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i thought i would put out this options list ,might be good fo reference

These Regular Production Codes apply to all Chevrolets from 1966
through 1971 at least and is NOT limited to the Chevelle series. To
quote, "The purpose of this listing is to assist in the
identification of Optional Equipment installed on Chevrolet
Vehicles." Note: items in bold are from Canadian Chevelles and may
or may not be used on U.S.-produced Chevelles.

RPO Description

A01 Body Glass - Tinted
A02 Windshield Glass - Tinted
A13 Power Door Locks
A16 Power Tailgate Release
A20 Custom Seat Belts (1964)
A20 Rear Quarter Glass Swingout
A31 Window Electric Control
A33 Tail Gate Window Electric Control
A37 Standard Seat Belts (1964)
A39 Front and Rear Seat Belts w/Retractors on Front Belts
A41 Front Seat Electric Control (4-way)
A42 Front Seat Electric Control (6-way)
A43 Six Way Manual Seat Adjuster
A44 Seat Adjuster
A46 Drivers Seat Electric Control (4-way Bucket Seat)
A47 Custom Deluxe Seat Belts
A48 seat belt delete
A49 Front Seat Belt (With Retractors) (Use with RPO A63)
A50 Seat Assy., Front Bucket, Formed
A51 Front Bucket Seat - Astro Type
A51 Sports Option (Canada prior to December 1966)
A52 Seat Assy., Bench
A53 Front Bench Seat - Astro Type
A62 Less Front Seat Belt
A63 Less Rear Seat Belt
A65 Front Bench Seat - Split Seat Belt
A66 Split Second Seat
A67 Folding Rear Seat
A68 Rear Seat Center Belt - Std.
A75 H.D. Front Seat - Low Profile Type
A76 H.D. Rear Seat
A81 Headrest - Astro Type Seat
A82 Headrest - Conventional Type Seat
A85 Deluxe Shoulder Harness
A90 Rear Compartment Lid Release Electric Control
A91 Rear Compartment Lid Release - Vacuum Control
A93 Vacuum Operated Door Lock
A96 Rear Compartment Lock
A99 Glove Compartment Lock

AA3-deep tint

AG7 6-Way Power Seat *
AK1 Deluxe Seat Belts and Shoulder Harness
AL4 Front Bench Seat - Special Contour (Strato)
AL5 Rear Seat Center Belt - Deluxe
AN5 Lateral Restraint Seat
AN7 Front Bucket Seat -Swivel -Shell type
AQ2 Electric Seat Back Lock Release (1971)
AQ5 Electric Seat Back Lock Release (1970)
AS1 Shoulder Harness - Std. (1967 and later)
AS1 Standard Front Harness - (1970)
AS2 Headrest - Special Contour Type Seat (Strato)
AS4 Rear Seat Shoulder Harness - Deluxe (1968 and later)
AS5 Rear Seat Shoulder Harness - Std. (1968 and later)
AU1 Electric Door Lock
AU3 Electric Door Clock
AV3 Three Point Seat & Shldr Harness


B01 Heavy Duty Body - 1964-5
B02 Taxi Cab (Includes 3.07 Rear Axle)
B07 Police Car
B22 Door Panel Mouldings (n/c) (seen on 70 and 71 SS cars)
B30 Mat. Lug. Comp. Floor Cover
B32 Front Rubber Floor Mats  (Protective)
B33 Rear Rubber Floor Mats auxillary
B34 H.D. Front Floor Mats
B35 H.D. Rear Floor Mats
B37 Floor Mats Front & Rear
B39 Load Floor Carpet
B50 Foam Rubber Seat Cushion
B55 Deluxe Front Seat Cushion
B56 Wheel House Moldings
B70 Instrument Panel Pad
B79 Exterior Quarter SS 396/EXT ORN SS396 Exterior Ornamentation Rear End
B80 Roof Drip Molding
B81 Moulding-Body Side Delete
B84 Body Side Molding
B85 Belt Reveal Molding
B90 Door Window Frame Molding
B93 Door Edge Guards
B94 Ornamentation Package
B95 Rear Panel Moulding
B96 Rear Wheel Opening Molding
BX4 Body Side Molding - Upper
BY1-Body Emblem



C05 Folding Top
C06 Folding Top Power Lift
C07 Auxiliary Top
C08 Exterior Soft Trim Roof Cover
C14 2-Speed W/S Wiper and Washer
C24 Special Windshield Wiper (Recessed)
C28 Dual Action Tailgate
C47 Auxilliary Underseat Heater (n/a with buckets, floor shift or power seat)
C48 Less Heater
C49 Rear Window Electric Defogger
C50 Rear Window Defroster and Defogger
C51 Rear Window Air Deflector
C56 Upper Level Ventilation
C60 Air Conditioning - All Weather
C64 Air Conditioning
C75 Air Conditioning Automatic Temperature Control
CD2 Windshield Washer Fluid Level Monitor
CD3 Electro-Tip Windshield Wiper Control
CE1 Headlamp Washer
CF1 Folding Vinyl Sunroof-Manual


D10 Arm Rest Rear
D31 Inside Non-Glare Rear View Mirror
D33 Outside Rear View Mirror L.H. Remote Control
D34 Visor Vanity Mirror
D35 Outside Rear View Mirror
D55 Front Compartment Floor Console
D80 Auxiliary Panel and Valance
D88 SS Hood & Deck Lid Stripe
D91 Front End Paint Stripe
D96 Wide Paint Stripe - Side
D99 Special Two-Tone Paint Moulding
DX1 Front End and Hood Stripe


F40 Heavy Duty Front and Rear Suspension
F41 Special Performance - Front and Rear Suspension
F60 Heavy Front Spring
F62 Front Springs Computer selected

FE2-Touring Ride and Handling Suspension

FG2 Absorber front and rear shock firm ride

FR1 Front Spring L.H.
FR2 Front Spring R.H.


G31 Special Rear Spring
G32 Rear Springs computer selected
G33 Rear Spring L.H.
G34 Rear Spring R.H.
G66 Air Booster Rear Shock Absorber
G67 Rear Shock Absorber Level Control
G75 Rear Axle - 3.70 Ratio
G76 Rear Axle - 3.36 Ratio
G80 Rear Axle - Positraction
G81 Differential Carrier - Positraction
G84 Differential Carrier - 3.31 Ratio
G91 Differential Carrier - 3.08 Ratio
G92 Rear Axle - 3.08 Ratio

G92- 3.42-1 Ratio Heavy Duty

G93 Differential Carrier - 3.27 Ratio
G94 Rear Axle - 3.31 Ratio
G95 Differential Carrier - 3.55 Ratio
G96 Rear Axle - 3.55 Ratio
G97 Rear Axle - 2.37 Ratio
GS1 Rear Axle - 2.73 Ratio
GS3 Rear Axle - 3.73 Ratio
GS4 Differential Carrier - 3.70 Ratio Positraction
GS5 Differential Carrier - 4.11 Ratio
GS6 Differential Carrier - 4.56 Ratio Positraction
GS8 Rear Axle - 3.42 Ratio
GS9 Rear Axle - 3.73 Ratio
GT1 Rear Axle - 2.56 Ratio
GT2 Rear Axle - 2.29 Ratio
GT4 Rear Axle - 3.73 Ratio
GT5 Rear Axle - 4.10 Ratio
GT6 Rear Axle - 3.42 Ratio
GU8 Rear Axel 3.90 ratio

GUS-rear axle 3.23 ratio

GV1 Differential Carrier - 2.73 Ratio Positraction
GV2 Differential Carrier - 3.08 Ratio
GV3 Differential Carrier - 3.08 Ratio
GV4 Differential Carrier - 3.36 Ratio
GV5 Differential Carrier - 3.55 Ratio
GV7 Differential Carrier - 3.55 Ratio
GV8 Differential Carrier - 4.11 Ratio
GW2 Rear Axle - 2.56 Ratio
GW3 Rear Axle - 2.56 Ratio
GW4 Rear Axle - 2.56 Ratio
GW5 Rear Axle - 2.73 Ratio
GW8 Rear Axle - 4.10 Ratio
GX1 Rear Axle - 3.07 Ratio
GX2 Rear Axle - 3.07 Ratio
GX5 Rear Axle - 3.08 Ratio
GX9 Rear Axle - 2.92 Ratio
GY2 Rear Axle - 3.31 Ratio
GY4 Rear Axle - 3.73 Ratio
GZ1 Rear Axle - 3.08 Ratio
GZ3 Rear Axle - 3.08 Ratio
GZ5 Rear Axle - 3.42 Ratio
GZ6 Rear Axle - 3.42 Ratio


H56 Wheel House Mouldings
H01 Rear Axle - 3.07 Ratio
H02 Rear Axel -3.55 Ratio
H05 Rear Axle - 3.73 Ratio


J50 Vacuum Power Brake
J52 Disc Brakes - Front
J55 Heavy Duty Brake
J56 Heavy Duty Brake
J61 Shoe and Drum Type Brake (Disc Brakes Deleted)
J65 Metallic Brake Facing
JL2 Power Disc Brake - Front
JL8 Disc Brake - Front and Rear


K02 Fan Drive
K05 Engine Block Heater
K19 Air Injection Reactor
K21 Engine Controlled Combustion System
K24 Closed Engine Positive Ventilation
K30 Speed and Cruise Control
K45 Air Cleaner - Oil Bath Type 1 Lb. Capacity
K46 Air Cleaner - Heavy Duty Pre-Cleaner
K47 Air Cleaner - Oil Bath Pre-Cleaner
K66 Transistor Ignition
K76 61 Amp. Generator - Delcotron
K79 42 Amp. Generator - Delcotron
K81 62 Amp. Generator - Delcotron
K84 Amp. Generator - Delcotron
K85 63 Amp. Generator - Delcotron
KD5 Heavy Duty Closed Position Ventilation


L08 Engine Emission Certification
L11 L-4 Engine - 170 Cu. In. (OHC Aluminum-2bbl)
L13 L-4 Engine - 140 Cu. In. (OHC Aluminum-1bbl)
L14 V8 Engine - 307 Cu. In.
L22 L-6 Engine - 250 Cu. In.
L26 L-6 Engine - 230 Cu. In.
L30 V8 Engine - 327 Cu. In.

L33-V8 Engine -409ci 340hp

L34 V8 Engine - 396 Cu. In. Hi-Perf. (350hp)
L35 V8 Engine - 396 Cu. In. (325hp)
L36 V8 Engine - 427 Cu. In. Hi-Perf.
L46 V8 Engine - 350 Cu. In.
L48 V8 Engine - 350 Cu. In.
L62 P-6 Engine - Hi-Perf.
L63 P-6 Engine - Spec. Hi-Perf.
L65 V8 Engine - 350 Cu. In. (2 Bbl. Carb.)
L66 V8 Engine - 396 Cu. In. (2 Bbl. Carb.)
L68 V8 Engine - 427 Cu. In. - Hi-Perf. - Tri Carb.
L71 V8 Engine - 427 Cu. In. - Spec. Hi-Perf. - Tri Carb.
L72 V8 Engine - 427 Cu. In. - Spec. Hi-Perf.
L73 V8 Engine - 327 Cu. In.- 250 Hp reg. grade fuel Super econoflame
L73 V8 Engine - 396 Cu. In. - Spec. Hi-Perf.
L74 V8 Engine - 327 Cu. In. - Hi. Perf.
L74 Engine Ram Air III
L77 V8 Engine - 283 Cu. In. (4 Bbl. Carb.) 220hp

L77-455 Rocket V8

L78 V8 Engine - 396 Cu. In. - Spec. Hi-Perf. (375hp)
L79 V8 Engine - 327 Cu. IN. - LD - Spec. Hi-Perf. (Hyd. Lifters)
L85 L-6 Engine - 250 Cu. In. (4 Bbl Carburetor)
L87 P-6 Turbo Charged Engine
L88 V8 Engine - 427 Cu. In. Heavy Duty
L89 Aluminum Cylinder Heads (396/375hp)
L90 Low Compression Engine L6 (export)
L92 Low Compression Engine V8 (export)
LF6 V8 Engine - 400 Cu. In. (2 Bbl Carb.) (Reg. Fuel)
LF7 V8 Engine - 327 Cu. In. (2 Bbl Carb.) (Reg. Fuel)
LM1 V8 Engine - 350 Cu. In. (4 Bbl Carb.) (Reg. Fuel)
LO8 Engine Emission Identification Chart
LS1 V8 Engine - 427 Cu. In. (4 Bbl Carb.) (Reg. Fuel)
LS3 V8 Engine 400 Cu. In. 4 Bbl. Carb.
LS4 V8 Engine 454 Cu. In. 4 Bbl. Carb.
LS5 V8 Engine 454 Cu. In. 4 Bbl. Carb. Hi-Perf.
LS6 V8 Engine 454 Cu. In. 4 Bbl. Carb. Spec. Hi-Perf.
LS7 V8 Engine 454 Cu. In. 4 Bbl. Carb. Heavy Duty
LT1 V8 Engine 350 Cu. In. Special High Performance


M01 Heavy Duty Clutch
M10 Transmission Overdrive
M11 Floor Shift Transmission Control
M13 Heavy Duty 3-Speed Transmission
M20 4-Speed Transmission
M21 4-Speed Transmission - Close Ratio
M22 Heavy Duty 4-Speed Transmission
M31 Transmission 2 Speed Automatic Jetaway (OLDS)
M35 Powerglide Transmission
M38 3-Speed Automatic Transmission
M40 3-Speed Automatic Transmission (Turbo Hydra-matic)
M55 Transmission Oil Cooler
MB1 2-Speed Transmission - Manual Shift
MC1 H.D. 3-Speed Transmission (Munci)


N03 Gas Tank - 36-1/2 Gallon and Wheelhouse Filler Panel
N10 Dual Exhaust
N11 Off Road Service Exhaust
N14 Side Mounted Dual Exhaust
N30 Deluxe Steering Wheel
N32 Steering Wheel - Wood
N33 Steering Wheel - Tilt Type
N34 Steering Wheel - Wood Grained Plastic
N36 Telescopic Steering Wheel
N37 Steering Wheel - Tilt - Telescopic
N40 Hydraulic Steering

N41 steering power variable ratio

N44 Special Steering

N47-power steering

N61 Dual Exhaust - Deep-Tone Muffler
N65 Space Saver Spare Wheel and Tire
N66 Super Sport Wheel, Hub Cap & Trim Ring (Rally Type)
N89 Aluminum Wheel - 15 x 6
N95 Simulated Wire Wheel Trim Cover
N96 Simulated Magnesium Wheel Trim Cover
N98 Wheel Rally II Road
NA9 Evaporative Emission Control
NC7 Exhaust Noise Control
NC8 Chambered Exhaust
NF2 Dual Exhaust - Deep-Tone Muffler
NK2 Deluxe Vinyl Steering Wheel
NK4 Sport Steering Wheel


P01 Wheel Trim Cover
P02 Simulated Wire Wheel Trim Cover
P06 Wheel Trim Ring
P12 14 x 6 JK Wheel (8.25-14 Tires)
P19 Spare Wheel Lock

P26 Tires white wall thin line

P42 15 x 6 J Wheel
P48 15 x 6 L Wheel (Quick Take Off)
P49 Chrome Wheel
P57 7.35x14/2 ply black rayon basic tire
P58 7.35-14 Original Equipment Whitewall
P60 7.75x14/4 ply black rayon
P61 7.75-14 W/W (Canada only?)
P62 7.75-14 Original Equipment Whitewall (1969)
P65 7.75-14 Original Equipment Blackwall
P66 6.95-14 2ply 4pr Rayon blackwall
P67 6.95-14 2ply 4pr Rayon whitewall

P68 6.95-14-4 hwy nylon whitewall

P75 Tire 8.25 -14-4 PR-HWY
P77 8.25-14-4 PR tire -hwy-w/wall

P78 8.25 x 14 B/wall

P79 8.25-14-4 pr tire hwy nylon whitewall
P84 8.55-14-4 PR Tire HWY OE
PA2 Simulated Magnesium Wheel Trim Cover
PA3 Special Wheel Trim Cover
PH1 15 x 7 Wheel

PK5-G70-14 white letter tires

PK6 E70-14-4 PR Tire OE Red Stripe
PK8 E78-14-4 Tire-HWY -OE-W/Wall
PL1 E70-14-B Tire (2+2) -HWY-BB-White Stripe
PL3 E78-14-B Tire (2+2) - Hwy - BB -w/wall
PL4 F70-14 Steel Belted (2+2) Hwy -BB-B/Wall White Letters
PL5 F70-14 Special Blackwall with White lettering
PM7 F60-15 White Letter

PU3-G70-15-4 OE-white stripe

PU6 E70-15-B Tire-HWY-Nylon -B/Wall White Lettering
PU8 G78-15-B (2+2) Tire -HWY-BB-W/Wall
PV4 F78-15-B (2+2) Tire HWY -BB-W/Wall
PV6 H78-15-B (2+2) tire -HWY-BB-W/Wall
PW7 F70-14-4 Special White Stripe
PW8 F70-14-4 Special Red Stripe
PX5 F78-14 Special Belted Blackwall
PX6 F78-14 Special Belted Whitewall
PX8 G70-14 W/S Tire
PY4 F70-14 Special Belted White Stripe
PY5 F70-14 Special Belted Red Stripe

PY7-G70-14 PR HWy FB red stripe
QA7-8.25 -15-4PR Tire white wall dual stripe
Q04-tire 8.15-15 -4 PR highway


T14 7.75-14 4ply 8pr Rayon blackwall
T15 7.75-14 4ply 8pr Rayon whitewall
T42 Hood Inlet Ram Air

T44 -plastic hood

T58 Rear Wheel Opening Skirt
T60 Heavy Duty Battery
T72 RHD headlight aim
T74 fog light equip
T78 Front Fender Running Lamp
T81 Headlamp Light Watch & Off Control
T83 Retractable Headlamp Cover
T86 Lamps Backup

T87-cornering lamps

T93 Lamp and Tail, Stop
TJ2 Front Fender Louver


U03 Low "D" Note Horn
U05 Dual Horn
U08 Dual Electric Horns
U14 Instrument Panel Gauges
U15 Speed Warning Indicator
U16 Tachometer
U17 Front Compartment Console Instrument Cluster
U18 Export KM speedo

U21-Rocket Rally Pac

U23 Ignition Lock Light
U25 Luggage Compartment Lamp
U26 Underhood Lamp
U27 Glove Compartment Lamp
U28 Ash Tray Lamp
U29 Instrument Panel Courtesy Lights
U35 Electric Clock
U37 Lighter,Cigarette
U46 Lamp Monitoring
U51 Mirror Lamp
U57 Tape Player

U58-radio AM/FM stereo pushbutton

U60 Am radio manual push button
U63 Radio - Push Button
U69 Radio - AM/FM - Push Button
U73 Manual Antenna - Rear
U75 Power Antenna - Rear
U76 Windshield Antenna
U79 Radio Stereo
U80 Auxiliary Speaker - Rear
UA6 Horn Alarm System
UB5 Tachometer Hood Mounted
UF1 Map/Mirror Lamp
UM1 AM Pushbutton Radio & Tape Player
UM2 AM-FM Pushbutton Radio & Tape Player


V01 Heavy Duty Radiator
V30 Front Bumper Guards
V31 Front Bumper Guard
V32 Rear Bumper Guard

V36-bumper guard front & rear delete

V48 Engine Coolant Increased Protec (Antifreeze)
V54 Deluxe Adjustable Roof Luggage Carrier
V55 Roof Luggage Carrier
V74 Hazard Warning Switch
V78 Delet Cer Plt (seen on 70 El Camino exported to Chile)
VE3 Special Front Bumper
VF3 Deluxe Front and Rear Bumper
VK3 Front Licence Plate Mounting


W26-Dual Gate shifter

W29-442 appearance package

W30-Performance package

W51 Deluxe Belts
W63 Rally Guage Cluster & Clock

W81 bumper face bar taping

W84 Additional Fuel for Delivery
W87 Cigar Lighter Lamp
W89 Touch up paint
WT1 Judge Option
WV2 Black Sky Roof

X09 Speedo Adapter
X07  Winter tires
X14   Export spray tarp coating for shipping overseas
X17   underbody oil spray protection
X22 -7.35x14-2 Black wall rayon Tires
X23 spare tire delete
X24 Pre Service -Oshawa Only

X26-Cushion & back body cloth replaced by coated vinyl

X0R Scheduling option

Y60-convenience group

Y80-Exterior Custom

Y86-Decor group

Y96-Handling package

YC1 Differential Carrier - 3.08 Ratio Positraction
YC2 Differential Carrier - 3.36 Ratio Positraction
YC3 Differential Carrier - 3.55 Ratio Positraction
YC4 Differential Carrier - 4.11 Ratio Positraction
YC6 SS 454 Conversion
YF1-Rally Nova package
YF8 Stripe Color Option (70 Chevelle)


Z01 Comfort and Convenience Equipment Includes:
Inside Mirror
Standard Outside Mirror - (Exc. Corvette)
2-Speed Wiper and Washer - (Exc. Corvette)
Back-Up Lights
Glove Box Lamp - (Exc. Corvette)
Luggage Lamp - (Reg. Pass. Only)
Bottle W/S Washer Fluid - (Exc. Corvette)
Z03 Super Sport
Z04 Heavy Duty Chassis
Z06 S.S. 396
Z12 Speedometer Driven Gear & Fitting
Z13 Comfort and Convenience Equipment (Same as
RPO Z01 exc. for Remote Control Mirror)
Z14 Air Conditioning (All Weather) Body Conversion
Z15 SS 454 Group
Z17 Special Suspension and Steering (Monte Carlo SS)
Z21 Exterior Molding
Z22 Rally Sport Package
Z23 Interior Decor Package
Z24 SS427
Z25 Basic SS 396 Sport Package
Z26 Super Sport
Z27 Super Sport
Z28 Special Engine (Special Performace Package)
Z29 Vinyl Stripe
Z46 H.D cranking equipment (H.D starter,battery,cables and 42 amp alternator)
Z49 Mandatory Canadian Base Equip Modifications
Z52 Full Foam Seat
Z53 Ammeter, Oil Pressure and Temperature Gauge
Z55 Special Vehicle Identification Number Plate
Z67 Speedometer Driven Gear Adapters & Keys
Z87 Deluxe Interior
ZE2 1976 Olympic Package (for Malibu & Malibu Classic Coupes, Lemans Sport Coupe)
ZH1 Lighting Group
ZJ1 Custom Interior
ZJ2 Custom Exterior
ZJ3 Interior Convenience Package
ZJ5 Exterior Decor
ZJ6 Special Sport Sedan
ZJ7 Special Wheel, Hub Cap and Trim Ring
ZJ9 Auxiliary Lighting Group
ZKQ Tire Pressure Sticker
ZK1 Body Insulation Package
ZK3 Deluxe Seat Belts and Front Seat
Shoulder Harness
ZK8 Tire Pressure Label
ZL2 Special Ducted Hood Air System (Cowl Induction)
ZL3 SS Conversion (Fisher)
ZN1 Front & Rear Spring Option
ZP2 Trim & Colour Overide
ZP5 Appearance Guard Group
ZP8 Tire F70x14
ZQ2 Operating Convenience Group
ZQ7 Canadian Warrenty Booklet & Misc. Literature
ZQ9 Rear Axle - Performance Ratio (4.10)
ZR1 Off Road Package (LT1)
ZR2 Off Road Package (LS7)
ZV7 Freedom Battery Delete
ZX1 Exp Proced #1 (seen on 70 El Camino exported to Chile)


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That is a very handy list. Thanks for putting that up.

It looks similar to the one in the front of a GM parts book I have, but somehow this one you posted looks more complete. Where is it from?


1966 Strato Chief 2 door, 427 4 speed, 45,000 original miles 

1966 Grande Parisienne, 396 1 of 23 factory air cars (now converted to a "factory" 4 speed)

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Excellent ,thanks. Excellent reference guide. Gives me more options for investigations.


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Should STICKY this.


Prince Edward Island

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Very good point.

Done. And moved to the library where it should be.


1966 Strato Chief 2 door, 427 4 speed, 45,000 original miles 

1966 Grande Parisienne, 396 1 of 23 factory air cars (now converted to a "factory" 4 speed)

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Thanks Carl for moving this to the library. It will be a lot easier to find now.



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I don't know why I never thought of doing it. I've referred to it a few times and as you say, it was always a bit of a hunt!


1966 Strato Chief 2 door, 427 4 speed, 45,000 original miles 

1966 Grande Parisienne, 396 1 of 23 factory air cars (now converted to a "factory" 4 speed)

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