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Help with this 1965 vin tag

Can anyone please help with trim color code. Thanks shawn

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65 canso SD  v8

65 canso SD v8

65 canso wagon 6

62 Beaumont rag 6

66 canso S D v8 3 sp on the tree

62 Beaumont ht

69 Acadian 2dr 6 auto

62 nova rag top 6 auto  in parts

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There was only 1 in the registry... (I find some of my info that way)

1965  6390 produced Paint (brochure)
production date     model                   engine      colour      location?   owner   pic

Aug. 12th 1964   71411      327ci?             S/V     (907 fawn)    B.C           no pic
#800074       Invader 2dr sdn    3 speed manual   Sierra Tan/Cameo Beige

spot. aqua64

Aug. 27th 1964     71311     6cyl     A     (909 red bench) Alberta  link
#800013     Invader 2dr sdn    M35      Tuxedo Black   
B70                                 kijiji

Nov. 19th 1964    71837         V8           H   (927 int.)     ontario link
#801059       Canso Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp  M35  Willow Green met.  T.86
spot. 68sd

Nov. 20th 1964    71837     283ci       C      (920 int.)    Alberta      link
#801083  Canso Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp  M35  Ermine White  B70 U80
spot. Carl Stevenson

Jan.11th 1965     71335                  6cyl                J       ontario 
#801491         Invader wagon                      Cyprus Green  met.

Jan.25th 1965       71537              194ci          E    (933 blue)   Ontario link
Canso 2dr hrdtp    M35     Danube Blue met.
C14 P01 P51                          Snellgrove Motors Ltd.-Hamilton Ontario

Feb. 2nd 1965    71537     6cyl       D    (933 blue bench) B.C       link
#801763       Canso 2dr hrdtp   M35    Mist Blue met.    B70   Acadiansrus

Feb. 3rd 1965    71311        6cyl         A     (908 aqua)  Manitoba      link
#801655      Invader 2dr sdn         Tuxedo Black         ,kijiji

Feb. 15th 1965       71537           6cyl           S             (930 int.)                 no pic
#802094           Canso 2dr hrdtp    M35   Sierra Tan     B70  spot carl Stevenson

Feb.23rd 1965     71737                    230ci          Y            BC                   no pic
Canso Sport Deluxe  2d hrdtp            Crocus Yellow

March 3rd 1965      71111          4cyl        K      (908 aqua)    Alberta
#802308       Invader 2dr sdn         M35    Artesian Turquoise            Kijiji

March 4th 1965   71537       194ci             S    (932 red)  Alberta      link
Canso 2dr hrdtp   M35   Sierra Tan   
A02 B70 C14 P01 P67 T86                                    ,     67SD396
Stampede Motors Ltd. -Calgary Alberta

March 23rd 1965    71569       194ci          D     (933 blue)  Alberta     link
#802972        Canso 4dr sdn    Mist Blue met.                        kijiji

March 26th 1965      71737    6cyl           L     (914 int.?)   Manitoba       link
#803097    Canso  Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp     M35     Tahitian Turquoise
B70                                                      spotted by Carl Stevenson

April 12th 1965     71537     194ci     D     (933 blue bench)  B.C     link
#803630    Canso 2dr hrdtp    M35    Mist Blue met.       spot. Lueger68

April 12th 1965     71537       6cyl      C      (932 red)   B.C          link
#803646    Canso 2dr hrdtp    M35    Ermine White     ,  spot. by acadiansrus
A01 A39 B70 C14 P01
Carter Pontiac Buick Ltd.-Vancouver B.C

April 19th 1965  71369                 6cyl         H        ontario 

#803747           Invader 4dr sdn           Willow Green met.

April 20th 1965     71311        6cyl            D    (907 fawn)                     link
#803875        Invader 2dr sdn    M35     Mist Blue met.    B70 T86   Jonnyrose

April 20th 1965    71569       6cyl      D    (933 blue)   Quebec       link
#803981    Canso 4dr sdn    M35    Mist Blue met.                    kijiji

April 22nd 1965  71737           194ci   C  (918 black) Manitoba  Carl
#803908    Canso  Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp   M35     Ermine white 
Winnipeg  Motor Products - Winnipeg Man.

CARS April 23rd to April 26th 1965

April 30th 1965    71537              194ci     W     (933 blue)  Ontario link
#804007           Canso 2dr hrdtp                  Glacier Blue met.      Spotted 68sd

May 14th 1965    71311      194ci       K    (908 aqua)  Alberta    link
#804510       Invader 2dr sdn   M35    Artesian Turquoise     ,kijiji

May 19th 1965   71311   194ci     L    (908 aqua bench)  B.C   link
#803557   Invader 2dr sdn   M35    Tahitian Turquoise
spotted by 65sssd

May 19th 1965   71569    194ci   K    (931 int.)    Ontario      link
#804798   Canso 4dr sdn     M35   Artesian Turquoise  

June 7th 1965      71737        194ci          R     (919 red)   Alberta       link
Canso Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp
,      Regal Red

June 10th 1965    71537               194ci        N   (932 red)                   link
#805167          Canso 2dr hrdtp     M35   Madeira Maroon   B70 T-86    kijiji

June 11th 1965    71537       194ci           A                  ,Alberta          no pic
#805284         Canso 2dr hrdtp         Tuxedo Black         ,spotted crazyJ

June 22nd 1965    71837       283ci         Y       (918 black)                link
Canso Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp   M35  Crocus Yellow

A02 B70 C14 P67 T86           Empress Motors Ltd-Victoria B.C
#805506 June 2nd tag

June 30th 1965    71837    283ci       A      (919 red)    B.C                link
#805801    Canso Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp    M35   Tuxedo Black
B70 T86                                                              ,Craigslist

July 7th 1965      71369      194ci        C      (909 red)   Alberta        link
#805191      Invader 4dr sdn   3 speed std    Ermine White          kijiji

July 9th 1965       71837        V8       Y    (918 black)   B.C   Acadiansrus    link
#806357     Canso Sport Deluxe 2dr hrdtp   M35    Crocus Yellow         T-86

July 12th 1965    71535      194ci     K   (936 turquoise) ontario    Andy link
#806416        Canso Wagon       M35    Artesian Turquoise

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65 canso SD  v8

65 canso SD v8

65 canso wagon 6

62 Beaumont rag 6

66 canso S D v8 3 sp on the tree

62 Beaumont ht

69 Acadian 2dr 6 auto

62 nova rag top 6 auto  in parts

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