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two Muncie three speed parts


I did a search before posting this incase anyone had these - I did find one post from 2012 where someone found one, but was asking info about it because they were considering buying it.

I am casually looking for two Muncie 330 three speed parts;

I have a spare "A"/"truck" transmission that I hope to set up as a "B"/"car" gear set transmission.

1) an input gear
In addition to the presence of a single identifier ring, the gear should have 21 teeth;
The GM part number is: 3932210
The (aftermarket) Borg Warner part number is: AWT 306-16
I do not have a spare of this part, so this one I am quite serious in trying to locate.

2) a tail housing for a floor shift application;
The column shift applications had no provisions for a floor shifter, and in addition to this, the speedo cable connects on opposite side.
I have a floor shifter tail housing with my 'A' transmission, but someone has drilled and tapped (crooked I might add) the speedo gear retainer bolt hole oversized.
I am casually looking for one of these.

If the price/location is right, I may consider buying a whole transmission, but I hope to find these parts so that I don't add to the mess I already have in my garage.


I wanted to share this information about these transmissions because I am presuming many of you don't know anything about these:

The 1969-1976(?) Muncie "330" 3 speed is actually a Chevy part, so the first year of it's use, it was exclusively used on Chevrolets, but for 1970 through to 1974 it was used on all brands of cars as well as Chevrolet and GMC trucks;
I believe that this transmission, or a version of it was offered on trucks 1/2 ton, and 1 ton up to 1976 - the 1 ton trucks used a different main cast with a top "pyramid" bellhousing bolt location.

I understand that the Muncie 330 was:
- GM's only in house 'heavy duty' three speed used for these years, and depending on the division, or precise application it could have used one of several RPO codes;
Two codes that I know were used for it were MC1 & M13.

- used as the base transmission for many 1969 Chevrolet big block cars, including the Super Sport Chevelle and Super Sport Camaro

- used in 1971 non-SS big block Chevelles

- was the base transmission for 1970-1973 GTO's

- was the base transmission for 1970-1971 Firebird Formula 400's & 455's

- observed on Buick GSX's - but I might be mistaken, this may have just been the base GS transmission for anything more powerful than a 350/2bbl

- I do not know if/when Oldsmobiles used them.

- I have also assumed that since the Canadian Pontiac's were build with Chevrolet underpinnings and drivetrains, that that the 1969 Canadian Pontiacs, and Beaumonts would have also used them - but I may be wrong.


This three speed almost perfectly resembles the much more common Saginaw three speed, except where the Saginaw had a single centre/raised shifter cover boss, the Muncie does not have a central raised bolt boss - but two raised bosses on either side of the top of the cover:

Saginaw three speed side cover:

saginaw 3spd cover.jpg

Muncie "330" three speed side cover:

muncie 330 cover.jpg


There are two versions;

A) "truck" or "A" gear set;
forward gear ratios: 3.03/1.75/1.00
this gear set is easiest to identify by the lack of any input gear identifier rings

B) "car" or "B" gear set;
forward gear ratios: 2.42/1.57/1.00
this gear set is easiest to identify by the presence of a single identifier ring on the input gear

These transmissions will have a source code stamped ending in either an "A" or a "B" (indicating the gear set) on a machined flat on the lower right corner of the side cover opening.

The only two(!) parts which differentiate an "A" from a "B" gear set are:
- input/main drive gear
- countershaft/cluster gear

Here's a full picture of my "B" transmission for my car.


Thanks for looking!!

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