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Post Info TOPIC: Need Help with Starter and Ignition Wiring

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RE: Need Help with Starter and Ignition Wiring

Carl Stevenson wrote:

Then if you can find an ignition switch terminal with 12V output in both crank and on, a new wire from there should be all you need? Ignore all the original stuff and just run one new one?

That's what I am thinking at this point. If I can't find one then I will probably go with a diode from the "M" terminal on the new starter to + coil terminal.



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I have this setup on my 409, pertronics and matching flamethrower, mini starter. Pertronics needs 12 volts, so like you said, eliminate the ballast resister and run that 12V wire directly to the + coil.

The pertronics has 2 wires from the distributor, black to -coil, red to + coil.

I suggested you need a "matching" Flamethrower, Pertronics has 3 different setups, I, II, and III. They recommend a different Flamethrower coil with each setup, I'd buy the one they say matches. I've not used I, but have used II, and III. I like the III, it has a better pickup I think, plus it has a rev limiter. The coils are pretty cheap.

Starter- my 62 Chevy harness had 3 wires and the old starter had 3 posts, the new one has 2 posts. The big wire is obvious from the battery to the starter, the only other wire that went to the mini was a purple wire- which is power from the key. I had to install a wire from the + coil to the small post on the starter, that was it for wiring. I took the 2 "extra" starter wires coming from the harness and just wrapped them protected back inside the wire harness (in case I ever wanted to go back to the 3 post starter in future).

As someone earlier said, the wire from the + coil direct to the starter will feed power back to the starter once the engine starts, so I got some sort of "diode" (someone told me what this was, I can't remember what exactly it was) that only allows power flow one way and soldered it in line in that wire. I had the same setup on a 59 El Camino, 283 for about 12 years, worked great.

Good luck, let us know when you fire it up.



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