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Garage Cleanup, misc items.

Hello All, just trying to cleanup some stuff from the garage that has been building up over the years/decades. 10% off all sales will go towards Todd for site maintenance. I will also be listing some of the larger/heavier stuff locally on Kijiji as pickup maybe better for someone locally versus trying to ship it. If it sells here, Todd gets a donation. I will be listing in the Non-Canadian Pontiac section also. 

#1-Pepsi Cooler from the late 60's-early 70's. I really don't know when it's from, i'm just guessing. I've plugged it in and it stays cold. $300.00 Local pick up only

#2-Pepsi cooler top, has the cord there but need the plug end installed. Not sure if it lights up or not. $30.00

#3-Pepsi cooler top with plexiglass. The Pepsi sign os paper. $25.00

#4-2-GMC Banner, must be close to 6ft long, only attaches on one end, but could be pinned up on the garage wall. $40.0

#6- Raybestos approved dealer sign, 2 sided with suction cups. Great for the garage window. $25.00

#7- GM/AC/Delco sticker. Peel and stick. Looks to be older, but I have no idea. I've had it for many years. $100.00

#8- AC Delco 2000 Calendar. Never been used. $25.00

#9- 1995-96 Ridgid Calendar with original mailer envelope. Never been used. Nice piece. $40.00

#10- 1997-98 Ridgid Calendar with original mailer envelope. Never been used. Nice Piece. $40.00

#11- 1997 Snap-on Snapshot Calendar. Never used $50.00

#12- 1989-90 Ridgid Calendar. Never been used. No envelope. $30.00

#13- 1999 Snap-on Snapshot Calendar. Never used. $50.00

#14- 1998 Snap-on Snapshot Calendar. Never used, but poor storage. $40.00

#15- 2002 Snap-on Snapshot Calendar. Never used. $50.00

#16- 1996 Snap-on Snapshot Calendar. Never used. $50.00

#17- 1996 AC Delco Calendar, bottom corner ding. Otherwise un-used. $35.00

#18- 1987-88 Ridgid Calendar. Never used. #30.00

#19- 1990 Kipp Scott Pontiac Buick (Red Deer) Calendar. Never used. $30.00

#20- 1994 Wheaton Chevrolet (Red Deer) Calendar. $10.00

#21- Muscle Car Calendar, just a 2 sided calendar, but thought it had a nice pic on the front of a GTO. $5.00

#22- 1992 NAPA/Elmac auto electric calendar. $10.00

#23- 1993 Interstate Calendar. $10.00

#24- 1996 Quick Times Calendar, laminated. $10.00

#25- 1994 Anchor King Calendar. Includes very nice pictures of very nice ladies. Great for the garage wall.... $25.00

#26- NOS brochure that fold out to a poster. Very nice wall hanger. $25.00

#27- K&N filter charger wall hanger poster. Was previously hung by staples. $15.00

#28- 2013 Sport Illustrated Swimwear Calendar. Should I say anymore... No stuck pages in this one guys. $10.00

#29- Small plastic thermometer wall hanger from McMullen Refrigeration in Red Deer. $10.00

#30- 1995 Snap-on Snapshots Calendar. Never used. $50.00

#31- 1999 Budweiser All Canadian Girls Calendar. Never been used. No stuck pages on this one either guys. $10.00

#32- 2005 Kokanee Calendar. Never Used. $10.00

#33- 2008 Kokanee Calendar. Never Used. $10.00

#34- 2006 Kokanee Calendar. Never Used. $15.00

#35- 1987 Snap-on Calendar. Never Used. $40.00

#36- 1988 Snap-on Calendar. Never used. $40.00

#37- 1989 Snap-on Calendar.Never used. $40.00

#38- 2-autographed pictures. I have no idea who they are. Make an offer on these items and everything form this sale will be donated to Todd.

Best to send me an email at  Remove the at for @.


All items don't include shipping. Any of the calendars I will have to grab some cardboard and make something up so they don't get beat up by Canada post.

IMG_3053.jpgIMG_3053.jpgIMG_3054.jpgIMG_3055.jpgIMG_3070.jpgIMG_3074.jpgIMG_3090.jpgIMG_3092.jpgIMG_3093.jpgIMG_3099.jpgIMG_3100.jpgIMG_3101.jpgIMG_3102.jpgIMG_3103.jpgIMG_3104.jpgIMG_3105.jpgIMG_3106.jpgIMG_3107.jpgIMG_3108.jpgIMG_3109.jpgIMG_3110.jpgIMG_3111.jpgIMG_3112.jpgIMG_3113.jpgIMG_3114.jpgIMG_3115.jpgIMG_3116.jpgIMG_3117.jpgIMG_3118.jpgIMG_3119.jpgIMG_3120.jpgIMG_3121.jpgIMG_3122.jpgIMG_3123.jpgIMG_3124.jpgIMG_3125.jpgIMG_3126.jpgIMG_3127.jpgIMG_3129.jpgIMG_3130.jpgIMG_3131.jpgIMG_3132.jpgIMG_3133.jpgIMG_3134.jpgIMG_3135.jpgIMG_3136.jpgIMG_3137.jpgIMG_3138.jpgIMG_3139.jpgada post. So shipping maybe a little more, but they will arrive safely. All prices are OBO, as I don't know what some of it's worth. But knowing the Snap-on stuff should command a bit more of a premium. Let's make a deal if you want multipule items.


Thanks for the space Todd, and thanks to all for looking. 











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