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Canadian Poncho Superstar!

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CP Beaumont Registry
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Canadian Poncho Superstar!

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Posts: 7110
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1964   (at least 10,359 produced )  Paint (brochure)
production date     model      engine     colour    Interior  location?   owner   pic

unknown             8537              6 cyl        F     (  blue bench)    B.C         65sssd
#830079         Custom 2dr hrdtp    M35  Silver Blue                       ,

unknown       8311       6cyl       C     (955 int.)     Alberta          link
#830343    Beaumont 2dr sdn    M35    Ermine White     ,  kijiji
B70 T86

unknown      8537         6cyl          L     (970 int.)     Saskatchewan     link
#830365      Custom 2dr hrdtp    M35   Palomar Red       B70 T-86 U63
spotted by 67poncho

unknown     8537      6cyl     F       (971 int.)    Alberta       link
#830411    Custom 2dr hrdtp     M35    Silver Blue met.    
B70                                  Cruizin64

Sept. 19th 1963   8567           194ci      T     (964 saddle bench)   Alberta link
Custom conv.           M35 Almond Fawn                  Kijiji
A02 B70 C06 C14 F40 P58 T86 U63 X09       Southpark Motors Ltd.-Edmonton

Sept. 23rd 1963      8667     283ci     S    (964 saddle bench)  Ontario     link
#830615        Custom conv.    M35    Saddle Tan met./top-10 white
sept. 17th tag   B70 C06 C14 F40 N40 P01 P67 U63 X09
Rumble Pontiac Buick Ltd.-Toronto Ont.     spot. SD 396

Oct. 3rd 1963   8667    283ci    C    (963 red bench) Sask.    link
   Custom conv.  M35    Ermine White
Calgary Motor Products Ltd.-Calgary Alberta      Curiousfarmer

Oct. 15th 1963         8637           283ci          L    (972 red bench)    Ontario      link
#831390     Custom 2dr hrdtp       M35    Palomar Red      B70 T86    Fstgrl

Oct.18th 1963          8537            6cyl          W               Manitoba             no pic
Custom 2dr hrdtp         Diplomat blue                         

Nov. 9th 1963     8837    283ci L77    C    (968 red buckets) Ontario   link
    Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp    M20     Ermine White
A02 B70 C14 F40 K05 P58 T60 U63 X09
GM of Canada Product Stock-Winnipeg Manitoba     Beaucarlo
shipped Jan. 20th 1964 ,nov. 7th tag

Nov.13th  1963         8837       283ci      Q    (967 int.)   Ontario
#832847   Sport Deluxe Hrdtp  M35     Lagoon Aqua met.   T-86     xxx

Nov. 18th 1963      8569      230ci         R    (975 int.)    Saskatchewan        link
#833146     Custom 4dr sdn     M35     Desert Beige        B70        kijiji

Nov.19th 1963        8637             283ci        V/R              Manitoba link
Custom 2dr hrdtp       Ember Red/Desert Beige   beaumontguru

Nov. 19th 1963   8837    283ci    W      (965 int.) Alberta    link
#833277    Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp   M35   Diplomat Blue met. 

Nov. 27th 1963     8537        6cyl       A      (971 int.)   Alberta       link
#833560     Custom 2dr hrdtp    M35      Tuxedo Black    
Spotted by Sixtywagon

Nov. 27th 1963      8867           V8          A    (985 black bucket)   Ontario link
#833914   Sport Deluxe conv.   M35  Tuxedo Black / Top-02 black  
B70 U63 64rag  

Nov.29th 1963       8867       283ci          C     (985 black bucket)   ontario
Sport Deluxe conv.         Ermine white           orig.Manitoba   64rag

Dec. 6th 1963       8669     283ci          C       (972 red bench) Saskatchewan  link
#834153        Custom 4dr sdn     M35   Ermine White                   ,U2easy

Dec. 9th 1963      8567            194ci          P                                Ontario    no pic
Custom conv.       Azure Aqua Met.                                  Beau64
Goyette Automobiles LTD. Quebec

Dec. 9th 1963             283ci                                                               link
Beaumont conv.

Dec. 12th 1963     8667           V8             R       (960 int.)  Alberta link
#834572    Custom conv.  M35   Desert Beige  / top 10 -white  spot.sixtywagon
U63 B70 T-86

Dec. 19th 1963  8637  283ci   C   (972 red bench) Nova Scotia link
834576   Custom 2dr hrdtp   M35    Ermine White
B70 U63 T86         orig. B.C                         kijiji

Jan.3rd 1964            8635          283ci           V               Manitoba           no pic
Custom 4dr Wagon            Ember Red                   Beaumontguru

Jan. 3rd  1964       8335       230ci         J     (935 fawn bench)    Alberta          link
#834971   Beaumont 4dr wagon   Meadow Green met.  B70  beaumontswanted

Jan. 6th 1964      8737        6cyl           S     (985 black bucket)   Ontario    link
#834379     Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp    M35      Saddle Tan  
spotted by Norontcan

Jan. 11th 1964       8669      283ci         S      (975 int.)    Minnisota              link
#835595       Custom 4dr sdn     M35     Saddle Tan                         ,ebay
B70 T86
in Arizona from 1971 to 2004

Jan. 14th 1964    8837     283ci       K    (985 black buckets) Washington   link
Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp   M35   Goldwood Yellow
B70     Trapp Motors Ltd.-New Westminster B.C            ,Ty Lee

Jan. 14th 1964   8737           6cyl          F      (985 black bucket)     Ontario
#835140      Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp    M35   Silver Blue met.   B70 U63  BWatts

Jan. 15th 1964     8537        6cyl        W       (971   int.)   ontario      link
#835803    Custom 2dr hrdtp   M35   Diplomat Blue      ,beaucarlo

Jan. 20th 1964      8867           V8             C         (96! int.)   B.C           no pic
#836186    Sport Deluxe conv.   M35   Ermine White/ T-10 white top   Rkycoast
B70 U63 C08

Jan. 23rd 1964   8837       283ci       S/R   (965  int.  )   B.C          link
#835880    Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp    Saddle Tan/Desert Beige     Slixx

Jan. 27th 1964     8669    283ci                 T    (970 int.)  Ontario            link
#836233             Custom 4dr      M35     Almond Fawn       B70 U63             Kijiji

Feb. 10th 1964     8311      6cyl                             (Alberta)       link
#837107       Beaumont 2dr sdn                                          kijiji

Feb. 14th 1964       8411      283ci          P    (957 aqua bench)   Ontario         link
#837152       Beaumont 2dr sdn    M35    Azure Aqua met.       D99
spotted by blacktransam

Feb. 15th 1964     8837     283ci        K     (965 int. ) Ontario   link       
#836521   Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp   M35    Goldwood Yellow   ,D99       Beaucarlo

Feb. 20th  1964      8537      6cyl       C     (972 red bench)     B.C              no pic
837030       Custom 2dr hrdtp      Ermine White              spotted by Timbuk

March 2nd 1964    8369     6cyl      R      (955 int.)  Ontario      link
#837305      Beaumont  4dr sdn    M35    Desert Beige      U63       kijiji

March 12th 1964    8767         6cyl      A     (968 red bucket)   B.C   rkycoast link
#837320    Sport Deluxe conv.  M35  Tuxedo Black/  Top-2  black top  
T-86  B70

March 17th 1964     8867        283ci          C                        B.C              link
Sport Deluxe conv.           Ermine White       
Shipped Vancouver B.C

April 2nd 1964    8767  194ci   K  (985 black buckets) Georgia
#837676   Sport Deluxe conv.   M35  Goldwood Yellow/TP-2 black top
A62 C14 P66  Montreal Buick Ltd,-Monteal Quebec
march 31st tag 

April 7th 1964      8567        6cyl         P    (962 int. )   B.C        link
#838253     Custom conv.   M35      Azure Aqua    /Top-10 white       Brian

April 14th 1964     8867          83ci       E     (985 Black bucket)    Ontario   no pic
Sport Deluxe Conv           Bahama Green (black top)      norontcan
York Mills Pontiac -Toronto

April 22nd 1964    8867   283ci    R    (968 red buckets)  New Bruns.   link
   Sport Deluxe conv.    M35    Desert Beige
A02 A31 B70 C06 C14 G80 J50 N40 P62 T86 U63
Nib Johnston Motors Ltd.-Courtenay B.C                kijiji

April 27th 1964       8767           6cyl         C   ( 968 red bucket)    Sask.    link
Sport Deluxe conv.          Ermine white            now BC      Jmont64
Bast Motors Ltd.- Yorkton Sask.

April 28th 1964     8369    6cyl      P     (957 aqua bench) Nova Scotia   link
838623     Beaumont 4dr sdn   M35    Azure Aqua met.           kijiji

April 29th 1964        8637           283ci         C                     Manitoba         no pic
Custom 2dr hrdtp  3 speed  Ermine white        Crushed       

May 5th 1964       8369       6cyl               P    (957 aqua)   Ontario    link
Beaumont 4dr      Azure Aqua met.                    Kijiji

May 7th 1964             8837       283ci      W      ( 966 Blue bucket )  BC    65sssd    
Sport Deluxe 2dr Hrdtp    M20     Diplomat Blue                          ,

May 7th 1964      8569        6cyl          C      (971 int.)   B.C           link
#839375    Custom 4dr sdn       Ermine White       ,spotted by Jmont64

May 13th 1964       8311           6cyl          R      (995 int.)   B.C           link
#839082   Beaumont 2dr sdn       M35    Desert Beige   T86 B70  spot. Jmont64

May 13th 1964 8667       V8         P       (962 int.)      B.C            link
#839552         Custom conv.        M35   Azure Aqua met. /  Top-10 white
A31 B70 C06 T86 U63    Rkycoast

May 14th 1964        8767          194ci       S   (969 saddle bucket)   ontario link
Sport Deluxe conv.   M35    Saddle Tan   
Hamilton Motor Products -Hamilton Ontario

May 15th 1964     8867           283ci       C       (985 black buckets) B.C    link
#839608    Sport Deluxe conv.    M20    Ermine White/T-2 black top
C06 T86 U63                               65SSSD

May 15th 1964    8369       6cyl              V    (958 red bench)   Sask.  link
#839646     Beaumont 4dr sdn   M35    Ember Red      spot. 67poncho

May 20th 1964     8311       6cyl           V      (955 int.)    Ontario         link
#839214     Beaumont 2dr sdn      Ember Red  
B70                                                              ,canadianacadian

May21st 1964          8569            6cyl           D                  Manitoba         no pic
Custom 4dr sdn              Satin Silver                             

May 28th 1964    8667    283ci    2F   (961 blue bench)  B.C     link  
#839927    Custom conv.   M35   Silver Blue met/TP-10 white top
A02 A62 B70 C05 C14 J50 K79 N40 P01 P67 U63   spot.Jmont64

May 28th 1964        8837        283ci        A   (965 int.)  Manitoba link
#840112      Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp     Tuxedo Black        spotted by 57 poncho

June 10th 1964        8369       6cyl      C      (958 red  bench)   B.C           no pic
#840438          Beaumont 4dr       Ermine White                  B70    spot. Jmont64

June 11th 1964       8537        230ci          V   (972 red bench)   Alberta       link
#840170        Custom 2dr rdtp     M35     Ember Red                 Kijiji

June 22nd 1964             8569           194ci        R              Ontario   
#839268     Custom 4dr sedan   M35    Desert Beige                               link
Dauphin Motors -Manitoba      T-86             

July 2nd 1964      8311       6cyl     R     (955 int.)  Ontario    link
#839297   Beaumont 2dr sdn    M35   Desert Beige    
U60   spotted by 69 Laurentian

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Canadian Poncho Superstar!

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Posts: 7110
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1965 (at least 8910 produced)   Paint (brochure)
production date     model       engine      colour  Interior    location?   owner pic

Aug. 21st 1964     73867         283ci     D    (966 blue bucket )  B.C       65sssd 
Sport Deluxe conv.   M35    Mist Blue                                 ,

Sept. 2nd 1964      73667        283ci         E      ( blue bench )   BC      65sssd
Custom Conv.          M35   Danube Blue                                        ,

Sept. 10th 1964    73537        6cyl        N     (972 red bench)   Alberta       link
#830102             Custom 2dr hrdtp    M35    Madeira Maroon      ,65Gasser

Sept. 16th 1964    73311         6cyl              S         (905 int.)     Alberta     link

#830573             Deluxe 2dr sdn      M35    Sierra Tan                   Railskinner

Sept. 28th 1964   73537    6cyl       E    (971 int.)   Sask.       link
#830985    Custom 2dr hrdtp   M35    Danube Blue
B70                          kijiji

Sept. 30th 1964     73867    V8      S     (969 saddle bucket) Alberta   link
#831043    Sport Deluxe conv.   M35   Sierra Tan/Top-10 white
B70 C06                           spot. sixtywagon

Nov.5th 1964        73637          283ci        K                        ontario link
Custom 2dr Hrdtp            Artesian Turquoise
Baker Chev Olds -Renfrew Ontario

Nov. 18th 1964     73567       6cyl           C    (963 red bench)Ontario      link
#831515        Custom conv.     M35     Ermine White/TP-02 black
C06                                                                                                  ,Willie


Nov.30th 1964   73169      6cyl     C   (988 red bench)  Ontario               
#831864     Beaumont 4dr  sdn              Ermine White

Dec. 22nd 1964    73837       283ci      P    (985 black buckets) Manitoba  no pic
Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp    Evening Orchid met.
Southpark Motors Ltd.-Edmonton Alberta                                         ,Meteor61

Jan. 3rd 1965   73169    6cyl     C    (988 red bench)    no pic
#833102    Beaumont 4dr sdn   M35    Ermine White      Stewart

Jan.6th 1965        73837         283ci        N    (968 red bucket)  Alberta link
Sport Deluxe 2dr Hrdtp   Madeira Maroon   B70
2050 Calgary Motor Products- Calgary

Jan. 12th 1965    73837     327ci L79   R    (967 ivory & black )    Michigan
Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp    M20    Regal Red                    canadianl79
Lowes Motors Ltd.-Chatham Ontario       A02 C14 G80 J65 P58 T86 U16

Jan. 12th 1965    73867       327ci   L79      K    (985 black bucket)   B.C.
Sport Deluxe Conv.    M20      Artesian Turquoise /    Top 10-white       Randy  
#832189     Jan 6th tag date    C06  B70          Bill Conroy Ltd. W. Vancouver, BC

Jan. 14th 1965    73311   6cyl        S     (905 int.)    B.C          no pic
#832597     Deluxe 2dr sdn     M35  Sierra Tan                  ,Led Zeppelin  , crushed

Jan. 18th 1965   73837     283ci       C      (985 black buckets)  Alberta   link
#832491     Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp   M35  Ermine White         B70 
finished Jan. 21st                              67rag396

Mid Jan.  1965     73167     6cyl       C    (903 red bench)  Ontario link
#832559    Beaumont conv.  M35   Ermine White/Top-2 black   C06                     Cheetahman

Mid Jan. 1965     73767       6cyl        Y       (985 black buckets)  Ontario link
#832583 Sport Deluxe conv.    M35    Crocus yellow  / Top-2 Black    B70 C06

Jan. 27th 1965      73369       6cyl            (Turquoise bench)       BC        65sssd
Deluxe 4dr Sdn       M35 Turquoise                                           no pic

Late Jan. 1965      73267      V8      C    (902 turquoise bench)    B.C      link
#833576     Beaumont conv.    M35    Ermine White/TP-10 white top
spotted by daryle

Feb.1st 1965      73567         6cyl          D                            Saskatchewan
Custom conv.     M35      Mist blue  /  TP-10 White top    Beaumontbob link
Carter Motors Ltd -Winnipeg

Feb. 3rd 1965   73369       6cyl   C     (904 int.)      Alberta            link
#833452        Deluxe 4dr sdn      M35   Ermine White    

Feb.8th 1965       73867         283ci       R   (985 Black bucket  )    B.C     65Sssd
Sport Deluxe Conv.   M35 Regal red                                         link

Feb.16th 1965   73837      327ci  L74       R    (985 black bucket)   B.C         link
Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp
M20 Regal Red  / TP-27 black top      65SSSD
A02 C08 C14 F40  J50 J65 N40 T86 G80 U16 X22
Bill Conroy Ltd.-West Vancouver B.C

Feb. 16th 1965    73311      6cyl            S      (905 int.)      B.C link
#833796     Deluxe 2dr sdn     M35       Sierra Tan                            kijiji   

Feb.19th 1965   73167         6cyl          K
( 902 Turquoise bench)        B.C
Beaumont Conv.    Artesian Turquoise /  top 10  white               no pic

Feb 19th 1965    73837         283ci      A      (967 ivory bucket)   BC         65sssd
Sport Deluxe 2dr Hdtp    M35    Tuxedo Black                                       link

Feb. 19th 1965   73737   6cyl       H     (967 ivory bucket) B.C     link
#833679    Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp  3 spd std   Willow Green met.       65sssd

Feb. 22nd 1965   73837      283ci     N    (967 Ivory bucket)   B.C   link link
#833782   Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp   M35    Madeira Maroon    B70 D99       kijiji

Feb 23rd 1965     73737     230ci L26    Y      (967  ivory bucket)     B.C          link
Sport Deluxe 2dr  Hrdtp  M35  Crocus Yellow         Acadian Beaumont SD

A02 B70 C14 P58 T86 U63         Trapp Motors Ltd.- New Westminster B.C

Feb.24th 1965        73169       6cyl            S      (983 int)             Alberta link
834105           Beaumont 4dr sdn   M35   Sierra Tan       Spot. Kelico

Feb.25th 1965   73737         6cyl         Y      ( 967 Ivory bucket)   ontario no pic 
Sport Deluxe  2dr Hrdtp      Crocus Yellow

Feb. 26th 1965   73737    6cyl    V    (969 saddle bucket) B.C   link
#833803  Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp   M35   Cameo Beige

March 1st 1965   73667   283ci     A    (963 red bench) Washington State   link
Custom conv.         Tuxedo Black /  Top 02 black    U.S.A        Ty Lee

Dickson Motors -Winnipeg Manitoba    A02 C14 G80 K05 X22

March 1st 1965    73867      327ci       A     (968  red bucket)     B.C              no pic
#834175     Sport Deluxe conv.   M35   Tuxedo Black/Top-10 white
B70 C06                                                       

March 4th 1965  73867       283ci       C  (968 red bucket)   B.C                   link
Sport Deluxe  conv.    M35   Ermine white / Top- 02 black                  Kelico   
G.M Products -Vancouver B.C      A02 C06 C14 J50 N40 P58 T86 U63

March 9th 1965    73767          230ci L26        E                           Alberta
Sport Deluxe conv.     M35  Danube Blue /  Top 10-White        Kelico     no pic
A02 B70 C06 C14 P66
Stampede Motors Ltd. Calgary Alberta

March 9th 1965    73567     6cyl                            ,California     link
            Custom conv.                                          ,Ebay

March 10th 1965     73767           6cyl             A     (968 red buckets)  B.C    link
#834392         Sport Deluxe conv.     M35  Tuxedo Black/TP-10 white top
C06 B70 T-86                                 spotted by StriperSS

March 10th 1965    73567      6cyl              C    (963 red bench)  Ontario     link
#834733      Custom conv.    M35     Ermine White/Top-2 black     C06

March 23rd 1965  73837       283ci    D     (966 blue bucket)   B.C          link
Sport Deluxe 2dr Hrdtp       M20    Mist blue                           Kelico   
A02 B70 C14 F40 P63 U63
Sullivan Motors Ltd.-Kimberly B.C

March 24th 1965  73867    327ci          R      (967 ivory bucket)         no pic
Sport Deluxe conv.     M20      Regal Red     C06                 ontario

March 26th 1965    73837    327ci L79    R    (985 black bkt)   Michigan      link
#834431      Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp   M20      Regal Red       canadian L79
B70 C14 F40 K05 P58 T60 T86 U16 U63 Tofield Service Garage-Toefield Albta

March 24th tag

April 3rd 1965       73667        283ci           E          ( Blue bench)    BC   65sssd  
Custom Conv.     M35      Danube Blue                                   link

April 5th 1965    73837    327ci L79   E    (966 blue buckets)  B.C    link
  Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp   M20   Danube Blue met.
B70 F40 P58 U16 U63
Bill Conroy Ltd. -West Vancouver B.C     spotted by Steve C

April 5th 1965     73537         6cyl               S                         Manitoba   link
#835127        Custom 2dr hrdtp             Sierra Tan                     kijiji

April 29th 1965    73837      327ci     S/V    (969 saddle bucket)     ontario link
#836043     Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp   M35    Sierra Tan/Cameo Beige  spot.68sd

May 3rd 1965     73837         327ci     E    (966 blue bucket)   ontario              link
#835781     Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp   M20      Danube Blue    spotted by 73SC

May 6th 1965     73637             283ci      K/C                         ontario link
Custom 2dr Hrdtp       Artesian Turquoise/Ermine white

Henning Motors-Port Dover Ontario

May 6th 1965     73837        327ci L74       A    (977 slate bucket) Ontario    link
#835613     Sport Deluxe 2dr htrdtp    M35    Tuxedo Black     T-86    
70SSAcadian C14 P58 U63

May 8th 1965     73837     V8     W   (977 slate bucket)   Quebec     link
#835806    Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp   M35   Glacier Grey met.      T-86    kijiji

May 13th 1965      73537               6cyl       V         (Saddle)   BC         65sssd  
Custom 2dr Hrdtp      M35   Cameo Beige                                    ,

May 19th 1965       73837           283ci         E     (966 Blue bucket)  BC     65sssd
Sport Deluxe 2dr Hrdtp   M20    Danube Blue

May 19th 1965    73837         V8        S     (969 saddle bucket)  ontario link
#835512      Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp  M35   Sierra Tan met.      Mikies Beaumont

May 19th 1965      73737        6cyl        C    (985 black buckets)  B.C
#836919    Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp   M35   Ermine White   B70 T86  spot. Jmont64

May 20th 1965    73567           6cyl          R    (963 red bench)    Alberta link
#835342     Custom conv.    M35    Regal Red  TOP-02  Black   spot. sixtywagon

May 25th 1965   73311             6cyl            C   (958  red bench)   Sask.
#834744     Deluxe 2dr sdn      Ermine White   T-86   B70 spotted by 67poncho

May 26th 1965   73337      6cyl        N     (972 red bench)     Manitoba link
#836843  Deluxe 2dr hrdtp    M35  Maderia Maroon   T86             Gord

June 2nd 1965   73767        6cyl      J     (985 Black bucket).    BC            65sssd
Sport Deluxe Conv M35                  C
ypress green                            link

June 3rd 1965     73837         283 ci        C        ( 968 red bucket)             no pic
#837492   Sport Deluxe 2dr Hrdtp   M35  Ermine White   B70 T-86

June 4th 1965     73535      230ci L26      L      (962 turquoise bench)   B.C link
Custom wagon       M35     Tahitian Turquoise                       ,Wagon
F40 K05 P01 U63 X22
Stefaniuk's Garage Ltd-Beausejour Manitoba

June 10th 1965  73569       6cyl          D                    Manitoba              no pic
Custom 4dr sdn              Mist Blue                                   

June 10th 1965    73737   6cyl    K    (967 ivory & black bucket) Sask.  link
#837644  Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp    Artesian Tuquoise
B70         spotted by 67poncho

June 11th 1965   73837     327ci         R     (968 red bucket)    ontario link
#837417   Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp  M20  Regal Red  U80 B70 T86  Spot.AstroJet

June 14th 1965  73369       6cyl.     A    (904  Turquoise bench)     BC       65sssd
#837822    Deluxe 4dr Sdn      M35   Tuxedo Black           T-86      ,

June 15th 1965      73637       V8                           ,B.C         link
837812         Custom 2dr hrdtp                  ,Acadiansrus

June 18th 1965    73369      6cyl.        R          (Red bench)            BC      65sssd
Deluxe 4dr Sdn        M35   Regal Red                                              ,

June 18th 1965    73369       6cyl.     N        (958 int)             Alberta         no pic
#837496      Deluxe 4dr Sdn         Madeira Maroon           spot. Kelico

July 5th 1965    73837        283        A          (968 Red bucket)   B.C            no pic
Sport Deluxe 2dr Hrdtp  M35 Tuxedo Black     F40  now BC      m21bud
Sold Hazlet Sask.

July 6th 1965   73637    283ci     K     (974 turquoise bench)B.C    link
#838859          Custom 2dr hrdtp     M35   Artesian Turquoise     spotted by Timbuk

July 6th 1965   73867   V8   N    (967 parchment & black bucket)BC no pic
#8339059 Sport Deluxe conv.  M35   Madeira Maroon/TP-10 white top
T86      dealer 5434                            Jasonlainge

July 8th 1965    73535    6cyl     L  (962 turquoise bench)     Manitoba link
 Custom wagon     Tahitian Turquoise             Beaumontwagon

July 9th 1965   73837    V8      R     (968 red buckets)  B.C   link
#839119   Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp   M35   Regal Red
B70 T86                             ,Sparkey

July 12th 1965    73567          6cyl       R    (963 red bench)  Ohio          link
#839281    Custom conv.    M35    Regal Red/TP-02 black top      Woz924
B70 C06      

July 20th 1965   73837      V8         N       (969 saddle bucket)   Ontario         link
Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp  M35  Madeira Maroon  B70 T86    Pheadrus

July 20th 1965  73837       283ci        S    (969 saddle bucket)    B.C      65sd link
Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp        Sierra Tan met.

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1966  (at least 12,827 produced)  Paint 1 Paint 2 (brochure)
production date     model      engine    colour   interior     location?   owner   pic

unknown             73667  A51     V8         D       (blue)      manitoba            no pic  
car #00003 built  Sport Deluxe conv.   Mist Blue   owned by Carl Stevenson

Sept.17th 1965    73617  A51   V8    M   (393 Ivory )   Ontario              link
#830042  Sport Deluxe 2 dr hrdtp  M35   Aztec Bronze  spotted by Stephenzone

Sept 20th 1965    73667  A51     V8        M     (383 bronze)    Ontario           link
Sport Deluxe conv.       M35    Aztec Bronze/ T-10-white top C06
spotted by Blacktransam

Sept.29th 1965    73517      6cyl             C     (363 red bench)   B.C      link
#830530    Custom 2dr hrdtp        Provincial White             spotted by Jmont64

Oct. 1st 1965     73567     230ci       F      (230 bright blue bench) Ontario    link
Custom conv.         Marina Blue met.     /Top-10 white            , C06 N40
Gaudaur Motor Company Ltd.-Burlington Ontario       , Ebay

Oct. 1st 1965   73617 A51  V8     C      (387 blue buckets) Manitoba    link
#830589    Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp   M35   Provincial White
spotted by Pontiax

Oct.12th 1965   73667  A51    E       283ci      ( Ivory buckets)     ontario link
Sport Deluxe Conv.          Royal Mist Blue/TP-10 white top                   orig.BC

Oct.23rd 1965     73267        283 ci      C        (083 red )  ontario  willie link
#831171     Beaumont conv.      Provincial  white

Oct. 28th 1965    73667 A51    327ci       K      (393 ivory buckets) B.C   link
#831134    Sport Deluxe conv.    M35    Artesian Turquoise/TP-10 white top
C06                           spotted by Lueger68

Nov.3rd 1965     73617 A51    283ci      Y    (391 Black )   ontario link
Sport Deluxe 2dr Hrdtp  M35   Lemonwood yellow
J50 N40 P01 P67 U63
Hamilton Motor Products-Hamilton Ontario

Nov. 10th 1965       73617 A51     283ci                                       B.C      link
Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp                                               ,Mactay

Nov. 12th 1965      73567      6cyl           Y     (378 black bench)   Ontario    link
#831931      Custom conv.     M35     Lemonwood Yellow /Top-02 Black   Cooke

Nov. 17th 1965    73667  A51    327ci      L    (391 black buckets) ontario   link
Sport Deluxe conv.      M35    Tropic Turquoise/Top-10 white           ,Karen

Hogan Pontiac Buic Ltd.-Toronto

Nov. 19th 1965         73617        V8          E     (362 blue bench)  Alberta  link
#831602           Custom 2dr hrdtp   M35    Royal Mist Blue            ,

Dec.1st 1965    73617  A51     396ci  L34    F    (393 ivory)       ontario link
SD 396 2dr hrdtp        M20         Marina Blue               spot. by 427carl

A02 A39 F40 G80 K66 K02 P01 P62 U63 U80
Brooks Pontiac Buick Ltd.-Nanaimo B.C

Dec. 7th 1965   73617 A51    V8          Turquoise?        ontario link
#832964    Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp  M35                                    spotted by BBSD

Dec. 9th 1965   73267   V8     D   (060 blue bench) Sask.   link    
    Beaumont conv.    M35    Mist Blue met/TP-10 white top
C06      kijiji

Dec. 12th 1965   73169      6cyl             L   (704 fawn)   Sask.             no pic
#831317        Beaumont 4dr        M35    Tropic Turquoise                         Cheviac

Dec. 15th 1965    73617 A51      V8        R    (385 red buckets)  B.C        no pic
#8333167    Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp    M35    Regal Red     ,Led Zeppelin

Dec. 20th 1965  73617  A51   283ci    M     (383 Bronze)   B.C.  pathfinder link
#831724    Sport Deluxe 2dr Hrdtp       M35   Aztec Bronze                58

Dec.22nd 1965  73617 A51      283ci      M      (383  Bronze)     ontario     link
#832054   Sport Deluxe 2dr Hrdtp    M35    Aztec Bronze     

Jan. 12th 1966   73569       6cyl         T         (361 fawn)  Saskatchewan  link
#833952     Custom 4dr         M35    Sandalwood                            kijiji

Jan. 17th 1966    73111     6cyl             L       (704 fawn bench)  Ontario    link
#&&833920      Beaumont 2dr sdn     Tropic Turquoise      spotted by Slinky

Jan. 18th 1966     73617 A51    V8           V     (383 bronze)  Alberta       link
#834675         Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp    M35    Cameo Beige   ,spot67SD396

Jan. 19th 1966   73617        283ci        Y    (361 fawn)       B.C          link
Custom 2dr hrdtp     M35    Lemonwood Yellow  A02     spot. Kelico
sold Trapp Motors Ltd.-New Westminster B.C

Jan. 20th 1966    73617 A51    V8        A   (385 red buckets)     link
#834491    Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp    M35     Tuxedo Black    ,myquik66

Jan. 20th 1966  73617  A51     396ci L34      2D   (387 blue)  B.C        link
#834702       Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp    M20     Mist Blue met.    spot.jmont64

Jan.20th 1966    73169    6cyl       C   (742  Red bench)   ontario

#834896       Beaumont 4dr    Provincial white                              

Jan. 21st 1966   73667     V8      C    (373 red bench)           link
#834622     Custom conv.    M35    Provinacil White/TP-02 black top

Feb.3rd 1966   73617 A51      327ci      M      (393 ivory )   B.C    Da66 link
#835429     Sport Deluxe 2dr Hrdtp   M35    Aztec Bronze

Feb 3rd 1966       73539              6cyl     T                          Manitoba           no pic
Custom 4dr Hrdtp               Sandalwood               wrecker

Feb. 10th 1966   73617 A51    V8     Y     (391 black bucket) Ontario   link
#835594   Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp  M20   Lemonwood Yellow      1966 SD

Feb. 15th 1966     73617       283ci           F      (362 blue bench)  ontario    link
#835765      Custom 2dr hrdtp     M35    Marina Blue met. ,kijiji

Feb. 16th 1966   73669    V8     W     (362 blue bench)   B.C      link
#835831     Custom 4dr sdn     M35    Chateau Slate         65sssd

Feb. 21st 1966  73617 A51   396ci L34    R   (393 ivory buckets) Ontario  link
#835792   Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp   M20   Regal Red          1966 SD

Feb. 22th 1966   73617 A51   396ci L34   M   (391 black bucket)       link
#835995    Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp   M13  Aztec Bronze met.
finished feb. 25th G80 P01 P62 U16 U63   Jackson Motors Ltd.-Listowel Ont.

Feb. 22nd 1966     73667 A51     283ci      E      (387 blue buckets) B.C     link
#836862   Sport Deluxe conv.    M35     Royal Mist Blue/TP-10 white top
C06      Feb. 18th tag        Carter Pontiac Buick Ltd.-Vancouver B.C    ,Peter

Feb.23rd 1966    73617 A51    V8  M35  Y   (391 black)   B.C    Jmont64  no pic
#835751  Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp    Lemonwood yellow  /Tp-27 black top

Feb. 23rd 1966     73517  A51  6cyl         A    (385 red buckets)  Ontario     link
#836117    Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp   M35    Tuxedo Black       kijiji

Feb. 24th 1966     73667  A51     V8        M     (383 bronze)   ontario   link
#836667   Sport Deluxe conv.    M35   Aztec Bronze/top-10 White   C06

spotted by blacktransam

Feb. 25th 1966    73235    V8   2D   (060 blue bench) Norway  link
#833592    Beaumont wagon   M35   Mist Blue met.      robinlintho

Feb. 26th 1966    73169      194ci         T    (704 fawn bench)    ontario    link
#836666     Beaumont 4dr          Sandalwood Tan

Kingsgate Motors Ltd.-Toronto Ontario

Feb. 28th 1966     73617    V8     H     (361 fawn bench)  Ontario     link
#835495   Custom 2dr hrdtp   M35    Laurel Mist met.       1966 SD

March 1st 1966     73567       6cyl              W     (373 red)   Ontario             link
#834336        Custom conv.   M35     Chateau Slate  / Top-2 black    C06
Spotted by Blacktransam

March 7th 1966   73617 A51   396ci L34     E   (387 blue bucket) ontario     link
#836451?     Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp  M20     Royal Mist Blue met.

March 9th 1966  73667          283ci     C        (373 red)    ontario                link
Custom Conv.   M35  Provincial white /  top-02 black  A02  C06   67BBSD
#836104      McCollum Pontiac -St Catherines Ont.
March 7th tag

March 9th 1966   73617            283ci          M     (361 fawn)    Manitoba link
#836315        Custom 2dr hrdtp    M35   Aztec Bronze                Swamper

March 9th 1966    73517        6cyl         R      (black bench)    B.C        link
#836386      Custom 2dr hrdtp      Regal Red                           kijiji

2nd week March 1966    73667     V8  327ci?    L   (378 black )   Ontario     link
Custom conv.         M35    Tropic Turquoise/Top-02-black

6087th car

March 16th 1966     73617 A51   283ci      N    (385 red)                     link
#837407    Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp   M35    Madiera Maroon      BBB-66-SD

March 17th 1966     73639      V8               W    (362 blue bench)  B.C    link
#837469     Custom 4dr hrdtp     M35   Chateau Slate         ,Jmont64

March 21st 1966   73617  A51   396 L34     W   (391 black)   Ontario
Sport Deluxe 396 2dr hrdtp  M20   Chateau Slate 
A02 F40 G80 J50 P01 P62 U16 U63 Doman Motors-Bothwell Ont.

March 22nd 1966   73111    6cyl    F      (724 blue bench)   B.C     link
#835265     Beaumont 2dr sdn    M35    Marina Blue      craigslist

March 22nd 1966    73539     6cyl            K     (361 fawn)   ontario           link
#837785            Custom 4dr hrdtp      M35    Artesian Turquoise
Spotted by Blacktransam

March 23rd 1966    73639      V8           2D   (362 blue)   Sask.             no pic
#838051          Custom 4dr hrdtp   M35     Mist Blue met.

March 25th 1966   73517        6 cyl       R   (363 red)  ontario   spot.68sd link
#837599         Custom 2dr hrdtp  M35   Regal Red

March 25th 1966   A51   73667   396ci L34   M  (383 bronze)       B.C  link  
#838007 Sport Deluxe conv.   M20     Aztec Bronze/ TP-10 white top
spot by Jmont64

March 28th 1966    73617 A51    327ci L30     L   (291 black)   B.C        link
Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp    M35   Tropic Turquoise /TP-27 black top
A02 A39 C08 P01 P58 U63 U80 V74      Empress Motors  Ltd.-Victoria B.C
spotted by Grande Jim

March 31st 1966  73617         V8        Y       (361 fawn)                          link
Custom 2dr Hrdtp      Lemonwood Yellow                    BC      m21bud

April 1st 1966    73617  A51   396ci L34    A  (391 black buckets) Ontario  link
Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp      M20    Tuxedo Black
F40 G80 J50 J65 K66 P01 P62 U16 U63                 ,70 SS Acadian
Border Pontiac Buick Ltd.-Niagara Falls Ontario

April 6th 1966
73267       V8          C        (083 red ) B.C               link
#836835      Beaumont conv.     M35     Provincial White /TP-02 black
C06                                                                              ,Brew68

April 7th 1966    73617    V8      C      (363 red bench)  Sask.      link
#836423      Custom 2dr hrdtp    M35   Provincial White

April 11th 1966 73617 A51   283ci     Y/C     (Black 391) ontario  Willie  no pic
#838151   Sport Deluxe 2dr Hrdtp  M35  Lemonwood yellow/Prov. White

D99   Cliff Mills Motors -Oshawa Ont.
April 5th tag

April 12th 1966   73617  A51    283ci      M    (383 bronze bucket)  B.C   link
    Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp         Aztec Bronze met.
Trapp Motors Ltd-New Westminster B.C                       Tony

April 15th 1966    73617      V8     V      (361  fawn bench)  B.C   link
#838841    Custom 2dr hrdtp     Cameo Beige   
spotted by Daryle

April 20th 1966     73617      V8         2D      (362 blue)   B.C        link
#839210       Custom 2dr hrdtp     M35    Mist Blue met.      ,spot. by Jmont64

April 22nd 1966   73617  A51    V8            R       (391 black bucket)    PEI       link
#839426    Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp    M20   Regal Red   D99  spot. Pontiacanada

April 22nd 1966    73169     230ci          W    (724 blue)    Manitoba link
#839442             Beaumont 4dr sdn      Chateau Slate                         Kijiji

April 26th 1966    73617  A51    327ci         L                   Ontario       link
Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp     Tropic Turquoise             kijiji

April 27th 1966   73517       6cyl        M/C     (361 fawn)    Saskatchewan link
#839588        Custom 2dr hrdtp    Aztec Bronze/Provincial White  D99     Kijiji

April 28th 1966      73617  A51   V8          R   (385 red  bucket )  B.C link
#839925      Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp  M35  Regal Red  D99   spotted by 64jmont

May 1966    73617    A51   396ci L34    A   (385 red bucket)      B.C       link
Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp   M20     Tuxedo Black                        kijiji
 U16 U35    orig. sold Courtney B.C

May. 2nd 1966    73667    A51     V8        M     (393 ivory buckets)  B.C    link
#840341     Sport Deluxe conv.    M35   Aztec Bronze /  T-10 white top
C06                                                      spotted by 455GTO

May 3rd 1966      73667     327ci  L30     R    (373 red bench)   B.C link
Custom conv.  3 speed manual    Regal Red / T-10 white top     Blazin
F40 G80 sold Mcbride Motors -Mcbride B.C

May 3rd 1966         73617    283ci         J         (361 fawn) ontario
#839884        Custom hrdtp       M35    Cypress Green met.     spot. 68sd

May 10th 1966   73617          V8              E     (362 blue)   ontario             no pic
#840183      Custom 2dr hrdtp  M35   Royal Mist blue                       Cheetah Man

May 11th 1966    73567    6cyl   Y    (378 black bench) Ont.   link
#os840217 Custom conv.  M35 Lemonwood Yellow/TP-27 black top

May 11th 1966   73517  A51  6cyl   F   (387 blue bucket) ontario   willie link
#840640    Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp    M35     Marina blue   

May 13th 1966    73169     230ci      A     (742 red bench) Manitoba   link
#839614       Beaumont 4dr sdn     3 speed manual   Tuxedo Black

May 16th 1966   73617   V8    E    (362 blue bench)   B.C     link
#840634    Custom 2dr hrdtp   M35    Royal Mist Blue
spotted by Steve C

May 17th 1966   73667     283ci     R     (378  black bench) Ontario   link
#839789   Custom conv.     M35    Regal Red/TP-02 black top
C06                                                         kijiji

May 17th 1966   73617  A51    V8     L/K   (393 ivory)   B.C link
#839848     Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp    M20    Tropic Turquoise/Artesian Turquoise
D99     spot. My69Beau

May 18th 1966    73667  A51    283ci      2D   (387 blue)  ontario     Jeff      link
#840803   Sport Deluxe conv.  M35     Mist Blue   /   Top  02-black

May 19th 1966   73617 A51    V8       2D    (387 blue buckets)   Alberta       link
#841166    Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp     Mist Blue met.   spot. sixtywagon

May 19th 1966    73617  A51     V8         N     (391 black)   Alberta         link
#841195    Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp    M35    Madeira Maroon        kiji

May 26th 1966     73617 A51       327ci     V     (393 ivory buckets) B.C      link
Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp   M35    Cameo Beige                 used vancouver
N40 J50 U63

May 27th 1966     73517     6cyl       A   (363 red bench)  Ontario     link
#838358   Custom 2dr hrdtp    M35    Tuxedo Black      kijiji

May 27th 1966    73569    6cyl    C   (363 red bench)  Manitoba    link
841174    Custom 4dr sdn     Provincial White         kijiji

May 27th 1966   73617 A51     327ci      M     (393 Ivory)   Ont.     link
#841342    Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp    M35   Aztec Bronze    
Calgary Motor Products Ltd.-Calagay Alberta     spot. 65Acadiantoplist

May 30th 1966    73167           6cyl         C        (083 red)   ontario             no pic
#841304   Beaumont conv.  M35  Provincial White /TOP-2 black  spotted by mike

May 31st 1966    73667 A51     V8             W       (391 black)   Alberta        Link
#841020   Sport Deluxe conv.   M20  Chateau Slate/ Top-02 black

spotted by Sixtywagon

June 1st 1966    73667 A51   327ci    L    (391 black buckets)           link
#841159     Sport Deluxe conv.    M20    Tropic Turquoise/TP-02 black top
C06                Beaumontswanted

June 6th 1966    73617 A51   327ci           2D    (387 blue)   ontario link
#840214     Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp   M20   Mist Blue met. /Top-27 black top

spotted by 68sd

June 6th 1966      73667    327ci                F     (230 blue)    B.C             link
#841033       Custom conv.   M20     Marina Blue/ Top-02 -black    Kijiji

Early June 1966      73169    6cyl     F     (724 blue bench)  B.C     link
#841865     Beaumont 4dr sdn    M35    Marina Blue met.      65sssd

June 7th 1966   73617  A51   283ci       A      (385 red)    ontario               link
#841966      Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp  M35  Tuxedo Black      spotted by 73SC

June 7th 1966   73517       6cyl            Y       (361 fawn)   Saskatchewan   link
#842044        Custom 2dr hrdtp    M35  Lemonwood Yellow  D99       Kijiji

June 7th 1966   73667 A51    V8      M     (393 ivory buckets) Sask.     link
#842134   Sport Deluxe conv.   M20     Aztec Bronze/TP-10 white top
C06                        spotted by 67poncho

June 8th 1966    73617  A51    V8          K/C       (391 Black)   ontario link
#842712   Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp  M35    Artesian Turquoise/Prov. White

June 9th 1966    73617    A51   V8       M       (393 ivory buckets)   Sask.     link
Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp    M35  Aztec Bronze                            66Beau
A02 F40 J50 K05 N40 P01 P58 U63
R.J.R.Noyes Ltd.-Lloydminster Sask

June 9th 1966    73617 A51   V8      J   (391 black buckets) Quebec     link
#842757    Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp    M35    Cypress Green met.

June 15th 1966   73667 A51    327ci    D    (bright blue buckets)Alberta    link
Sport Deluxe conv.    M35      Mist Blue met.
Top 10 white            03cts sport
Jenner Motors-Edmonton

June 15th 1966    73617         V8      2D      (362 blue)   Ontario link
841463 Custom 2dr hrdtp    M35     Mist Blue met.      A31 A41

June 16th 1966   73517 A51   194ci     R    (385 red bucket) Ontario   link
#842117    Sport Deluxe 2dr hdtp   M35   Regal Red      1966 SD
june 14th tag    P01 P67    Len Schmidt Motors Ltd.-Walkerton Ontario

Late June 1966    73517      6cyl         C      (363 red bench)    Ontario link
car #12479     Custom 2dr hrdtp   M35   Provincial White Rick D 
Missing Car

June 20th 1966   73517    6cyl       C     (361 fawn bench)  B.C         link
#842722  Custom 2dr hrdtp    Provincial White    spotted by 455GTO

June 21st 1966   73267    V8      T    (055 fawn bench)  Washington  link
#840949    Beaumont conv.   M35   Sandalwood tan/T-16 beige top
C06                                                                           nwx   

June 21st 1966   73169     6cyl        R     (742 red bench)  B.C     no pic
#842693      Beaumont 4dr sdn   M35       Regal Red      Led Zeppelin

June 28th 1966    73111    230ci L26   D     (724 blue bench)   Ontario           link
Beaumont 2dr sdn   M35   Mist Blue       spotted by 68sd's wife
G.M of Canada Zone Stock -Toronto Ont.

June 28th 1966     73517     6cyl         L    (361 fawn bench)  B.C       no pic
#os843331     Custom 2dr hrdtp     M35   Tropic Turquoise        ,Led Zeppelin

June 30th 1966        73667    283ci        L     (378 black)  ontario link
#841274         Custom conv.       M35        Tropic Turquoise/TP-02 black top
finished July 5th           Burns Pontiac Buick Ltd.-Almonte Ont.
spotted 68sd

July 1966   73617  A51   327     E  (387 blue bucket) Maine    link
       Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp   M20    Royal Mist Blue met.
D99                                               Ebay

July 3rd 1966     73667      V8     C      (373 red bench) Ontario    link
#836104    Custom conv.    M35     Provincial White/Tp-02 black top
C06                                             kijiji

July 4th 1966    73617  A51      V8      2D     (391 black buckets)  Alberta    link
#841825    Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp    M35    Mist Blue met.
spot. sixtywagon

1967 ( 12,535 produced)   Paint (brochure)
production date     model       engine    colour   interior     location?   owner   pic

Aug. 26th 1966    73667         283ci                                            ,link
Custom conv. 
A02 U16                                                   
first 1967 Beaumont convertible buil

Aug. 30th 1966    73617            V8        K     (759 black bench)  Alb.     link
#os830079        Custom 2dr hrdtp   M35    Emerald Turquoise   spot. sxtywagn

Sept. 6th 1966     73639          283ci       G     (782 Gold bench)  B.C     link
#os830193     Custom 4dr hrdtp       Granada Gold met.              ,Craigslist

Sept.7th 1966    73617         283ci       D    (blue bench)   B.C
Custom 2dr hrdtp Nantucket Blue
Western Pontiac Buick GMC -Edmonton Alb.

Sept 9th 1966   73569              6cyl         C                       Manitoba             no pic
Custom 4dr Sdn        Provincial White        Wreckers (crushed

Sept.16th 1966 73617  A51   283ci   P   (763 black bucket)   Man.     
#os830345        Sport Deluxe 2dr Hrdtp   M35   Silverglaze Met.          AK67SD
A39 J50 N40 P01 P61 U63

Cars from 3rd week of september 1966,cars 302-435

Sept. 20th 1966     73517    6cyl       G     (782 gold bench)  Alberta   link
#os832021    Custom 2dr hrdtp    M35     Granada Gold
spotted by 67Custom

Late Sept. 1966   73669    283ci      Y      (Black Bench)    Florida link
(579th car)     Custom 4dr sedan   Butternut Yellow

Sept. 27th 1966    73617  A51    283ci         T       (784 gold bucket)   B.C   link
Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp   M35    Capri Cream   
A02 A39 D99 J50 N40 P01 P58 U63       Calgary Motor Products Ltd.-Calgary

Cars from september 29th to 30th 1966  ,cars 971-1028

 Oct. 5th 1966       73539     250ci       G      (759 black bench)   Man.     link
#os831596     Custom 4dr hrdtp    M35    Granada Gold       Kijiji

Oct. 6th 1966   73267      283ci         K      (757 blck bench)  ont.           link
#os831635  Beaumont conv.   M35  Emerald Turquiose/TP-02 black top  C06
City Pontiac Buick Ltd.-Toronto Ont.                    ,kijiji

Oct.7th 1966   73617  A51  283ci   R   (763 black bucket)    Ont.      link
Sport Deluxe 2dr Hrdtp  M35   Bolero Red/T-27 black vinyl top   Willie
C08 J50 N40 P01 P62 U63
G.M of Canada Ltd. Oshawa Ont.

Oct. 11th 1966   73617       V8         R                              B.C                link
#os831909     Custom 2dr hrdtp  SD?  M35   Bolero Red        D99        Glenn

Oct.11th 1966     73669        V8        G                                  Man.      no pic
Custom 4 dr sdn        Granada gold                              Beaumontguru

October 13th 1966    73667 A51  283ci     H   (763 black bucket) Alb.   link
#os 832101   Sport Deluxe conv.   M35     Mountain Green/TP-10 white top
A31 A51 C06   ,A39 D33  J50 N40 P01 P62 U63 V31 V32   ,Captian Beaumont
finished Oct.21st      Roy Foss Motors Ltd. Thornhill Ont.

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1967 cont

Oct. 18th 1966   73667 A51    283ci       Y      (black int.)   Ont.            link
Sport Deluxe conv.    M35     Butternut Yellow /Black top         Kijiji

 sold Stratford Ontario-Dealer not recorded

Oct. 19th 1966   73617 A51    V8         N  (763 black bucket)  Man.  link
#830625   Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp  M35   Madeira Maroon /TP-27 black   Kijiji

Oct. 20th 1966     73167    6cyl    G    (757 black bench)  Alberta   link    
#os832042    Beaumont conv.   M35    Granada Gold met./tp-02 black top
C06       spot. sixtywagon

Oct. 21st 1966    73667       327ci  L30      E     (761 black bench)  B.C    link
Custom conv.    M35    Deepwater Blue /Top 12-medium blue
A02 A39 J50 N40 PW7 P02 U63     Motors Insurance Corp.Ltd.-Annancis B.C
Spotted by jmont64

Oct.21st 1966  73617  A51  283ci   Y (763 black bucket) Ont.     
#os832316  Sport Deluxe 2dr Hrdtp  M35  Butternut yellow         T-27 black 

Oct.21st 1966   73669         283ci      C    (728 blue bench) Ont. willie
#os832372    Custom 4 door        Provincial White                              
PATTERSON MOTORS Ltd.- Moose Jaw Sask.

Oct. 24th 1966   73617  A51    396ci  L34     R   (763 black bucket)  B.C   link
Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp    M20  Bolero Red/ TP-27 black top     
A02 C08 PW8 U15 U16 Empress Pontiac, Buick, GMC. Victoria, B.C.
finished Oct. 31st                         Jlysholm

Oct 24th 1966    73569              6cyl      D                       Manitoba           no pic
Custom 4dr Sdn      Nantucket Blue

Oct. 25th 1966  73617 A51      283ci    F   (763 black bucket)  Ont.   no pic
#os832544  Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp  M35  Marina Blue /TP-27 black top  
Cheetah Man

Oct.27th 1966   73667 A51   396ci L34    D   (738 Blue bucket )     Sask.    link
Sport Deluxe Conv.     M20       Nantucket Blue  /Top-10 white

A02 C06  F40 J50 K05 N40 PW8 P02 U63 U80 X24
Watrous mainline Motor Products Ltd. -Watrous Sask.

Oct .27th 1966    73617    V8        D     (728 blue bench)   B.C    no pic
#os832271    Custom 2dr hrdtp     Nantucket Blue
D99                                     ,Led Zeppelin

Oct. 27th 1966     73617 A51   327ci     Y   (763 black bucket)   B.C    link
#os832453  Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp   M20   Butternut Yellow   TP-27 black top
Empress Pontiac Buick LTD-Victoria B.C      1967togo

Oct.27th 1966   73617 A51       396ci L34       J  (763 Black bucket)Sask.  link
#os8325xx  Sports Deluxe hrdtp    M20     Verde green     T27  Black top link

finished Oct.31st         Conroy Cheetah  
A39 A81 A85 C08 D96 F40 G80 J50 J65 N40 PW8 U16 P01 V31 V32
Bill Conroy Ltd. -West Vancouver B.C     spot. by 67poncho

Oct .28th  1966   73517     6cyl           E    (728 blue bench)  Sask.      link
#os832733    Custom 2dr hrdtp   M35    Deepwater Blue   D99       BowtieBoy

Nov.2nd 1966      73639           V8         L                   Man.                   no pic
Custom 4dr hrdtp       Tahoe turquoise                       Beaumontguru

Nov. 9th 1966   73617       V8          E      (728 blue bench)     B.C link
Custom 2dr hrdtp   M20      Deepwater Blue                    Kijiji

Nov.10th 1966   73667  A51   283ci    C   (738 blue bucket)   BC     Loud link
#os831472   Sport Deluxe Conv.   M35   Provincial White /Top 12-med. blue top
A02 A39 C06 N40 P01 P62 U63
Bill Conroy Ltd. -West Vancouver

Nov 10th 1966     73169            6cyl       R                            Man.       no pic
Beaumont 4dr Sdn            Regal Red                    wrecker

Nov. 11th 1966   73267    V8    K    (757 black bench)  B.C      link
#os833275   Beaumont conv.    M35   Emerald Turquoise/TP-02 black top
C06                                spotted by Lueger68

Nov. 14th 1966     73617     V8                                         ,                  no pic
#os833522      Custom 2 dr hrdtp     M35                  67girl
A51 D55 D99

Nov. 16th 1966     73617    V8      F       (731 blue buckets) Sask.    link
#os833552      Custom 2dr hrdtp   M35    Marina Blue met.
A51 D55                            spotted by 67poncho

Nov. 17th 1966    73669          283ci     G     (782 gold bench)  Ont.      link
#os834271       Custom 4dr     M35      Granada Gold                

Nov. 21st 1966    73617         V8           K   (784 gold bucket)   Sask.       link
#os834042   Custom 2dr hrdtp   M35 Emerald Turquoise    TP-27 black top
A51 D55   Cheviac

Nov. 23rd 1966   73617 A51   V8    N    (784 gold buckets) Ontario   link
#os834485    Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp  M35   Madeira Maroon

Nov.25th 1966  73617 A51    283ci    N   (Gold bucket)   Ont.      67 Beaumont
Sport Deluxe 2dr Hrdtp      Madeira Maroon ,      orig Que.     

Nov. 30th 1966    73617    327ci  L30      C      (728 blue bench)  Sask      no pic
Custom 2dr hrdtp   M20    Provincial White             67Custom
A02 D99 F40 J50 N10 P02 P61 T60 U16 U63 U80
Missing Car                        C.Paquette & Sons Ltd. -Debden Sask.

Dec.1st 1966     73617   283ci      G            (782 gold bench)   Alb.     link
#834846       Custom 2dr hrdtp     M35     Granada Gold   
motor  K1128DE      A02 A39 D99 F40 K05 P01 P58 U63      Kijiji
Jack Stephanson Pontiac Buick Ltd.-Medicine Hat Alb.

Dec. 2nd 1966     73617    283ci      Y     (759 black bench)  Alb.      link
#os833895    Custom 2dr hrdtp   M35    Butternut Yellow               ,kijiji

Dec. 6th 1966    73817      396ci       K        (784 gold bucket)                link
#os834602   SD396 2dr hrdtp   M35  Emerald Turquoise   D99  A51 D55

Dec. 7th 1966     73617      V8           Y       (759 black bench)   B.C     link
#os834808       Custom 2dr hrdtp     M35    Butternut Yellow        kijiji

Dec 7th 1966     73617           283ci      Blue                       Man.         no pic
Custom 2dr Hrdtp                                                  wrecker

Dec.8th 1966      73617       283ci           Y                          BC link
Custom 2dr Hrdtp        Butternut Yellow
Jim Pattison Pontiac Buick-Vancouver B.C

Dec. 8th 1966     73617          283ci       P     (746 maroon bench)   Ont.    link
#os836081      Custom 2dr hrdtp   M35  Silverglaze met.

Dec 12th 1966    73817     396ci L34      G    (763 black bucket)  B.C    link
558        SD396 2dr hrdtp    M20    Granada Gold /T-27 black top
A51 C08 D55 D96    A39 A81 A85 F40 G80 J50 N40 J65          spot. Grande Jim
Cheetah L78 conversion    Bill Conroy Ltd.-North Vancouver B.C

Dec.12th 1966      73817    396ci       K?     (763 black bucket)  Man.   
#os8352??   SD396 2dr hrdtp   M35   Emerald Turquoise?   spot. Carl stevenson
A51 D55

Dec. 14th 1966     73617      V8          F     (763 black bucket)  Ont.      link
#834786       Custom 2dr hrdtp     M35?     Marina Blue met./Top-27 black vinyl

A51 C08 D55

Cars from December 15th to 16th 1966

Dec. 15th 1966    73667    283ci         E      (738 blue bucket) Manitoba link 
#os833535     Custom conv.      M35    Deepwater Blue/TP-12 blue top
A51 D55 C06 J50 K05 N40 P01 P58           Beaumontguru
Winnipeg Motor Products Ltd.-Winnipwg Manitoba

Dec.15th 1966   73567       6cyl        Y    (783 Gold bench)   Ont.     link
#os835195    Custom Conv.       Butternut Yellow /black top               Willie

Dec.16th 1966   73817   396ci    L34    G   (784 gold bucket)   Alb. 
#os833501  SD396 2dr Hrdtp  M20 Granada Gold D96 G80 A51 D55 67SD396
Dealer 83024   
Greenfield Motors Ltd - Balcarres Sask.

Dec. 19th 1966   73267      283ci    E     (219 blue bench)   B.C    no pic
#os832751    Beaumont conv.  M35   Deepwater Blue met./Top-12 med. blue
A02 A39 C06 F40 J50 N40 P01 P58 U63   Bowell McLean Motors Ltd. Vancouver
Clinton & Mady

Dec. 22nd 1966    73667     V8          T     (783 gold bench)              No pic
#os835050    Custom conv.     M35    Capri Cream/Top-10 white
spot  by Chevy4ever

Dec.23rd 1966    73617     283ci      D   ( 728 blue bench)  Ont.       willie link
#os835534      Custom 2dr hrdtp   M35  Nantucket blue    D99  A02 P01 P62
finished Jan.6th 1967                                Ray Young Ltd. -Leamington Ont.

Jan. 2nd 1967   73617    V8     G    (763 black buckets) Ontario   link
#os835491 Custom 2dr hrdtp  M35  Granada Gold met./TP-27 black vinyl top
A51 D55 C08

Jan.3rd 1967    73617       283ci       V     (759 black bench)         B.C link
Custom 2dr hrdtp    M35    Antique Pewter Met.    A02       Steve C.
Empress Motors-Victoria B.C

Jan. 6th 1967     73617      V8                                                        Ont.  no pic
05178th car built   Custom 2dr hrdtp      Red             Stolen

Jan. 6th 1967   73867    396ci   L34    Y   (763 black buckets)   Alb.   link
Delivered    SD396 conv.  M20   Butternut Yellow/black top    ButternutSDrag
Forbes Motors Ltd.-Windor Ont.

Jan. 6th 1967    73617     283ci         D    (728 blue bench)             no pic
Custom 2dr hrdtp    M35   Nantucket Blue  A02 D99 P01 P62   spot. 427Carl
Ray Young Ltd.-Leamington Ont.

Jan. 6th 1967   73517      6cyl        C     (750 red bucket) Alb.      link
#os835811    Custom 2dr hrdtp    M35   Provincial White                ,kijiji
A51 D55

Jan. 7th 1967    73617     V8                    M   (black int.)  Wisconsin    link
05198th car       Custom 2dr hrdtp     Plum Mist met.  TP-27 black top    Ebay

Jan. 9th 1967    73617     V8          C       (750 red bucket)  Man.      no pic
#os83600?      Custom 2dr hrdtp    M35    Provincial White   A51 D55
spot by Beaumontguru

Jan. 12th 1967     73817     396ci       Y    (763 black bucket)  Man.    link
#os835997    SD396 2dr hrdtp   M20    Butternut Yellow
jan. 9th tag  A51 D55  C50 J50 J52  PW8 U63        spot  by Carl Stevenson
Empress Pontiac Buick Ltd._victoria B.C

Jan. 12th 1967   73169       6cyl       D   (724 blue bench)    Sask.             link
#os835769     Beaumont 4 dr      M35   Nantucket Blue met.                    Cheviac

Jan. 13th 1967      73635        V8           D     (729 blue bench)   Alb.        link
#836121         Custom wagon      M35    Nantucket Blue   A33   spot. sxtywagn

Jan 19th 1967  73169     6 cyl      K    (757 Black bench ) Ont.      link
#os836084     Beaumont  4dr   Emerald turquoise

Jan. 20th 1967    73617   V8  327ci?    Y    (763 black bucket)  Man.      link
#os836198       Custom 2dr hrdtp   M35      Butternut Yellow / T-27 Black top
A51 C08 D55                                                                                       

Jan. 24th 1967    73617     327ci   L30   T     (784 gold bucket)    B.C link
Custom 2dr hrdtp    M20    Capri Cream Steve C
A02 A51 D55 D99 P01 U16                   Jim Pattison On Main -Vancouver B.C

Jan. 24th 1967    73635    283ci       A    (783 gold)    B.C      link
  Custom wagon     M35    Tuxedo Black
A02 A33 B90 D33 F40 G80 j50 N40 P01 P62 U63     Roosterdaddy

Jan. 24th 1967   73617        V8          J   (782 gold bench)  Man.          link
#os836278   Custom 2dr hrdtp  M20  Verde Green  T-29 vinyl top  U80  Kijiji

Jan.25th 1967   73617          V8        L    (763 black bucket)   Alb.   link
#835602     Custom 2dr hrdtp    M35  Tahoe Turquoise   A51    spot. sixtywagon

Jan. 25th 1967  73617    V8 M35   Y  (763 black bucket)  Alb.    Paulish   link
#os836542   Custom 2dr hrdtp   Butternut Yellow   A51 D55 /Tp-27 black top

Jan. 25th 1967    73617        V8         M    (759 black bench)  Man.      link
Custom 2dr hrdtp    M35   Plum Mist met.

Jan. 25th 1967 est.     73517      6cyl                                     ,Ont.        link
06187th car built     Custom 2dr hrdtp                                            ,kijiji

Jan. 26th 1967   73635    283ci        E   (729 blue bench)    B.C
link link
Custom wagon  M35   Deepwater Blue                                kijiji
A02 A33  F40 N40 P65 U63
Bowell Mclean Motors-Vancouver B.C

Early Feb. 1967   73817    396ci  L34      R      (763 black bucket)   buildsheet
#os836588     SD396 2dr hrdtp   M40     Bolero Red       spot. wagon64SD
A39 A51 C50 D55 D96 F40 PW7 P02 U16 U63 U80

Cars Built Febuary 13th 1967  6477-6515

Feb.13th 1967    73817           396ci         F        (blue bucket)  Sask.
SD396 2dr hrdtp                Marina Blue      A51    67SD396Sask                    link
PATTERSON MOTORS Ltd.- Moose Jaw Sask.

Feb.13th 1967    73817     396ci  L35      E     (blue)    Kentucky    Jerhra link
SD396 2dr hrdtp  M40   Deepwater Blue                     U.S.A  
A51 A81 D55 G80 J50 K05 PW8 P01 U63
Birchwood Motors-St. James Man.

Feb. 13th 1967   73817            396ci  L34     V      (763 black)   Ont.       link
#os837153    SD396 2dr hrdtp   M20   Antique Pewter /  TP-27 black top

A01 A51 A81 C08 D55 F40 G80 J50 J52 PW8 U63 U80
feb. 8th tag      Highview Motors-Cambridge Ont.

Feb. 17th 1967    73517      250ci     Y   (763 black bucket) N. Bruns  no pic
Custom 2dr hrdtp   M35   Butternut Yellow   spot.Carl Stevenson
A51 D55 D33 F40 D99 P01 P62 U63 U80       Lawson Motors Ltd.- St. John N.B

Feb. 20th 1967    73667     V8            K    (763 black bucket)   Man.     no pic
#os837122    Custom conv.    M35   Emerald Turquoise /T-02 black top    Gord
A51 D55 C06

Feb.21st 1967  73667   283ci       Y    (763 Black bucket ) Ont.       willie link
#os836533 Custom conv.  M35 Butternut Yellow/   T-02 black top
A51 D55 N40 P01 P58 U63 V31 V32
finished March 6th      Roy Foss Motors Ltd.-Willowdale

Feb. 22nd 1967     73617     327ci           F       (black int.)   Ont.            link
Custom 2dr hrdtp    M20    Marina Blue met.
A51 F40 G80 A01 J50 P01 V31 V32             Kijiji

Feb. 22nd 1967  73617     283ci     N   (746 maroon bench)   Man.      link
#os837262       Custom 2dr hrdtp      M35    Madeira Maroon           swamper

Feb. 23rd 1967   73617    327ci      R    (763 black buckets)   B.C    link
#os837376   Custom 2dr hrdtp    M35   Bolero Red      A51    kijiji

Feb. 23rd 1967    73667   V8     D      (738 blue bucket) Alberta     link
#os837471     Custom conv.    M35    Nantucket Blue met/TP-12 blue top
A51 C06 D55                 spot. sixtywagon

March 6th 1967   73817        396ci L35     C   (750 red)  Sask       link
SD396 2dr hrdtp    M40   Provincial White
A02 A51 C50 D55 J50 N40 PW8 P01 U63 U80
Trapp Motors Ltd.-New Westminster B.C          Kevin

March 7th 1967   73617      283ci              V                   Ont.      Slinky    link
Custom 2dr hrdtp     M20     Antique Pewter

March 9th 1967   73817       396ci  L35    C  (723 Blue bench)   Ont.    
#os837639        SD396 2dr hrdtp   M35 Provincial White               6T7SD396
J50 N40 PW7 P01 U63
GM Canada Product Stock-Oshawa Ont.
Border Pontiac Buick GMC Ltd.-Niagara Falls Ont.

March 9th 1967    73569         6cyl         G                      Man.                 link
Custom 4dr sdn         Granada gold                      Beaumontguru

March 13th 1967    73111   6 cyl    D  (724 blue bench)   Ont.                   link
#os837652         Beaumont 2dr sdn  Nantucket blue                        

March 13th 1967   73517     6 cyl     S     (782 gold bench)  Ont.      link
#os837508      Custom 2dr hrdtp         Sierra fawn                                    Leo
March 8th tag

March 14th 1967    73817      396ci     R    (763 black bucket)  Alb.     link
SD 396 2dr Hrdtp        Bolero red   Black vinyl top       Hammer 396
Mid City Motors Ltd.-Saskatoon Sask.

March 14th 1967     73617    283ci               (731 blue buckets) B.C    link
#os837568     Custom 2dr hrdtp   M35        Blue

March 14th 1967    73517    6cyl     J     (759 black bench)  Alberta    link
#os837967    Custom 2dr Hrdtp    M35   Verde Green       kijiji

March 15th 1967   73817   396ci    G   (784 gold buckets) B.C    link
#os835370    SD396 2dr hrdtp   M40  Granada Gold met.
A51 D555 D96 D99               spotted by Daryle

March 15th 1967  73267    327ci   C   (757 black bench)  California      link
#os837431      Beaumont conv.  M35  Provincial White/ T-10 White top       Ebay

March 16th 1967   73817     396ci  L34     R                 Manitoba            no pic
SD396 2dr hrdtp     M40    Bolero Red                  68SD396rag
D55 G80 D96 U16

Mid March 1967  73617   327ci L30   S   (784 gold bucket) B.C   link
    Custom 2dr hrdtp   M35    Sierra Fawn met./vinyl top
07649th car    A39 A51 C08 C50 J50 N40 P01 P62 U63 U80

March 20th 1967   73817     396ci     Y   (763 black bucket)   B.C link
SD396 2dr hrdtp  M20  Butternut Yellow          kijiji
Hallmarr Motors Ltd. -Wallaceburg Ont.

March 21st 1967    73817    396ci L35     F    (731 blue bucket)   Ont.     link
SD396 2dr hrdtp   M20   Marina Blue 
A02 A51 D55 D96 D99 G80 J50 J52 N40 PW7 U16  V31 V32
Harbour Chev-Toronto  Ont.    67BBSD

March 21st 1967    73617      283ci       G    (784 gold bucket)  Ont.     link
Custom 2dr hrdtp    M35   Granada Gold    A51 D55          Barry

March 23rd 1967   73111   6cyl     C    (724 blue bench)  Ontario   no pic
       Beaumont 2dr sdn    M35     Provincial White
spotted by 70 SS Acadian

March 27th 1967     73517      6cyl     F    (728 blue bench)   Man.       no pic 
#837968    Custom 2dr hrdtp   M35  Marina Blue   D99    spot  Carl Stevenson

March 28th 1967   73817     396ci       Y   (784 gold bucket)   Alb.  link
#837278            SD396 2dr hrdtp    M40   Butternut Yellow  A51 D55 D99
spot. sxtywagn

March 28th 1967    73817      396ci    J   (763 black buckets)   B.C     link
#os838015   SD396 2dr hrdtp     M20     Verde Green/TP/27 black vinyl top
A51 D55 C08 D96    Cheetah 427 conversion  spotted by Lueger68
Bill Conroy Ltd.-West Vancouver B.C

March 30th 1967    73617    283ci    J    (763 black buckets) N. Bruns    link
#os838246    Custom 2dr hrdtp   M35   Verde Green met./TP-27 black top
A51 D55 C08   Kijiji

March 31st 1967    73617    V8     Y/A     (759 black bench) B.C     link
    Custom 2dr hrdtp     M35    Butternut Yellow/Tuxedo Black
D99 D33                                    kijiji

March 31st 1967   73867    396ci L35   V    (763 Black bucket)  Ont.   Willie link
SD 396 Conv.   M40 Antique pewter            Top 02 black
A02 A39 A51 A81 C06 D33 D55 J50 N40 PW8 P01 U15 U63 U80
London Motor Products Ltd.-London Ont.

April 1967           73617       V8                                                      Ont.      link
08701 car made
Custom 2dr hrdtp                                                Kijiji

April 3rd 1967    73667     V8           F    (731 Blue Bucket)  Manitoba   link 
#os838714    Custom conv. M35    Marina Blue /Top-02 Black              Kijiji
A51 C06 D55

April 4th 1967      73867    396ci L35     T     (763 black buckets)  B.C  link
 #os838532     SD396 conv.     M40     Capri Cream/Tp-02 black top
A31 A39 A51 C06 F40 G80 J50 J52 N40 PW8 U63 U80
march 30th tag   Motors Insurance Corp.-Vancouver B.C 

April 4th 1967      73817         396ci              (759 black bench)   Ont.   link
#os838624       SD396 2dr hrdtp
   3   speed manual
spot by 427Carl

April 5th 1967      73817   396ci L34    M  (763 black bucket)  Ont.      link
#os838313     SD396 2dr hrdtp  M20
Plum Mist met. / Top 27 black vinyl
orig sask.  A51 Yohnnie

April 6th 1967       73617      283ci              T      (759 black bench) link
Custom 2dr Hrdtp      M20      Capri Cream                          spot. by  Cheviac
F40 K05 P57  U63 Mid City Motors Ltd-Saskatoon Sask.

April 6th 1967     73617     283ci         P/A       (763 black bucket) Ont.    link
Custom 2dr hrdtp   M35    Silverglaze met./Tuxedo Black
finished April 10th      A39 F40 J50 J52 N40 P62 U63 U80
A51 D55  D99 spot. 427Carl

April 7th 1967      73569       6cyl      D   (728 blue bench) Ont.        no pic
#os838751     Custom 4dr                Nantucket Blue         spotted by willie

April 7th 1967    73617    V8       T      (750 red buckets)  B.C      link
#os838786      Custom 2dr hrdtp     M35    Capri Cream/TP-27 black vinyl top
A51 D55 C08      Carter Motors -Kelowna B.C                spot. by Jmont64

Mid April 1967     73817     396ci L35        P    (black bench)      Ont.     link
#08822 car made    SD396 2dr hrdtp    M40   Silverglaze met.    Mike67sd

sold dealer  in  Sarnia

April 10th 1967    73617    V8      J    (763 black buckets) Alberta    link
#os838586     Custom 2dr hrdtp   M20    Verde Green
A51 D55                     Spotted sixtywagon

April 10th 1967    73817     396ci  L34  P    (763 black bucket)  Ont.    link  
#os838705     SD396 2dr hrtp    M20    Silverglaze met.   
A51 A81 D55 G80 PW8 P01 U16 U63 U80
Jazen Hambrock Motors-Port Colbourne ont.  
finished April 13th       spot.Blacktransam

April 10th 1967    73617    V8      H     (782 Gold bench)  B.C      link
#os839097     Custom 2dr hrdtp    Mountain Green             ,kijiji

April 11th 1967   &73517       6cyl      N   (746 maroon bench) Man.        link
#os839076          Custom 2dr hrdtp   M35  Madeira Maroon              Kijiji

April 12th 1967   73169     250ci         G/T                           Ont.     
Beaumont 4dr sedan   Granada gold/Capri cream   Beaumontguru
A02 Towne Pontiac -Winnipeg Man.

April 13th 1967    73211    283ci   Y    (757 black bench)Ont.
         Beaumont 2dr sdn  M35   Butternut Yellow
P01 P57 U63  O'Connor Pontiac Buick Ltd.-Sarnia Ont.    

April 18th 1967    73867    396ci L35     P  (763 black bucket)  New York link
SD396 conv.   M40   Silverglaze Met.  /Top 02-black       Beaumontbill

A51 C06 G80 D55 Jim Tubman Motors -Ottawa Ont.
#os830554    April 13th tag

April 1967         73167        6cyl       G       (black int.)       Ont.           link
09298th car made   Beaumont conv.    Granada Gold                                 Ebay

Mid April 1967   73817    396ci L34     F    (blue buckets)           link
        SD396 2dr hrdtp    M20   Marina Blue met.           alcabonk
09472nd car built    Missing car   
sold May 7th 1967    Mid City Motors Ltd. Saskatoon Sask.

April 20th 1967    73667   V8     G    (783 gold bench)  Manitoba   link
#os839489     Custom conv.   M35   Granada Gold met./TP-02 black top
C06                             spotted by Pontiax

April 21st 1967     73617      V8      Y      (763 black bucket)  Alb.    link
#os839335      Custom 2dr hrdtp     M35     Butternut Yellow/TP-27 black vinyl
A51 C08               Spot by Sxtywagn

April 25th 1967     73617     327ci       F       (731 blue)   Man.         link
#os839486         Custom 2dr hrdtp    M35     Marina Blue /TP-27-black top 
A51 C08 D55                                                              Darren

April 25th 1967   73817   396ci     D      (731 blue buckets)  ontario  link 
SD396 2dr hrdtp    M40    Nantucket Blue met
D99  A51 D55       Orig. Alberta                         spot.Shiky

April 1967     73?11              R     (757 black bench)  B.C     link
#os83969x    Beaumont 2dr sdn       Bolero Red         

April 26th 1967    73535       6 cyl            G                                              no pic
Custom Wagon              Granada gold           wreckers

April 26th 1967    73567    6cyl     E      (763 black buckets) Ontario   link
#os839610    Custom conv.   M35    Deepwater Blue met./T-02 black top
A51 C06                                                  kijiji

April 27th 1967  73617   283ci   Y   (759 black bench)   Ont.     link
Custom 2dr hrdtp  M35  Butternut Yellow/  TP27 black top
A31 A01 A41 C08 J50 N40 P01 P62 U63
Thomas Motor Sales Ltd.-Cobourg Ont.    April 25th tag

April 28th 1967    73817  396ci L34 Y (763 black bkt)    Alb.      Beau67SD
SD396 2dr hrdtp    M40   Butternut yellow   A51 D55 G80     
Birchwood Motors- Winnipeg Man.

April 28th 1967   73817   396ci L34    R  (763 black bucket)  Ont.      no pic
SD396 2dr hrdtp    M40
Bolero Red                        Mike67SD
A51 D55 F40 J50 J52 N40 PW8       GM of Canada Zone Stock Que.

April 28th 1967   73817    396ci  L34     D     (763 black bucket)  Alb.  link
#839962   SD396 2dr hrdtp   M20     Nantucket Blue  / TP-27 black top
A31 A51 A81 C08 F40 G80 J50 K05 PW8 P01 U16 U63 U80 V31
Finished May 2nd  
spot. by sxtywagn
Denwood Motors Ltd.-Wainwright Alb.

April 28th 1967   73111   6cyl        T    (757 black bench) Massachesetts      link
#os839983     Beaumont 2dr sdn    M35    Capri Cream               

D99   Bossy

May 1st 1967    73817      396ci          E   (763 black buckets)  B.C     no pic
#os838519    SD396 2dr hrdtp   M40   Deepwater Blue       Led Zeppelin
AS1 A51 D33 D55 G80 J65 K76 N40 PW7 T60

May 1st 1967    73617       V8           H      (763 black bucket)   B.C     link
#os840118      Custom 2dr hrdtp   M35    Mountain Green
A51 D55
spot. Jmont64

May 2nd 1967    73569    6cyl        K       (759 black bench)  Sask.    link
#os840204    Custom 4dr sdn    M35   Emerald Turquoise        kijiji

May 2nd 1967    73617      283ci      G        (black int.)   B.C
#os840245    Custom 2dr hrdtp     Granada Gold       ,Kijiji              link

May 3rd 1967      73617     327ci  L30      Y   (763 black bucket)  Alb.   link
#os840036    Custom 2dr hrdtp   M35  Butternut Yellow /    T-27 black top
A31 A51 C08 D55          Trapp Motors Ltd.-New Westminster B.C    67Custom
finished May 8th  A02 J50 N40 P01 P62 U63

May 3rd 1967    73867       396ci           F   (731 blue bucket)  Alberta. link
#os840468   SD396 conv.   M40    Marina Blue/  T-10 white top

May 9th build    A51 D55   originally shipped Yorkton Sask.   spotted by sxtywagn

May 4th 1967      73167        6cyl          R    (757 black bench)   B.C     link
#os840381       Beaumont conv.        Bolero Red                                kijiji

May 5th 1967  73817     396ci          J     (784 gold bucket)  Ont.     no pic
#os839218   SD396 2dr hrdtp  M20   Verde Green  A51 D55 D96  spot 67BBSD

May 5th 1967   73517   6cyl  (now 427ci)    G  (784 gold bucket)  Ont.    link
#os839487    Custom 2dr hrdtp  M35  Granada Gold   A51 D55       Cheetah Man

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1967 Cont.

May 11th 1967    73617    V8     P     (746 maroon bench)  Sask.       link
#os840607      Custom 2dr hrdtp    Silverglaze Met.       spotted by slinky

May 13th 1967     73617   283ci          F   (759 black bench)   N. Bruns.  link
Custom 2dr hrdtp   M35    Marina Blue /TP-27 black vinyl top
C08 P01 P62 U63                                                    ,Turn2stone
London Motor Products Ltd.-London Ont.

May 15th 1967   73817       396ci          R       (763 black bucket)   Ont.    link
10498th car built  SD396 2dr hrdtp   M20   Bolero Red  TP-27 black top  Red Rat
Tubman Motors-Ottawa Ont.

May 15th 1967     73617      V8           G        (759  black bench)      link
#os840804        Custom 2dr hrdtp    M35    Granada Gold     D99      Kevin

May 15th 1967    73517   250ci L22     K   (759 black bench)   Man.    link
#os840925  Custom 2dr hrdtp     Emerald Turquoise     orig. Quebec   Pudge444
C.W Smith Motors Ltd. Brantford Ont.

May 16th 1967  73817       396ci L34       L    (763 black bucket)  Alberta link
#os840710   SD396 2dr hrdtp  M20  Tahoe Turquoise      Spot.Sxtywgn
finished May 18th     A01 A51 A39 D55 F40 G80 K05 K76 PW8 T60 U16 U63
Mid West Motors Ltd.0-Regina Saskatchewan

May 18th 1967     73211     283ci       S     (768  fawn bench)   Que.   link
#os840854     Beaumont 2dr sdn       Sierra Fawn            since 1983

May 25th 1967   73569    230ci       L   (759 black bench )  Ont.       link  
Custom 4dr sdn  M35      Tahoe Turquoise               spot. 427 carl
P01 P32 P58
Reg McGee & Sons LTD.-Goderich Ont

May 25th 1967     73617           V8                                  B.C                link
Estimated          Custom 2dr hrdtp
10,966 th car                                                 spotted by Vicfire

May 30th 1967    73169      6cyl     C?           (724 blue bench)   Ont.      link
#os841911       Beaumont 4dr       M35      Provincial White               Kijiji

 June 2nd 1967    73617     V8          F      (731 blue buckets)  B.C          no pic
#os842188   Custom 2dr hrdtp   M35    Marina Blue    A51 ,D55      led Zeppelin

June 5th 1967  73111    6cyl  (now 632)  D  (724 blue bench)  Ont.   link
#os842196  Beaumont 2 dr sdn  M35   Nantucket Blue  spot. Cheetah man

June 7th 1967    73617      283ci     C   (763 black bucket)  Ont.    willie    link

#os842276   Custom 2dr hrdtp          Provincial White

June 8th 1967   73617         283ci          N                    Ont.       slinky      no pic
Custom 2dr Hrdtp            Madeira Maroon

June 8th 1967    73617        V8      Y    (763 black bucket)  Ont.         link
#os842408    Custom 2dr hrdtp   M35   Butternut Yellow   A51  D99

June 12th 1967  73617   283ci    C    (746 maroon bench)   Man.           link
Custom 2dr Hrdtp   Provincial white                             Gengiskahn

June 12th 1967   73817   396ci L35   E   (738 blue bucket)   Ont.      tag only
#os841539  SD396 2dr hrdtp  M20 Deepwater Blue/ Tp-27 black top
A51 D55 D96

June 13th 1967   73817   396ci    Y  (763 black bucket)  Ont.    no pic
SD396 2dr hrdtp   M20   Butternut yellow          Hern Pontiac-Toronto
11870th car   ( Missing car ) Engine#T0404EF

June 13th 1967    73169     250ci    F   (731 blue bench)  Nova Scotia   link
#os840956     Beaumont 4dr sdn     M35   Marina Blue met.     kijiji
Citadel Motors Ltd.-Halifax Nova Scotia

June 13th 1967   73169    6cyl     C     (757 black bench) Ontario link
#os840964   Beaumont 4dr sdn   M35   Provincial White       kijiji

June 13th  1967    73817    396ci  L34     C  (731 blue bucket)  Alberta  link
#os842214          SD396 2dr hrdtp     M20    Provincial White       kijiji
june 9th tag   A51 A81 D96 G80 J50 J52 K05 PW7 T60 U16 U63 U80
Bob Scott Motors Ltd.-Powell River B.C

June 14th 1967   73517     6cyl    N    (763  black bucket)   Ont.     link
Custom 2dr hrdtp   M35     Madeira Maroon                                           willie
#os841150       A51 D55

June 14th 1967   73667     V8         R      (761 black bench)    B.C link
#os841382        Custom conv.  M35   Bolero Red   T0P-02 black   C06   Kijiji 

June 15th 1967    73817   396ci L35    R     (750 red bucket)  Ont.       link
SD396 2dr hrdtp    M40   Bolero Red   A01 A51 D55 D99 spot. 67BBSD

G.M of Canada -Oshawa Ont.

June 15th 1967    73635      V8      D      (729 blue bench)   Alb.  link
#os841322      Custom wagon   M35   Nantucket Blue          A33       Chader

June 16th 1967   73617        V8       D   (759 black bench)      N.B            link
#os841208         Custom 2dr hrdtp   M35  Nantucket Blue            spot. 68post

June 16th 1967   73867   396ci     G    (784 gold buckets) Ontario   link 
#os842454    SD396 conv.    M40    granada Gold met./TP-02 black top
A51 D55 C06                        spotted by SD396

June 18th 1967   73817   396ci      E     (731 blue buckets) B.C    link
#os842198    SD396 2dr hrdtp   M20   Deepwater Blue met.
A51 D55                       spotted by Daryle

June 20th 1967    73517    6cyl     D     (731 blue buckets) Manitoba  link
#os841324     Custom 2dr hrdtp   M35    Nantucket Blue
A51 D55

June 21st 1967     73617   V8     S     (784 gold bucket)  Alberta   link
#os841157    Custom 2dr hrdtp    M35    Sierra fawn/TP-29 tan vinyl top
A51 C08 D55  Stampede Pontiac Buick -Calgary Alberta    Spotted by sixtywagon

June 21st 1967    73569     230ci         S    (782 gold bench)                   link
#os841243      Custom 4dr sdn    M35
Sierra Fawn
XX     Spotted by MC

3rd week June  1967    73617     V8                                                             link
#12331st car        Custom 2dr hrdtp

3rd week June 1967     73517       6cyl               (blue int.)   ,Man.        link
#12347th car     Custom 2dr hrdtp

June 22nd 1967    73617   V8     C     (728 blue bench) Manitoba    link
#os841462   Custom 2dr hrdtp   M35   Provincial White
spotted by Pontiax

June 23rd 1967    73817      396ci  L35   G    (763 Black bucket)   Alb.  link
SD 3962dr  Hrdtp   M40 Granada Gold   A01 A51 D55  D99 F40           Coop
Stampede Pontiac Buick -Calgary Alb.

June 23rd 1967    73867    396ci  L35    R   (763  Black bucket)  Ont. Link
#os841261 SD 396 Conv. M40 Bolero Red                           6T7SD396

A02 A39 A51 C06 D55 F40 K02 N40 PW8 P02 U16
shipped July 5th G.M of Canada product stock-Oshawa Ont




 13783 units produced total which includes Exports and CKD's (12535 for canada) 768 units  X9 and 480 units X9 with out engines.



last serial number was 7381771112535 June 27/67.





1968 (at least 14,784 produced)  Paint (brochure)
production date     model       engine    colour   interior     location?   owner   pic

August 23rd 1967     73837     396ci     G     (793 parchment bench) B.C  link
#os791005    SD396 2dr hrdtp    M40  ,
Ash Gold met./TP-27 black vinyl top
C08 U29 U46 A02 B93 PW8 P01 U25 U35 U63 U80                Cheetah427
Nib Johnson Motors Ltd.-Courtney B.C  3rd SD built
finished Sept. 1st

Aug. 31st 1967   73637    V8     H    (793 parchment bench)    B.C       link
#os791380    Custom 2dr hrdtp    Grecian Green met.      Betsy 68

Sept. 13th 19687    73637     V8      Q      (764 black bench) Alberta   no pic
#os791175    Custom 2dr hrdtp      Verdoro Green/TP-27 black vinyl top
C08 U46 U29                                  kijiji

Sept. 18th 1967     73637       307ci       L     (755 teal bench)  Alberta       link
#os792218    Custom 2dr hrdtp   M35    Teal Blue met.            ,kijiji

Sept. 19th 1967     73837     396ci  L35     Y   (766 black buckets)  Sask.
#os792130          SD396 2dr hrdtp   M40   Butternut Yellow   A51 D55 D99
spot. Rabbit64CS

Sept.25th 1967     73637       V8     K     (764  black bench)  ontario          link
#os792069        Custom 2dr hrdtp    Tripoli Turquoise                  19BEAU68

Sept.28th 1967     73867     396ci L34     C   (757 teal bucket)   ontario
SD 396 Conv.   M40    Ermine White   / top 10-white
A02 A39 A51 B32 B33 C06 D55 PW8 P01 U14 U63
Sold new Stratford Ont. dealer not recorded

Oct. 6th 1967   73837   396ci   L34   R   (794 parchment bucket)  Alberta link
SD396 2dr hrdtp         Matador Red /   TP-27 black top     Razer

Oct. 10 1967     73637       V8          C                                    Ontario     no pic
Custom Conv.            Ermine White                          Kijiji

Oct. 12th 1967     73837         396ci L34       G                      B.C         link
#os791145       SD396 2dr hrdtp    M40     Ash Gold         Gasman

Oct. 12th 1967    73637     307ci          Y    (765 black bench)  Ontario   link
#os791525  Custom 2dr hrdtp    M35    Butternut Yellow/TP-27 black vinyl  top
C08 U46                       ,kijiji

Oct. 13th 1967     73837     396ci L35     Y   (766 black buckets)  Alberta link
#os791289    SD396 2dr hrdtp   M40   Butternut Yellow /  TP-27 black top
A51 C08 C24 D55 U29 U46 Spot. sixtywagon

Oct. 16th 1967     73637      327ci  L30     S     (756 gold bucket)  B.C         link

#os792393    Custom 2dr hrdtp    M20    Jade Gold met./TP-27 black vinyl top
A01 A39 A51 B32 B33 B93 C08 D55 F40 K02 K05 M01 N01 N40 P01 P61
T60 U80 V31 V32 X24  Carter Motors Ltd.-Kelowna B.C         68beaumontCustom327
Oct 10th tag

Oct. 20th 1967     73637     V8        Q    (793 parchment bench) ontario    link
Custom 2dr hrdtp                   Verdoro Green met.         ,68 greg 511

Oct. 23rd 1967     73867   396ci L35                    Ontario         link
     SD396 conv.      M40
A02 A31 A39 C06 G80 G50 N40 N95 PW7 U35  U63 U73 V31 V32
Hogan  Pontiac Buick Ltd.-Toronto Ontario    spot 427 Carl

Oct. 27th 1967     73437      V8          H      (762 black bench)              link
#793833    Deluxe 2dr hrdtp          Grecian Green                 Dean

Oct.31st 1967   73837  396ci L35  N   (Parchment )  S. Carolina   Jfkheat link 
SD396 Hrdtp   M40  Cordovan Maroon / T-21 white top U57 D55  orig. Alberta
Enerson Motors -Lethbridge Alberta

Nov. 1967        73539       6cyl          D     (772 blue bench) Ontario     no pic
03427th car built     Custom 4dr sdn    Grotto Blue met.     ,
Abias Pepin Automobiles Ltd.-Longeuil Quebec          ,sold April 18th 1968

Nov.7th 1967     73667   307ci   Q     (794 parchment bucket)  ontario
os793318    Custom conv.   M35   Verdoro green /Top 02 black

Nov. 13th 1967    73667     327 2bbl        M   (756 gold buckets)  ontario     link
#os793325          Custom conv.   M35    Burnished Saddle met.
A51 C06
spotted by 427Carl

Nov. 20th 1967     73369    6cyl     G     (762 black bench)  Alberta    link
#os794972    Deluxe 4dr sdn    M35     Ash gold met.      D99           kijiji

Nov.22nd 1967  73837       396ci  L34     Q    (756 Gold bucket)   B.C link
#os794973  SD396 Hrdtp  M40  Verdoro Green/  Tp27 Black top      68SD396
A02 A51 C08 D33 D55 G80 J50 J52  N40 PW8 U63 U73 U80
Lloyd Hall Motors Ltd.-Ingersoll Ontario

Nov. 22nd 1967     73437     307ci         Y      (762 black bench)Alberta    link
#os794692      Deluxe 2dr hrdtp      Butternut Yellow                ,kijiji

Nov. 24th 1967    73667     V8     Q     (765 black bench)    Ontario     no pic
#os795470    Custom conv.    M35    Verdoro Green    
once owned by SD396

Nov.27th 1967    73427      307ci         Y    (778 gold bench)    68post link
Deluxe 2Dr sedan    M35  Butternut yellow                   New Brunswick
A39 B32 B33 J50 N40 P01 P58 U63
G.M of Canada company car account-Windsor Ont.

Nov. 28th 1967   73837   396ci L34   Q  (794 parchment bucket) Alberta  link
  SD396 2dr hrdtp    M40    Verdoro Green met/TP-21 parchment vinyl top
#os795340   A02 A51 C08 D55 J50 N40 P01 PW7 U63 V31 V32
nov. 24th tag        Bill Conroy Ltd.-West Vancouver B.C

Nov.29th 1967    73637       V8          G      (766 black buckets)  Alberta     link
Custom 2dr hrdtp   M35     Ash Gold met.  / TP-27 black top
A51 D55 C08                                                         spotted by sixtywagon

Dec. 1967        73837      396ci                                                            no pic
06074th car built      SD396 2dr hrdtp                                            Kijiji

Dec. 1967     73637        V8                                            ,B.C              link
#os796391    Custom 2dr hrdtp           M35                  ,A51 D55    usedvictoria  

Dec. 12th 1967     73637      V8       S     (765 black bench)  B.C    no pic
#os796216     Custom 2dr hrdtp   M35   Jade Gold met.  ,led Zeppelin

Dec. 13th 1967    73867   396ci L34    R        (766 black buckets)  ontario link
SD396 conv.   M20      Matador Red / Top 2 black

A51 B32 C06 D33 D55 G80 J50 N33 N40 N95 PW8 u14 U63 U73 V31 V32
dec. 7th tag   Grant Brown Motors Ltd.- Weston Ont.           68SDconvert

Dec. 14th 1967    73369     6cyl            C     (770 blue bench)   Sask.      link
#os796670     Deluxe 4dr sdn    M35  Ermine White    spotted by 67poncho

Dec.15th 1967  73837   396ci L35    K   (794 Parchment bucket)Ontario link
#os796620       SD396 hrdtp   M20    Tripoli Turquoise       spot 68sd
finished Dec.19th    A39 A51 C50 F40 J50 PW8 G80 U35 U63 U73 U80    
Carter Motors Ltd.-Kelowna B.C

Dec. 14th 1967        73867       396ci  L35      E   (774 blue)    New York    link
#os792472      SD396 conv.      M40      Fathom Blue /  T-10 white top 
A02 A39 A51 C06 D55 G80
J50 N33 N40 N95 PW7 U14 U63 U73
Finished Dec. 19th    Calgary Zone Office -Alberta            , Beaumontbill

Dec. 18th 1967     73637    V8         Q       (754 gold bench) Alberta      link
#os796020     Custom 2dr hrdtp   M35    Verdoro Green/TP-27 black vinyl top
C08                                           ,kijiji

Dec. 20th 1967   73867    396ci L35   Q  (794 parchment bucket) Ontario   link
#os796109    SD396 conv.     M40     Verdoro Green met/Top-02 black
A51 C06 D55     delivered dec. 27th     The Cliff Mills Ltd.-Oshawa Ontario

Dec. 20th 1967  73667     327ci  L30 C    (795 red bench)  ontario link
#os796467  Custom conv.  M20  Ermine White/Top 10 white  A02 F40 N10
finished dec. 27th                The Cliff Mills Motors Ltd.- Oshawa Ont.   spot.68sd

Dec.20th 1967   73667    V8        H   (794 parchment bucket)
#os796680    Custom conv.    Grecian Green  /     TP-02 white    A51 D55

Dec. 29th 1967   73227     V8      Q    (752 gold bench)  Saskatchewan
#os796658  Beaumont 2dr sdn   M20   Verdoro green                       Swift 1960

Jan. 5th 1968    73867   396ci        K     (794 parchment buckets) Alberta   link
#os795730  SD396 conv.    M20    Tripoli Turquoise
A51 D55                                                           ,Rosey

Jan. 5th 1968   73667   307ci    Q    (766 black buckets) Ontario   link
#os79642x    Custom conv.    M35   Verdoro Green met/T-02 black top
A51 D55 C06                      spot. by Cheetah Guy

Jan. 8th 1968     73437       V8       H     (762 black bench)     Alberta     link
#os796929      Deluxe 2dr hrdtp   M35   Grecian Green   D99          Kijiji

Jan. 9th 1968    73837         396ci   L35      A     (796 red buckets)  B.C  link
#os795788    SD396 2dr hrdtp   M20    Tuxedo Black   A51 D55     craigslist

Jan. 11th 1968   73637     V8        D    (794 parchment buckets)  B.C link
#os796818      Custom 2dr hrdtp   M35    Grotto Blue met.   A51 D55   Da66

Jan. 12th 1968    73637    V8         R      (764  black bench)   Ont.   link
#796847      Custom 2dr hrdtp   M35    Matador Red    D99  spot. 69Laurentian

Jan. 16th 1968  73837     396ci  L35    S  (766 black buckets)  Alberta link
#os796807   SD396 2dr hrdtp   M35  Jade Gold met. A51 D55  spot.sixtywagon

Jan. 17th 1968   73837   396ci L35   Q   (754 gold bench) Ontario    link
    SD396 2dr hrdtp   M40    Verdoro Green met.
AS1 A02 D99 J50 N40 PW8 P01 U15 U63 U73
Stampede Pontiac Buick Ltd.-Calgary Alberta

Jan. 18th 1968    73469     307ci          Y    (762 black bench)  Nova Scotia  link
#os797577     Deluxe 4dr sdn   M35    Butternut Yellow   
Jennifer & Wayne

Jan. 22nd 1968     73639     V8         G      (779 gold bench) Saskatchewan  link
#os797613  Custom 4dr hrdtp    M35   Ash Gold met/TP-21 parchment vinyl top
C08    Spotted by 67poncho

Feb. 7th 1968    73867     396ci L35    A      (766 black buckets)   Alberta  link
SD396 conv.   M20   Tuxedo Black  / Top-10  white
A51 D55 N40 PW8 U63 U80      Caras Pontiac Buick Ltd-Yorkton Saskatchewan

Feb. 7th 1968     73667      V8                                          B.C            no pic
#os798282    Custom conv.           M35                                              ,JJ

Feb. 7th 1968   73667        327ci      Q    (754 gold bench)    ontario link
#os798757   Custom conv.    M20   Verdoro Green /  TP-2 black top  spot. 68sd

Mid Feb. 1968     73837     396ci                                           Ontario      link
07158th car            SD396 2dr hrdtp      M20

March 29th      73637     327ci     E     (766 black buckets) Ontario   link
1968       Custom 2dr hrdtp     M20    Fathom Blue
#os797896     A51  D55                 68 327 4speed

April 1st 1968    73837    396ci   L34   Y   (766 black buckets) Maritimes  link
#os797999    SD396 2dr hrdtp    M20    Butternut Yellow/TP-27 black vinyl top
A02 A51 B93 C08 D33 D55 F40 G80 J50 J52 PW8 U14 U25 U26 U28 U29

U63 U73 U80               Surgenor Pontiac Buick Ltd.-Ottawa Ontario
Jan, 7th 1968 tag

April 19th 1968    73867    396ci L34   Y     (black bench)  New York      link
SD396 conv.  3 speed Manual Butternut Yellow /  Top -02 black   Beaumontbill 
A01 G80 U14 Park Buick Pontiac- Winnipeg Manitoba

April 19th 1968   73837        396ci  L35    K   (794 parchment)    B.C
SD396 Hrdtp   M40  Tripoli Tourquoise     A39 A51 A85 D55 F40 J50 N40 U63
#os799258   Carter Motors Ltd-Kelowna B.C

April 19th 1968    73337       6cyl           K     (762 black bench)                   link
#os799422          Deluxe 2dr hrdtp    M35   Tripoli Turquoise         Swampsinger

April 23rd 1968    73637      V8            V     (791  green bench) Quebec    link
#os799787     Custom 2dr hrdtp    M35   Sequoia Green met.      kijiji

April 26th1968   73637        307ci     Q   (756 gold bucket)   ontario   link

#os799359   Custom 2dr  Hrdtp   M35    Verdoro Green met/ TP-27 black top
A51 C08 C50 D55 J50 N40 P01 P62 U35 U63 V31 V32 X0R   
Roy Foss Motors-Thornhill Ontario         68Beaumont

April 29th 1968     73637       V8          Y      (765 black bench)   Alberta    link
#os799467 Custom 2dr hrdtp    M35    Butternut yellow/TP-27 black vinyl top

April 30th 1968     73637        307ci        G    (779 gold bench)   Ontario   link
#os800193      Custom 2dr hrdtp   M35    Ash Gold met.      D99          Kijiji
08117th car built

May 1968     73437    307ci    L     (762 black bench)  Alberta     link
         Deluxe 2dr hrdtp   M35   Teal Blue met.                    kijiji

May 3rd 1968     73837      396ci     K    (766 black buckets)    ontario    SD 396
SD 396 2dr hrdtp   M20   Tripoli Turquoise   D55  orig Nfndlnd   link

May 7th 1968   73437        V8          F    (770 blue bench)    ontario        no pic
#os800740   Deluxe 2dr hrdtp  M35   Island Teal      D99                         Mike

May 7th 1968    73127      6cyl         C   (777 blue bench)   Alberta    link
#os800804    Beaumont 2dr sdn    M35    Ermine White       ,kijiji

Mid May 1968     73667     V8       M     (754 med. gold)              no pic

Custom conv.    M35    Burnished Saddle met.              Roy
C06 P01 P58 U63 W70
08862nd car built

May 13th 1968    73437    V8      F    (770 blue bench)   B.C          link
#os801108        Deluxe 2dr hrdtp     Island Teal met.         Betsy 68

May 14th 1968      73637     V8         Q   (764 black bench)    Quebec      link
#os800433     Custom 2dr hrdtp    M35   Verdoro Green  /TP-27 black top  C08

May 14th 1968     73369     6cyl    Q     (762 black bench)  ontario   link

#os800885     Deluxe 4dr sedan   Verdoro Green

May 14th 1968    73337     6cyl     Q     (778 gold bench)  Nova Scotia    link
#801301      Deluxe 2dr hrdtp   M35    Verdoro Green
spot. 68Post

May 15th 1968    73369    6cyl    C      (770 blue bench) Manitoba   link
#os801111  Deluxe 4dr sdn   M35   Ermine White       kijiji

May 16th 1968   73667    V8                                         Alberta                      link
#9355th car  Custom conv.                                                                Dale

May 16th 1968   73537     250ci L22   H   (765 black bench) Nova Scotia  link
    Custom 2dr hrdtp   M35    Grecian Green met.
C50 F40 P01 P58 U63                                            Fable
Loris Connell Motors Ltd.-Middleton Nova Scotia

May 17th 1968    73637      327ci      L    (774 blue bucket)    ontario      no pic
#os800500  Custom 2dr hrdtp  Teal Blue met.
A51 D55

Mid May 1968    73837    396ci                     ,  (blue int.)   B.C       link
#09575th car built    SD396 2dr hrdtp   M20     Blue        autotrader dec.2003

Late May 1968       73469    307ci         S      (778 Gold Bench) Ontario    no pic
09698th car built    Deluxe 4dr sdn    Jade Gold met              ,willie
Border Pontiac Buick Lts.-Niagara Falls Ontario
Sold June 28th 1968

May 21st 1968     73837    396ci L34      M    (756 gold buckets)Alberta      link
SD396 2dr hrdtp   M20     Burnished Saddle met./TP-21 parchment top

A02 A51 C08 D33 D55 F40 J50 J52 N40 N95 PW7 U14 U57 U63 U73
Enerson Motors Ltd.-Lethbridge Alberta                                        Steve

May 22nd 1968    73669    307ci    D     (blue bench) Ontario     link 
#os801443   Custom 4dr sdn    Grotto Blue met.    
Midtown Motors -Montreal  Quebec

May 22nd 1968   73637     327ci        V   (793 parchment bench)  Ontario   link
#os802662    Custom 2dr hrdtp   M35   Sequoia Green               Kijiji

May 23rd 1968   73837  396ci L35  M   (756 gold bucket) ontario      no pic
#os802201  SD396 2 dr Hrdtp  M40    Burnished saddle   A51 D55   

May 23rd 1968     73437    V8         L/A                    ,New Brunswick     link
#os801873        Deluxe 2dr hrdtp    M35    Teal Blue met/Tuxedo Black    kijiji
10424th car built        D99

May 24th 1968    73669    327ci          G    (779 gold bench)   Florida    link
#os801876    Custom 4dr    M35   Ash Gold Met.      B90      Ebay  
spotted by  03CTS Sport

May 25th 1968    73327    6cyl       D      (770 blue bench)  Ontario   no pic
Deluxe 2dr sdn     M35     Grotto Blue met.                    ,tag

May 27th 1968    73135   6cyl    H    (799  Saddle bench)   Nova Scotia
#os802192     Beaumont wagon   Grecian Green           ,Jennifer & Wayne
MotorMart Yarmouth,N.S.

May 29th 1968   73637    V8          Y       (766 black buckets)   Alberta link
#os803694 Custom 2dr hrdtp  M35 Butternut Yellow A51 D55 spot. sixtywagon

May 30th 1968    73637     307ci      D    (774 blue bucket) Washington    link
        Custom 2dr hrdtp   M35   Grotto Blue met.
A51 D55 F40 J50 N40 P01 P58 U69
Parkland Pontiac Ltd.-Huntsville Ontario                 Belair

May 30th 1968   73127   250ci L22    K     (761 black bench) Alberta   link
#os803729    Beaumont 2dr sdn    M35    Tripoli Turquoise      D99       kijiji

Early June 1968        73637        307ci                          (black int.)   Alberta link
12396th car built    Custom 2dr hrdtp   M35                            Ebay

Early June 1968      73667     V8    P      (765 black)                    link
12796th car built      Custom conv.    M35    Seafrost Green met.       Roy
A02 A31 B93 C06 D33 F40 J50 N40 P01 P58 U35 W70

June 1st 1968    73227      307ci          M     (752 Gold bench)        willie link
#os803981   Beaumont 2Dr sedan  M35 Burnished Saddle Met.      ontario
F40 G80 P57 X0R
finished June 4th     H.Dick Pontiac Builck Ltd.-Whitby Ontario

June 4th 1968   73637   307ci    S   (779 gold bench) Manitoba wrecker  link
#os804251     Custom 2dr hrdtp   M35    Jade Gold met.    spotted by Old Goat

June  4th ?   73837      396ci           R  ?        (795? red)    B.C           link
1968                SD396 2dr hrdtp    M20    Matador Red     TP-27 black top
A51 D55  C08

June 6th 1968   73837   396ci L34   Q  (766 black buckets) Saskatchewan link
SD396 2dr hrdtp    M20   Verdoro Green          Snapper68

A02 A51 D55 D99 PW7 X0R Milton Motor Sales-Milton Ontario

June 7th 1968   73337    6cyl     K    (760 black bench)  B.C     link
#os804869    Deluxe 2dr hrdtp   Tripoli Turquoise                 kijiji

June 7th 1968    73837     396ci  L35     C    (766 black buckets) Sask.        link
#os805249   SD396 2dr hrdtp   M40   Ermine White                 Rabbit64CS

A51 D55 A02 D33 F40 J50 N40 P01 U35 V31 V32
Mid West Motors Ltd. Regina Saskatchewan

June 8th 1968   73637   V8    Q   (793 parchment bench) Alberta link
#os804195  Custom 2dr hrdtp  M35  Verdoro Green/TP-27 black vinyl top
C08                                                       Chambers1968

June ?0   1968      73837      396ci         M    (754 med. gold bench) Alberta  link
#os805213   SD396 2dr hrdtp   M40  Burnished Saddle/TP-21 parchment top
C08                                                                             , JJ
11776th car built

June 10th 1968      73637   327ci  L30     T     (756 Gold buckets)  B.C     link
#os804786      Custom 2dr hrdtp  M35   Palomino Ivory  /Tp-27 black top  
A51 D55  spot. 455GTO

June 11th 1968    73337     250Ci L22    G    (760 black bench)  B.C       link
#os805353          Deluxe 2dr hrdtp    M35  Ash Gold met.         Lueger68

June 12th 1968    73637    307ci    H   (766 black bucket)   Saskatchewan link
Custom 2dr hrdtp  M35     Grecian Green  A02 A51 D55 F40  Foolin68
G.M Canada Zone Stock Regina Sask.

June 12th 1968     73437     307ci      T     (778 Gold bench)   New Bruns. link
#os805132       Deluxe 2dr hrdtp  M35  Palomino ivory                    68 Post

June 12th 1968    73637     V8      Y      (765 black bench) Alberta   link
#os805202    Custom 2dr hrdtp   M35     Butternut Yellow     kijiji

June 12th 1968    73337     6 cyl            G   (760 black bench)   ontario     link
#os805476        Deluxe 2dr hrdtp      Ash Gold met.                                  Frank

June 12th 1968    73837      396ci        S     (766 black buckets)  N.B    link
#os806006      SD396 2dr hrdtp     Jade Gold met.                                  Kijiji

June 12th 1968 73437 307ci  (760 black bench) Sask

Deluxe 2dr hrdtp RR Matador Red  Brooks Motors Wynyard , SK  67Poncho

A02 F40 K05 M35 P01 P61 U63 

June 13th 1968  73837  396ci  L35   S  (766 black bucket) Nova Scotia   no pic
SD396 2 dr Hrdtp   M20  Jade gold met.  
Dean Myers Pontiac Buick Ltd.- Halifax N.S
A02 A51 G80 U16 PW7 P01 T60 U26 U63 U73

June 14th 1968    73637    307ci        Q     (764 black bench) Ontario   no pic
Custom 2dr hrdtp   M35    Verdoro Green met./TP-27 black vinyl top
C08 J50 N40 P01 P58 U63 U80 X0R                       ,willie
Hamilton Motor Products Ltd.-Hamilton Ontario

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1968 cont

June 14th 1968   73837    396ci  L35     E    (755 teal vinyl bench)  ontario link
#os806485    SD396 2 dr hrdtp   M40    Fathom blue

June 17th 1968   73837    396ci L35    G   (766 black buckets) Ontario
SD396 2dr hrdtp   M40    Ash Gold met./  TP-27 black top   link
A51 D55 C08 F40 J50 J52 N40 U63 U73 PW7 X0R BadPlum
Omer Barre -Verdun Que.

June 17th 1968   73637      V8           S    (764 black bench)   ontario link
#os806127     Custom 2dr hrdtp  M35   Jade Gold met.    D99      spot. 68sd

June 18th 1968    73637     307ci       R     (766 black buckets)   ontario   no pic
806077         Custom 2dr hrdtp    M35    Matador Red    A51 D55   Cheetah Man

June 19th 1968  73637       V8             T     (764 black bench)  ontario link
#os806584    Custom 2dr hrdtp    Palomino Ivory                        

June 20th 1968    73667      V8              L      (755 teal bench)  B.C      link
#os806813       Custom conv.    M35         Teal Blue met.   /TP-12 blue top
C06 spotted by StriperSS

June 21st 1968    73667    327ci L73    Y  (794 parchment) B.C    link   
#os806929   Custom conv.   M35    Butternut Yellow/Top-02 black
A51 B32 B33 D55 C06 N10 N40 P65 U63 U80       
Finished June 25th    Grant Brown Motors - Weston ON.      Old Car Nut

June 24th 1968   73637         307ci        L    (755 teal bench)      Ontario    link
Custom 2dr hrdtp    M35  Teal Blue met.  A02  G80         Kijiji
sold in Stratford ontario-Dealer not recorded






1969 (at least 16,737 produced)   Paint (brochure)
production date     model    engine      colour   interior    location?   owner   pic

4th week        73637      307ci           52         (755 black bench)  Alberta  link
Aug. 1968
Custom 2dr hrdtp   M38     Matador Red                     Kijiji

1st week Sept     73637      V8        55/2E      (791 parchment)  
1968      Custom 2dr hrdtp      M38     Crystal Turquoise/parchment vinyl top
#os476070     A51 C08 D55                 ,brian

1st week Sept. 73637  307ci    59  (782 midnight green bench)Alberta    link
1968          Custom 2dr hrdtp    M38    Limelight      
#os476086                         spotted by jc

2nd week Sept.   73637       V8    40/2B   (783 Med. green bench)   B.C link
1968          Custom 2dr hrdtp     M38  Mayfaire Maize /Black vinyl top

#os475113                                                                        spotted by   455GTO

2nd week Sept.    73637    V8      40/2B    (756 black buckets)  Ontario   link
1968           Custom 2dr hrdtp   M38    Mayfair Maize/black vinyl top
#os476024      A51 C50 D55                                          ,Vipersxt

Bupont Motors Ltd.-Timmins Ontario

Sept.21st 1968   73637      350ci     10    ( 788  Red bucket)     Alberta     link
Custom 2dr Hrdtp  4bbl     Tuxedo Black

3rd week Sept.    73636      V8     63     (770 saddle bench)   Alberta link
1968        Custom Wagon     M35   Champagne met.   A33     spot. sixtywagon 

1st week Oct.     73637    V8      65   (795 midnight green bench) B.C  link
1968     Custom 2dr hrdtp    M38    Antique Gold met.
#os477080      spotted by Pierre67

1st week Oct. 1968  73637   307ci    59  (796 mid. green bucket)  ontario link 
#os477524       Custom  2dr hrdtp   M35  Limelight          68sd
  A51 A82 B37 C50 F40 K05 N40 P01 P62 U35 U63 V31
W.I Thomas Motors Ltd. Cobourg Ont.

2nd week  Oct.     13637      V8      53/2B    (753  black bench)   ,Sask.         link
1968        Custom 2dr hrdtp   M35      Warwick Blue/black vinyl top              
#os477525    C50

2nd week           73569      250 L22    69  (762 blue bench) ontario link
Oct. 1968   Custom 4dr sedan     M35  Palladium Silver                
#os477779                                         Elliott Motors-Belleville Ontario                 

Oct 18th 1968 73427   307ci    51  (760  blue bench)    ontario    link               
#os478015     Deluxe 2dr sdn   M35  Liberty Blue                      
A82 P01 P58 U63                                          Cool69
The Cliff Mills Motors -Oshawa Ont.

4th week October     73637      V8     65       (755 black bench)  Ontario  link
1968              Custom 2dr hrdtp   M35    Antique Gold met.           ,kijiji
os478332      ,C50

Oct.23rd 1968   73437  Z25   396ci L34   52  (751 black bench) ontario  link
SD 396 2dr Hrdtp   M20   Madador Red                                    SD 396

A82 B79 B96 G80 J50 J52  PW8  U14 U63 U73
Gordon Motor Sales Ltd.-Bracebridge ont.

Oct.23rd 1968    73667    307ci   59/1A    (791 parchment bucket)  link link 
Custom Conv.   M35  Limelight / white top                   ontario         Willie
A39 A51 A82 A85 C06 D55 J50 N40 P01 P58 UF1 U25 U26 U28 U35
G.M Canada Direct Sales-Oshawa Ont.

4th week Oct.     73637       V8           40                           New. Bruns     link
1968            Custom 2dr hrdtp         Mayfair maize

02916th car           J.E Weldon Ltd.- Sackville New Brunswick

5th week Oct.    73667    V8   61/1A   (791 parchment bucket)  Alberta link
1968        Custom conv.      M38    Expresso Brown/white top    spot. sixtywagon
#os477718                                                                                          A51 D55

5th week Oct.    73637    V8        73/2E   (791 parchment buckets)  B.C   link
1968       Custom 2dr hrdtp    M38    Verdoro Green/parchment vinyl top
#os478303   C50 A51 D55                             spotted by Mylo

5th week Oct.        73437      V8       69/10    (751 black bench)  Alberta     link
1968                     Deluxe 2dr hrdtp    M35     Palladium Silver/Starlight Black
#os478654                                     D99                           kijiji

Oct. 28th 1968    73637    307ci     55/E   (parchment bucket) Alberta   link
   Custom 2dr hrdtp    M35    Crystal Turquoise/parchment vinyl top
A51 A81 C08 C50 D55 F40 K05 U35 U63 U80

Nov 1st 1968   73637   350ci  L48  40/10  (756 black bucket)    PEI     link
Custom 2dr hrdtp  MC1 HD Manual      Mayfair Maize/Starlight black

A51 A01 A39 A82 A85 B93 D33 D34 D55 D99 F40 J50 K05 N33 N40 N95
Hillside Motors Ltd.- Charlottetown, PEI spot. 68post

Early Nov. 1968      73637         307ci                                     Ontario          link
03511th car          Custom 2dr hrdtp

1st week Nov.    73637       307ci     53    (762 blue bench)   BC     Bcice link
1968              Custom 2dr hrdtp          Warwick Blue                               

1st week Nov.  13337      250ci L22   69    (751 black bench) Ontario  link
1968    Deluxe 2dr hrdtp      M38    Palladium Silver met.     kijiji

1st week Nov.  73637      V8       73    (782  mid. green bench)  ontario link
1968              Custom 2dr hrdtp     M38     Verdoro Green   B93  U46   Spot.68sd

1st week Nov.    73637    V8           59    (783 med. green bench)  Ontario   link
1968           Custom 2dr hrdtp   M35   Limelight        D99               John

1st week Nov.    73637             V8          53     (762 blue bench)             no pic
1968              Custom 2dr hrdtp      M35          Warwick Blue
#os478986   D99

1st week Nov.  73427   307ci    53    (760 blue bench) Quebec link
1968        Deluxe 2dr sdn   M35   Warwick Blue met.
#os478999    B90                                kijiji

2nd week Nov.    73637     V8    55/2E   (790 parchment bench) N. Scotia  link
1968          Custom 2dr hrdtp     M35      Crystal Turquoise/Parchment vinyl top
#os479092                              ,kijiji

2nd week Nov.    73327     250ci L22    53    (760 blue bench)   Sask.
1968             Deluxe 2dr sdn     M35      Warwick Blue       spotted by Rabbit64cs

Nov.22nd 1968   73637     350ci  L48       55    (756 black bucket)  ontario
Custom 2dr Hrdtp     M38  Crystal Turquoise    D55 A51 N10 ZJ7
Empress Pontiac Buick Ltd.-Victoria

3rd week Nov.    73667         V8             59/1B  (755 black bench) Alberta  link
1968          Custom conv.        M38     Limelight /black top    spot. sixtywagon

3rd week Nov.      73637     350ci    40    (756 black bucket)    Quebec link
1968               Custom 2dr hrdtop  M20   Mayfair Maize    A51 D55   Stratt77

3rd week Nov.    73437         V8            51   (760 blue bench)   Alberta       link
1968              Deluxe 2dr hrdtp    M38   Liberty Blue                        Painkiller

4th week Nov.     73427     V8            51                   ontario                      link
1968          Deluxe 2dr sdn        Liberty Blue                         spot 68sd

4th week Nov.     73537        6cyl       50        (762 blue bench)  Ontario   link
1968              Custom 2dr hrdtp    M35     Cameo White             ,kijii
#os480???         C50

Dec.2nd 1968   73637            307ci         61                     ontario        no pic
Custom 2dr Hrdtp                Expresso Brown                 Slinky

Dec. 6th 1968   73667   350ci L48    69/1B     (787 red bench)      link
Custom conv.           M38      Palladium Silver/black top
A39 A82 C06 C50 D33 J50 N40 P62 UF1 U25 U26 U28 U35 U63 U73
Motors Insurance corp-Annacis B.C              ,Brian

Dec. 9th 1968 73437 Z25  396ci  L34  57/2B (752 black bench)Alberta  no pic
SD396 2dr hrtp   M20    Midnight Green/black vinyl top      68SD396rag
A01 A82 B37 B93 B95 B96 C08 C24 D33 D34 G80 J52 J50 PL5 U14 U57 U63
V31 V32 ZP5

2nd week Dec.    73637          V8                                                 Manitoba    link
1968            Custom 2dr hrdtp
05279th car built

2nd week Dec.  73637   350ci L48   51/2B  (753 black bench) Ont. link
1968       Custom 2dr hrdtp    M38   Liberty Blue/black vinyl top
#os480094    C50                                     1966 SD

2nd week Dec.   73637     V8   59/2S     (784 med. green bench)  ontario   link
1968             Custom 2dr hrdtp    M38   Limelight Green / Midnight green top
#os480151                                                                                       spot. 68sd

2nd week Dec.?     73437   V8       73     (752 black bench) Ontario   link
1968        Deluxe 2dr hrdtp    M35    Verdoro Green
#os480422   C50                                    kijiji

2nd week Dec   73437   350ci LM1   73   (786 med. green bench) Ontario  link
1968            Deluxe 2dr hrdtp   M35    Verdoro Green met.                kijiji
Border Pontiac Buick Ltd.-Niagara falls Ontario

2nd week           73369      250 L22       55   (751 black bench)
Dec.1968    Deluxe 4 dr sdn  M35  Crystal Turquoise               ontario  

Dec.12th 1968   73637   350ci L48   55   (756 black buckets) Nova Scotia link
Custom 2dr hrdtp      M20   Crystal Turquoise                          spot.427Carl
A51 D55 G80 N10 U63             Clyde L. ?      Ltd. -Bridgetown Nova Scotia

Dec. 16th 1968    73637   350ci LM1    57/50    (784 med. green) Alberta  link
Custom 2dr hrdtp   M38    Midnight Green/Cameo White
A01 A39 A82 A85 B37 B93 C50 D33 D99 F40 K05 N10 P61 UF1 U25 U26 U28
U73 U80 ZJ7 ZJ9 ZK3     Willmore Park Service Ltd.-Grande Cache Alberta

Dec.16th         73667        307ci   52/1B    (755 black bench)   ontario          link
1968          Custom conv.   M38       Matador Red  /black top       spotted 68sd
#os480479                             Keith Brown Pontiac Buick  -Peterborough Ont.

4th week Dec.  73637    V8   61/2S   (796 midnight green bucket)Ontario link
1968       Custom 2dr hrdtp   M38    Expresso Brown/midnight green vinyl top
#os481636   A31 C50 A51 D55                                 1966 SD

4th week Dec.    73637     307ci     52   (790 parchment bench)   ontario    link
1968             Custom 2dr hrdtp    M35  Matador Red  spotted by 69Laurentian

Jan. 1969       73567         6cyl         52/1B     (red bench)     ontario link
7169th car      Custom conv.     Matador Red /black top

1st week Jan.    73637     V8       55/50  (790 parchment bench)   B.C     link
1969           Custom 2dr hrdtp  M38  Crystal Turquoise /Cameo white         Mylo
#os482449                                                                          D99

Jan.16th 1969   73637           307ci       65                        ontario link
Custom 2dr hrdtp                  Antique Gold             Slinky
Elliott Motors Ltd.-Belleville Ontario

Mid Jan. 1969   73537      6cyl       59         (green bench)               link
car # 07300     Custom 2dr hrdtp        Limelight                             E bay

2nd week Jan. 73537    250ci L22     73  (784 med. green bench) Sask. link
1969          Custom 2dr hrdtp   M38    Verdoro Green

Jan. 21st 1969    73637      307ci     69     (787 red bench)    B.C           link
Custom 2dr hrdtp  M35     Palladium Silver/vinyl top
A02 B93 C08 C50 D33 G80 J50 N40 P01 P61 UF1 U25 U26 U28 U63 ZJ9
Motors Insurance CorporationLtd.- Annacis BC    ,Yarrowman

3rd week Jan     73637    307ci     61/2E   (790 parchment bench) ontario link
1969               Custom 2dr hrdtp   M38   Expresso Brown/ parchment top
#os482370         C50                                                               spot. cool69

3rd week Jan.    73569   250ci   59   (782  midnight green bench)  ontario link
1969            Custom 4dr sdn   L22 M38     Limelight     &&&       Sand442Man    

4th week Jan.  73537   250ci L22   59/2S (782 midnight green bench) ontario
1969    Custom 2dr hrdtp   M35    Limelight Green met/midnight green vinyl
#os482733                                                             1966 SD                            link

5th week Jan     73327   250ci L22    52    (751 black bench) Ontario   link
1969      Deluxe 2dr sdn     M35       Matador Red
#os483865                                   kijiji

1st week Feb.      73437     307ci         67     (751 black bench) Ontario     link
1969           Deluxe 2dr hrdtp     M38    Burgundy met.
#os484598     C50

Feb.13th 1969  73437 Z25    396ci L34   59  (751 black bench)  ontario  link
SD396 2dr Hrdtp    M20    Limelight green 
A02 G80 G84 J50 J52 B95 B96 C50 N40 PL5 U63 U73 ZJ7 ZKQ           
Slessor Motors -Newmarket  Ontario

2nd week Feb.     73637    V8     52/2B     (756 black buckets) Ontario  link
1969    Custom 2dr hrdtp   M38    Matador Red/black vinyl top
#os484621  A51 C50 D55                                1966 SD

3rd week Feb.     73437      V8     40    (751 black bench)     Saskatchewan  link
1969                   Deluxe 2dr hrdtp     M38   Mayfaire Maize        ,kijiji

Feb.17th          73236           307ci       53    (759 blue bench)         Katty
1969        Beaumont wagon   M35     Warwick blue            Finland
#os484878                                                Rumble Pontiac Buick-Toronto Ontario

Feb.18th 1969   73537    230 ci   59   (783 med. green bench)  Alberta    Jake
Custom 2dr hrdtp           Limelight Green                             linklink
Jenner motors - Edmonton Alberta

Feb. 19th 1969  73637    307ci   59/2S (796 green buckets) N. Carolina  Link
Custom 2dr hrdtp  M38  Limelight Green/Mid. Green vinyl  top
A02 A51 B37  C08 D55 J50 N40 P01 P58 U25 U28 U29 U63 U73 UF1 ZJ9
Marvin Starr Pontiac Ltd. -Scarborough Ontario

3rd week Feb.    73637          307ci                                   Ontario      link
1969             Custom 2dr hrdtp                                                 spotted by Wayne
09987th car

3rd week Feb.    73537     250ci L22   53/2C   (762 blue bench)  Ontario   link
1969            Custom 2dr hrdtp   M38    Warwick blue Met. /Dark blue vinyl top
#os485118      C50                                                                       Kijiji

3rd week Feb.    73637    350ci 2bbl L65    51  (762 blue bench)   Ontario   link
1969           Custom 2dr hrdtp     M38   Liberty Blue               kijiji 

3dr week Feb.    73667     307ci      52/1B    (755 black bench)   PEI link
1969           Custom conv.     M35     Matador Red/black top           C08      Ebay

4th week Feb   73637   350ci  L48    52/2E  (790 parchment bench)B.C  link
1969      Custom 2dr hrdtp    M38   Matador Red/parchment top    kijiji
#os485921                                   U57

1st week March         73637      307ci                                     ,Ohio        link
1969                          Custom 2dr hrdtp     M35

10221st car built

1st week March    73637      V8       69/2C     (762 blue bench)  B.C   link
1969            Custom 2dr hrdtp   M35   Palladium Silver/dark blue vinyl top

#os486096                             C50                           Mylo

1st week         73437       307ci      73  (786 Med. green bench)    New Bruns.
March 1969  Deluxe 2dr hrdtp   M38   Verdoro green             68 Post
Jim Pattison On Main-Vancouver

March 6th 1969     73637   307ci     40/2E  (787 med. red bench)Illinois  link
Custom 2dr hrdtp     M35    Mayfaire Maiz/parchment vinyl top
A01 C08 C60 F40 N40 P01 P57 T60 X27
Export to Puerto Rico      (174 of model 73637 exported from Canada)

Early March 1969     73667     V8                                      Ontario       link

10797th car         Custom Conv. 

2nd week March       73637     V8     69/2B    (787 red bench)    ,Sask.          link
1969        Custom 2dr hrdtp       M35   Palladiaum Silver/black vinyl top      
#os486514                                 kijiji

2nd week March     73667    307ci     52/1B     (787 red bench) Oregon  link
1969        Custom conv.    M38   Matador Red/black top
#os486718   C06    Bryant Motors Ltd.Windsor Ontario    2pchall

3rd week March      73637          V8                                    ,Quebec        link
1969                Custom 2dr hrdtp                                      ,kijiji

3rd week March   73637   V8   59   (782 midnight green bench) Manitoba link
1969       Custom 2dr hrdtp   M35    Limelight Green met.
#os486778      spot. Pontiax

3rd week March    73637    V8    57/2B  (755 black bench) Nova Scotia  no pic
1969             Custom 2dr hrdtp  M35    Midnight Green met./black vinyl top
#os487067                                 spotted by highlander

3rd week           73567         6cyl           67/1B  (755  black bench)  ontario
March 1969   Custom Conv.    M35   Burgundy met./black top        spot.68sd

3rd week     73567         230ci             40/1B  (755 black bench)  B.C     link
March 1969
Custom conv.     M35    Mayfair Maize/black top    N40 J50    kijiji
#os487287                          John Wright Motor Sales-Thamesford Ontario

3rd week          73637       V8                                                 Manitoba   Link
March 1969    Custom 2dr hrdtp                                                 Ebay

11465 th car

4th week March     73637     V8   52  (790 parchment bench)  Ontario  link
1969             Custom 2dr hrdtp    M35    Matador Red                 kijiji

5th week March    73437     V8    73     (752 black bench)  Ontario   no pic
1969         Deluxe 2dr hrdtp   M38    Verdoro Green met.
#os486752   C50                spotted by 70SSAcadian   Wreckers

April 1969        73637        307ci         59/2S      (green int.)      .Quebec      link
#os485070   Custom 2dr hrdtp   M38    Limelight Green/Midnght Green top

1st week    73637  350ci L48    51/2E (791 parchment bucket)Alberta link
April 1969      Custom 2dr hrdtp    M38     Liberty Blue /parchment vinyl top
#os487032    A01 A51 A01 D55 F40 K05 J50 N10 N40 P01 U35 U63
J & K Motors Ltd. -Gull Lake Saskatchewan         kijiji

April 3rd 1969     73637     350ci L48    52     (790 parchment) Ontario  link
  Custom 2dr hrdtp    M20      Matador Red                      ,kijiji
P57 U63

1st week April   73437     307ci    73/57   (786 med. green bench)  B.C link
1969              Deluxe 2dr hrdtp   M38   Verdoro Green /Midnight Green   D99
OS487633                                                                          Spotted by 455GTO

April 7th 1969      73637     307ci     65    (782 mid. green bench) B.C    link
  Custom 2dr hrdtp    M38     Antique Gold met.
A02 B37 J50 N40 P01 P58 U63
Empress Pontiac Buick Ltd.-Victoria B.C

April 11th 1969      73637     350 L48    57  (783 med. green)                  no pic
Custom 2dr hrdtp M20                 Midnight Green met.
#os488067      D99 G80 j50 P57 U63 U73                       scrapped
Border Pontiac Buick Ltd.-Niagara Falls Ontario        ,spotted by SD396

2nd week April   73437   307ci   59/2E  (786 med. green bench)  ontario link
1969             Deluxe 2dr hrdtp  M38   Limelight Green/parchment top
#os487630                          Keith Brown Pontiac   -Peterborough 68sd

2nd week April  73327    250ci L22   59    (786 med. green bench) Sask. link
1969           Deluxe 2dr sdn    M38    Limelight Green met.
#os487xxx                                         Outsider 1

3rd week April   73567  250ci  L22  59/1B   (790 parchment)  Ontario   no pic
1969           Custom conv.    M35      Limelight met. /black top
#os487672     C06                                           ,once owned by SD396

3rd week April  73667    V8     67/1A    (790 parchment bench) B.C    link
1969           Custom conv.  M38    Burgundy/white top
#os488100    C06                                        kijiji

3rd week       73427       307ci       52        (751 black bench)   Sask. link
April 1969    Deluxe 2dr sdn     M35      Matador Red    C50          Kijiji

3rd week        73637       307ci    61/2F  (755 black bench)  New Jersey link
April 1969     Custom 2 dr hrdtp  M35   Expresso Brown/d. brown top   AlbertG

April 22nd 1969  73667   307ci    65/1B (790 parchment bench)  Quebec  link
#os488364     Custom conv.   M35   Antique Gold met./Black top
4C       C06 J50 N40 P01       Kennedy Motor Products Ltd.-Strathroy Ontario

4th week             73327         250 L22       65   (751 black bench) link
April 1969  Deluxe 2 door sdn  M38   Antique Gold        ontario   

4th week April     73637     V8        51      (762 blue bench)  Manitoba  no pic
1969           Custom 2dr hrdtp   M38    Liberty Blue
#os489175         spotted by Carl & Todd,    Winnipeg wreckers

4th week April      73537             6cyl        59                     Ontario              link
1969         Custom 2dr Hrdtp              Limelight green                     69SD

1st week May 1969  73637   V8    59   (782 midnight green bench) B.C  no pic
#os489344   Custom 2dr hrdtp   M38    Limelight Green      C50   Led Zeppelin

Early May 1969    73337     6cyl                                           ,B.C              link
14049th car built            Deluxe 2dr hrdtp                                                ,kijiji

May14th 1969     73567  230ci    55/1B  (790 Parchment bench) link
#os490152 Custom conv.   M35 Crystal Turquoise/ black top      Texas USA
C06 P67 U63
Plaza Pontiac Buick Ltd.-Toronto Ont.

May 14th 1969     73667    307ci     40/1B    (755 black bench) Ontario  link
   Custom conv.    M38    Mayfair Maize/black top
C06 D33 J50 N40 PW8 P01 U35 U63 U80
Old Mill Pontiac Buick Ltd.-Toronto Ontario

3th week May     73637      V8        10      (790 parchment bench)  Alberta  link
1969               Custom 2dr hrdtp    M38    Starlight Black  
#os489924       C50                            spotted by sixtywagon

3rd week May 1969   73667   350ci L65  63/1B (790 parchment) Alberta  link
#os490290     Custom conv.   M38   Champagne/black top
C50                    kijiji

May 20th 1969   73537  230ci  59/2F (783 bench) Manitoba    link
#os490506 Custom 2dr hrdt   M35 Limelight Green/Drk.Fawn top 
A02 B37 C08 D33 J50 K05 N40 P01 P58 UF1 U25 U26 U28 U29 U63
Malis Motors Ltd.-Selkirk Alberta                                        Beaumont4008

May 22nd 1969     73667     V8                                    ,Illinois             link
14880th car built     Custom conv.

May 22nd 1969   73637   307ci      65    (790 parchment bench)  Sask.     link
#os490502  5C     Custom 2dr hrdtp     M38    Antique Gold met.        Kijiji
A02 D33 F40 J50 D99 N40 P01 P61 U63 U80   Mid West Motors-Regina Sask.

4th week May     73667      V8      40/1B     (756 black bucket)  Alberta    link
1969               Custom conv.     M38      Mayfair Maize/black top
#os489452       A51 D55 C06                        spotted by Sixtywagon

4th week May       73637     350ci L48     61/2E    (790 parchment bench)  link
1969         Custom 2dr hrdtp   M38   Expresso Brown/parchment vinyl top
#os490???     U57        spottted by blacktransam

4th week May     73667    V8     52/1B     (756 black buckets) Ontario link
1969     Custom conv.    M38     Matador Red/black top
#os490634   A51 D55 C06                                      1966 SD

4th week May    73637       350ci L48       52/50   ( 788 red buckets)  B.C   link
1969                 Custom 2dr hrdtp       M40         Matador Red/Cameo White 
#os490841                          Reid Motors Kamloops B.C
A02 A51 B37 B93 D55 D99 F40 J50 K05 N40 P01 U57 U63
sequence #15151

4th week May     73667     V8       51/1A     (764 blue bench)  ontario    link
1969             Custom conv.   M38   Liberty Blue/white top                 kijiji
#os490890             C06

5th week May     73637        V8           53       (762 blue bench)   Sask. link
1969          Custom 2dr hrdtp        M38   Warwick Blue      C50          Kijiji

5th week May     73637     V8                              Ontario            link
1969           Custom 2dr hrdtp       M35                          
#490474                spotted by blacktransam

5th week May   73637    V8    63     (753 black bench) Sask.    link
1969     Custom 2dr hrdtp   M38    Champagne met.
#os490878   spotted by 67poncho

5th week May      73637    V8    55/2B    (756 black bucket) Alberta    link
1969      Custom 2dr hrdtp    M35   Crystal Turquoise/black vinyl top
#os491523   C50 A51     spot. captain Beaumont


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1969 cont

June 2nd 1969   73337  250ci L22   51   (760 blue bench)   ontario    link 
Deluxe 2dr hrdtp       M35  Liberty Blue   BX4              cool69
BX4 B93 C50 J50 N40 P01 P58 U63 U80
York Mills Pontiac Buick-Toronto

June 2nd 1969   73637     V8        65       (parchment int.)    Ontario link
sequence # 15489        Custom 2dr hrdtp      M38    Antique Gold met.         Kijiji

1st week june    73667    V8             51/1A   (764 blue bench)           no pic
1969              Custom conv.          Liberty Blue /White top

1st week June     73667     350ci  L48?              (black buckets)   Ontario   link
1969                   Custom conv.                      
sequence # 15711       A51 D55

1st week June               73437       V8                                                 Ontario  link
1969                       Deluxe 2dr hrdtp                                     Slinky
sequence# 15724

2nd week June   73327   250ci L22   53   (760 blue bench) Ont.  link
1969       Deluxe 2dr sdn    M35    Warwick Blue met.
#os489704    kijiji

2nd week June    73637     V8    55    (756 black buckets)  B.C     link
1969            Custom 2dr hrdtp   M35     Crystal Turquoise  
#489870          A51                     spotted by 455GTO

2nd week June   73637   350ci L65  73/2B  (796 mid green bucket) Ont.  link
1969     Custom 2dr hrdtp    M38    Verdoro Green vinyl top
#os491118   A51 D55                                    kijiji

2nd week June  73667       V8       69/1B   (787 red bench)  N.B            link
1969              Custom conv.    M38  Palladium Silver /black top   A31    BigAls69

2nd week June    73637    V8     65/61    (790 parchment bench) Alberta link
1969    Custom 2dr hrdtp    M38    Antique Gold met/Expresso Brown
#os491519   D99     spotted by sixtywagon

June 15th 1969    73667      307ci      73/1B     (755 black bench) Ontario  link
Custom conv.         M35     Verdoro Green/black top

3rd week June   73667  350ci L48   67/1B  (791 parchment buckets) B.C  link
1969      Custom conv.        Burgundy Met./black top          craigslist
#os489?      C50 C06 A51 D55

3rd week June    73637        L65   57     (790 parchment bench) ontario
1969       Custom 2dr hrdtp   350 2bbl  Midnight Green                  

3rd week June     73337       6cyl                                             Ontario     link
1969          Deluxe 2dr hrdtp  
16,602nd car built

June 23rd 1969     73637     307ci     65  (756 black buckets )   Ontario     link
#os491762      Custom 2dr hrdtp       M35      Antique Gold met.      A51 D55

York Mills Pontiac Buick-Toronto

the last Beaumont built by General Motors in Oshawa was on June 25, 1969, it was a V8 Beaumont station wagon . The last Z25 SD396 was a Beaumont Deluxe with an L35 just two days before.

43   SD396 L34 350hp cars produced  (73437/73427)
48 SD396 (L35) 325hp cars produced (73437/73427)

36 cars produced with MC1 trans option

174 of  model 73637 Beaumont Custom 2dr hrdtp exported from Canada










Acadian Beaumont hrdtp               M         Chile     CesarGTA     2174   link linktag

Acadian Beaumont hrdtp    6 cyl         B         Chile   Micky  2272   link linktag



Acadian Beaumont hrdtp                          Q     Chile                 2453    link linktag

Acadian Beaumont Hrdtp          . 6cyl       H      Chile    Felipe  2706  link linktag

Acadian Beaumont  hrdtp                           L    Chile      Nuel   2977            linktag

Acadian Beaumont hrdtp                                  Chile                 3056    link linktag



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LINK TO MODEL CODES & Production #s


Trim Charts

Engine Codes

more ads



Cars from Dealers

Calandar year production chart

Beaumont production figures/dates








American Built GM Cars Exported To Canada Registry

canadian zone codes
80 - GM Canada
81 - Vancouver, British Columbia
82 - Calgary, Alberta
83 - Regina, Saskatchewan
84 - Winnipeg, Manitoba
85 - London, Ontario
86 - Montreal, Quebec
87 - Moncton, New Brunswick
88 - Ste. Foy, Quebec
95 - Toronto, Ontario
96 - Ottawa, Ontario
97-    Export

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If anyone would like to post their own information in this section or PM 68sd directly the information will be added. Your post can then be removed after a couple of weeks.
 Please keep comments in this thread to a minimum. This should make the information easier to read.

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and another new one

Jan. 12th 1967   73169       6cyl       D   (724 blue bench)    Sask.              no pic
#os835769     Beaumont 4 dr      M35                                                            Ken


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another SD from sixty smile

Nov. 24th 1967   73837      396ci             Q   (794 parchment)  Alberta     link
#os795340  SD396 2dr hrdtp  M40  Verdoro Green  TP-21 white top A51 D55
spotted by sixtywagon


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couple new ones from 455GTO

1st week April   73437         307ci       73-57   (786 med. green)  Alberta    link
1969              Deluxe 2dr hrdtp   M38   Verdoro Green -Midnight Green   D99
OS487633                                                                          Spotted by GTO455

2nd week  Dec.   73637          V8         40-2B   (783 Med. green)   Alberta   link
 1968          Custom 2dr hrdtp     M38  Mayfaire Maize  -Black top
os745113                                                                        spotted by   GTO455


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man you find alot of SDs

March 28th 1967   73817     396ci       Y   (784 gold buckets)   Alberta      link
837278            SD396 2dr hrdtp    M40   Butternut Yellow  A51 D55 D99
                                                                                            spotted sixtywagon


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new ones

Oct. 19th 1966   73617 A51    V8         N  (763 black buckets)  Manitoba    link
#830625   Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp  M35   Madeira Maroon  TOP-27 black   Kijiji

Jan. 24th 1967   73617        V8          J   (782 gold bench)  Manitoba         no pic
#os836278   Custom 2dr hrdtp  M20  Verde Green  T-29 vinyl top  U80  Kijiji 


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new addition
4th week Dec.    73637     307ci       52     (790 parchment)   ontario           link
1968               Custom 2dr hrdtp    M35                         spotted by 69Laurentian


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thanks for adding your car to the registry,looks like it was close to looking like cool69s car when new!

3rd week Nov.    73437         V8            51   (760 blue bench)   Alberta       link
1968              Deluxe 2dr hrdtp    M38   Liberty Blue                        Painkiller


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new one
June 6th 1966    73617 A51    V8           2D    (387 blue)   ontario              link
#840214     Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp   M20   Mist Blue met.  Top-27 black top
                                                                                                     spotted by 68sd

June 17th 1968   73637      V8           S    (764 black bench)   ontario         link
#os806127     Custom 2dr hrdtp  M35   Jade Gold met.    D99      spot. 68sd

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new addition

Dec. 8th 1966     73617          283ci       P     (746 maroon bench)   ontario   link
#os836081      Custom 2dr hrdtp   M35  Silverglaze met.
   D99  spot.68sd


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I keep looking for a 67 SD car to close in that gap between 738 and 736 cars!

Sooner or later..............


1966 Strato Chief 2 door, 427 4 speed, 45,000 original miles 

1966 Grande Parisienne, 396 1 of 23 factory air cars (now converted to a "factory" 4 speed)

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April 29th 1965    73837          327ci        S/V    (969 int.)     ontario        link
#836043     Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp   M35    Sierra Tan/Cameo Beige  spot.68sd

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, I had the seller of that NB Beaumont e-mail the tag info to me. Can you give a quick decode of it? st 68738370s806006 tr766 1-6-12 9ss (I guess he never included all the info, it should have the A51 option and trans info, yes?)

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Barry -

2 x 68 Beaumonts, 1post, 1 hardtop (projects)

2x 65 Chevelle 300 deluxe (projects)

69 SS396 300 deluxe post






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73837 SD 2dr hardtop

June 12th 1968

766 black buckets

9 SS   enamel   Jade gold met,

sorry i was off for a bit today


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is it this one?

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looks to be built the same day as yours?

June 12th 1968     73437     307ci      T     (778 Gold )   New Brunswick     link
#os805132       Deluxe 2dr hrdtp  M35  Palomino ivory                    68 Post

June 12th 1968    73337     6 cyl            G   (760 black)    ontario              link
#os805476        Deluxe 2dr hrdtp      Ash Gold met.                                  Frank 

June 12th 1968    73837      396ci        S     (766 black buckets)  N.B    link
#os806006      SD396 2dr hrdtp     Jade Gold met.                                  Kijiji


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