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Need help with Sbc engine suffix

I have what I believe is a 1970 300hp 350ci sbc 

and I cant seem to find any info on the suffix?


Casting number 3932388

Any thoughts??



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Oh I got this.

3932388 is a 1969 350 and 302 casting
HN is a 1969 300hp 350 with TH trans for a full size


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I found this post on Team Camaro, I just post it as I cannot make any claims to its veracity, is your's two or four bolt main bearing caps. 


The 3932388 block came in both 2 bolt and 4 bolt main versions. The 4 bolt was used in a small number of the Z28 Cars and they were only found in early 69 production cars say till December of 68 Castings Dates.


The casting number 3932388 was only used in 1969 and is rare because not many cars much less Camaro's got this block casting number that are known. The book Chevrolet By the Numbers 1965-69 says this engine was put in 1969 passenger cars and Camaro's. Their notes say this: "Very little is known about this block". It seems that most blocks were Tonawanda cast and built, but some Norwood assembled Z28's used this block with Flint-produced engines. From all indications the block is identical to #3932386. It has been found in Passenger cars with the 350/300hp engine suffix code stamping. At least four SS 350 and at least two Z28 Camaros were built with this block, with casting dates ranging from 20 8 to C 11 9. At least one Camaro was built it September 1969 with this block. Other cars could have received this rare block, but it is unknown which or why. Most #3932388 blocks are dated from September to December 1968." We have apparently had all (and then some) of the Camaro owners, according to Chevrolet By the Numbers 1965-69, of this block casting to email us about it. The problem is there are no exact numbers as to how many cars had this block casting number. The block doesn't have any special features that sets it off from the rest that would make it any more desirable than other blocks from that time period though.

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I think you'll find any 388 blocks used for Flint engines are actually Tonawanda cast. In my experience the 3932388 block is Tonawanda cast only (just like 040 and 041 fuelie heads), and as far as I am aware Tonawanda did not produce 2.02/1.6 valve fuelies so the only Tonawanda engine plant applications for the block in 1969-70 will be 300hp (L48) or less. It will be 4 bolt for L48 and 2 bolt for L65. 2 bolt also for any of the 2BBL 210hp or 235hp 327's used in early 1969 Camaro and Chevrolet if Tonawanda produced any of those. If a Tonawanda truck engine it will be 4 bolt. If the 388 was machined at Flint V8 then it could have been used in a 2.02/1.6 valve application, so that is probably why not much is known about it from those interested in Corvettes and Z28's as it would be pretty rare compared to the 368 or 618 blocks they are used to. Most of the in-depth research into this sort of stuff seems to be done by those into the higher hp variants, not near that much interest in the dungers!
For some strange reason at the same time in 1969MY that Tonawanda was using 388 blocks, they were also using 3956618 blocks cast at the Saginaw Grey Iron foundry (these are where most of Flint and Flint V8 engine plant castings came from I believe). Never been able to find out why, must just be an excess capacity thing or even extra castings at one plant of the other to cover outages or maintenance periods at the other. I've also had the odd Flint V8 plant machined 291 or 186 head turn up that had a Tonawanda casting which is kinda wierd as Tonawanda put the Saginaw plant casting number on the heads that were to be machined at the Flint V8 plant (Tonawanda fuelies were 040 or 041), yet retained the 388 block casting number on blocks they cast for Flint V8.

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