro Green     spot. by 66grandeguy

1st week Oct.          76467      350ci      75/B        (366 sandalwood)   B.C link
1969               Parisienne conv.     M38     Cardinal Red/Black top    A31 C50   
#os443627                                                                                         kijiji

2nd week Oct.  76437     350 2bbl      58      (351 sandalwood) Alberta  link
1969             Parisienne  2dr hrdtp     M38     Granada Gold        C50
#os443658    Jenner Motors Ltd.-Edmonton Alberta   spot. by 67Poncho

Oct.9th 1969         76636     454ci  LS4    34      (343 saddle bench)   Sask. . link 
os444460   Safari Estate  wagon  M40     Mint Turquoise met.                  
A01 A33 B39 C51 D33 JL2 J50 K05 N40 PV8 T60 UF1 U26 U76 U80 W87 ZH1
 Enerson Motors Ltd. Lethbridge Alberta                  67Poncho

Oct. 15th        75637        454ci          47  (502 gold)      Ontario link
1969       Laurentian 2dr hrdtp   M40   Verdoro Green                          Hillar
#os444496                                              Forbes - Kitchener-Waterloo Ontario

4th week            76439           350ci      58/1B    (320 gold)    ontario link
Oct. 1969      Parisienne 4dr hrdtp  M40   Granada Gold /black top         #os445891

4th week          75669            V8     25     (501 blue)   Alberta link
Oct.1969      Laurentian 4 dr  M40   Bermuda Blue    spotted by 66grandeguy 
#os445975                                                                                            B90

Oct.23rd 1969  76337           250ci  48/10  (366 Sandalwood)   67poncho link
#os446056  Parisienne 2 dr Hrdtp  M38  Pepper green/Polar White    Sask.   
A02 B32 B33 D99 F40 K05 N40 PV4 T60 U63 U76
Labrador Motors- Goose-Bay Labrador

4th week           76646      454ci         55     (343 int.)   Sask.
Oct. 1969   Safari Estate wagon  M40    Baja Gold     V55 C60             Cheviac

Oct. 30th            76867     350ci  L48    55/A    (452 Sandalwood)  Sask.     link
1969       2+2 conv.        M38   Baja Gold   /white  top    
#os446491       A02 A90 B32 B33 C 50 D33 D55 F40 J50 JL2 K05 N33 N40 PU8 U35 U63 U76

spotted by 67poncho

5th week         76467       350ci         63/B      (369 black)    ontario link
Oct. 1969   Parisienne conv.    M40    Palomino Copper /black top    Kijiji

5th week Oct.     76837         V8     50/58   (450 black)    spotted 67poncho
1969         2+2 2dr hrdtp   M35   Sierra yellow/Granada Gold    Sask.         link
os446638                                                                           D55 U80 C50 D99

1st week Nov.    76467       V8        75/B     (366 sandalwood)   Sask.    link
1969         Parisienne conv.    M40       Cardinal Red   /black top    A31
#os447798                                                                    Spotted by 67poncho

Nov.14th 1969   76636       454ci            48   (354 green)     ontario       link
Safari Estate wagon  LS5    Pepper Green                      Rarechev
Marvin Starr Pontiac-Scarborough Ontario

2nd week Nov.     75636     350ci       55            (536 green)      Alberta    link
1969        Safari Deluxe wagon    M35    Baja Gold met.      A33      kijiji

1st week Dec.     76437    350ci      63     (351 sandalwood) Sask.    link
1969         Parisienne 2dr hrdtp    M40   Palomino Copper
#os450672    C50 U80                       kijiji

1st week             76837          350ci        75   (469 black)   Saskatchewan   link
january 1970     2+2 2dr  hrdtp   M40     Cardinal red           D55        67 poncho


3rd week Jan.    76469    350ci    19   (311 blue bench) Ont.   link
1970    Parisienne 4dr sdn    M40    Starlight Black
#os453120   C50                           kijiji

2nd week        25237       400 american   55/2A   (537  int.)  B.C link
Feb. 1970   Catalina 2dr hrdtp         Baja Gold /White top     spotted by 455GTO
ST230775  St. Terese

1st week          76837          350ci        75   (450 black houndstooth) Sask. link
March 1970   2+2 2dr hrdtp       M38   Cardinal Red      D55 U80        67poncho

3rd week        76437         V8           10/25   (311 blue )     Manitoba link
March 1970    Parisienne 2dr hrdtp   M38   Polar White/Bermuda Blue   D99
#os457480                                                    spotted by 62Beaumont                    

April 10th 1970      76837     400ci LF6         47/55                    Ontario    link
2+2 2dr hrdtp  M40   Verdoro Green/Baja Gold      Hillar
Schultz Pontiac Buick -Prince George B.C

2nd week April      75646    V8     50   (535  saddle bench)  Sask.      link
1970   Laurentian Safari Deluxe 3 seat wagon    M40     Sierra Yellow
#os458611   B80 V55       spot 67poncho

2nd week          76469         V8         47    (320 gold)   Saskatchewan        link
April 1970       Parisienne 4dr   M38    Verdoro Green  U80          67poncho
#os460025                     Mid-City Pontiac -Saskatoon Saskathewan

3rd week           76636          350ci       10    (386 gold)  ontario
april 1970        Estate wagon   M38   Polar White             A33        

4th week           25239          V8       45/2G  (506 green)  Saskatchewan  link
April 1970      Catalina 4dr hrdtp   Palisade Green/Dark Green top  Cheviac
#ST239701  St.Terese

5th week         25239     350 american   78   (508 black)   Saskatchewan  link
April 1970     Catalina 4dr hrdtp        Burgundy                          67Poncho
ST240016  St.Terese                Stampede Pontiac Buick Ltd. -Calgary Alberta

April 20th 1970   76867    350ci   14/2B (469 black)  ontario  Stevenzone link
#os458650      2+2 conv.      M38    Palladium Silver met./black top    D55
Grant Hamilton Pontiac Buick Ltd. -Montreal Que

April 22nd 1970 76867   454ci L54   5P4987  (452 sandalwood) Kansas   link
2+2 conv.      M40   spec. order paint   A02 A31 D55 G80 N10 U57
Carousel Red                   

3rd week       76467       350ci         50/B    (369 black)   Manitoba link
April 1970     Parisienne conv.    M38    Sierra Yellow/black top   A31   Kijiji

late April 1970     76467      V8        25/A     (352 Blue )     B.C     link
#os461589      Parisienne conv.     Bermuda Blue/white top        kijiji

2nd week May    76437   350ci    55    (328 black bench) Alberta   link 
1970    Parisienne 2dr hrdtp   M38    Baja Gold met.
#os464370   C50 U80 D99    Mckay Pontiac Ltd.-Calgary Alberta
spot. sixtywagon

2nd week May    76437       350ci     47/2G  (354 green)  ontario
1970    Parisienne 2 dr Hrdtp   M38    Verdoro green /Dark Green top    

4th Week May   75636          350ci        45     (354 green)     ontario    Rarechev
1970         Safari Deluxe wagon     Palisade Green                                           link

4th week May     76467       V8         45-A     (354 green)                      no pic
Parisienne conv. M38     Palisade Green-white top

4th week May    76467     350ci       53/B     (369 black)   B.C            link
1970              Parisienne conv.    M38    Coronado Gold Poly/black top
A31 C50 U80                                                    TWYFORD SHANKS

1st week June      75437          350ci     58/10    (843 gold)   Sask. link
1970             Strato Chief 2dr hrdtp    M40   Granada Gold/Polar White  Cheviac
#os466617                                                                                        BX4 C50 D99

3rd week June     76867    V8      47/B    (450 black bucket) Ontario   link
1970           2+2 conv.    M38    Verdoro Green met./black top
D55 U80

5th week June    75437      350ci       58     (843 gold)  Ontario      link
1970           Strato Chief 2dr hrdtp  M40   Granada Gold     BX4 C50       kijiji
Jack May Pontiac Buick Ltd.-Manotick Ontario

production date     model      engine     colour     interior   location?   owner   pic

production date     model      engine     colour     interior   location?   owner   pic

4th week Sept.       75645        V8       50     (932 int.)    Sask.      link
Laurentian wagon         Brittany Beige
ST212027  St. Therese 028462

production date     model      engine     colour     interior   location?   owner   pic

3dr week Feb.         7BL69                     24      (546 int.)   ontario          
1973            Parisienne  4dr           Porcelain Blue met.  

production date     model      engine     colour     interior   location?   owner   pic

unknown         7BL69              4002bbl 66    (525 int.)    Sask. link
#os227641       Parisienne 4dr sdn Fire Coral Bronze poly Cheviac
B70    225-461

production date     model      engine     colour     interior   location?   owner   pic

2nd week Nov.     7BK69                    59         (55E int.)    ontario         
1974              Laurentian 4dr        Oxford Brown poly   

1976                 brochure
production date     model     engine    colour   interior     location?   owner   pic

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LINK TO MODEL CODES & production #s


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The NOVAS,OLDS AND BUICKS out of Oshawa Registry

Calandar year production chart

Full size production figures/dates


Engine Codes

Dealer list

Cars from Dealers







American GM Cars Exported To Canada Registry

canadian zone codes
80 - GM Canada
81 - Vancouver, British Columbia
82 - Calgary, Alberta
83 - Regina, Saskatchewan
84 - Winnipeg, Manitoba
85 - London, Ontario
86 - Montreal, Quebec
87 - Moncton, New Brunswick
88 - Ste. Foy, Quebec
95 - Toronto, Ontario
96 - Ottawa, Ontario
97-    Export


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Another sent.......


Vincent Jr.

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 Almost twins for sure!! Another one pm'ed to you.....


Vincent Jr.

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aw shucks, you're making me blush.


ken from northern Alberta

38 Willys pickup electric

39 Buick (327 with 700 r4)

66 Beaumont 4 door hardtop

69 Chevy CST pickup

1976 GMC 23'  motorhome

1994 Impala SS (temporary, according to my wife)

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Nice Fog lites on the wagon. I'm thinkin 427Carl would want those as he has made me a huge offer on my rare mudflaps and they would match up nice for that post car....


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wasn't there a big union strike against GM in 1970?

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